Mets Chat Room; Strasburg vs. Dickey.

Game #81 at Nationals

They couldn’t be any more opposite, RA Dickey and Stephen Strasburg.

One, Dickey, is a 35-year-old knuckleballer hanging on to his career with grit, guile and perseverance.  The other, Strasburg, is the rookie phenom, who despite a handful of starts in his young career already has some clamoring for him to be on the National League All-Star team.

Imagine, less than 40 career innings and already they are lobbying for him to be an All-Star. It shouldn’t happen, but you never know.

By all accounts, Dickey has a knuckler which he can throw hard, say, a little faster than a batting practice fastball. Strasburg, meanwhile, has three plus pitches, including a fastball clocked at three digits.

Phenom is a word that get thrown around easily, and despite all his all-world tools, it must be remembered he is all of 2-2 for his career, and history is loaded with countless examples of super novas.

But, for now he and Dickey share the word intrigue, albeit in different contexts. For Dickey, it is, “how does he hang around?’’ For Strasburg, it is “how good can he be?’’

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  1. FIRST INNING: The ability to throw 100 mph. is an amazing skill in sport. It’s what all the fuss is about. To make him an All-Star now is premature, but it isn’t too early to speculate on what might be.-JD

  2. Mets fans can relate to Strasburg in that they once had Dwight Gooden, who had similar tools. But, what happened with Gooden is why you can’t anoint anything just yet. Remember, Gooden was supposed to be in the Hall of Fame.-JD

  3. John –
    OK so he throws fast balls…is that enough to be a super star?

  4. Annie (3): No. But, scouts say he’s got a plus change and a plus curveball. He has three quality pitches. I’m not saying he’s a superstar now, just that the potential is there.-JD

  5. BOTTOM FIRST INNING: Dickey is a compelling story himself. Here’s a guy who has hung on when most would have called it a career at his age. He’s a guy you root for because he’s overcome so much.-JD

  6. Annie (6): Just on television. Never in person. Ike Davis faced him in college and I had a good conversation with him about that.-JD

  7. John (7) I have seen him before, and I like him – glad the Mets gave him a chance and are sticking by him.

  8. John (8) I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Ike Davis. Third generation player isn’t he?

  9. John (12) I know that Ron Davis was the set up pitcher for Goose Gossage – I thought the grandfather played pro ball, too.

  10. THIRD INNING: They are talking about Strasburg being an All-Star. Eventually, he may be. Let him earn it, first. This is his sixth game. He’s 2-2.-JD

  11. Hi guys

    I was watching soccer

    I see the mets have dinges the phenom

    I am waiting on this guy to prove he is an all star, but everyone droops over him

  12. FIFTH INNING: This could be it for Strasburg, then they’ll be into the Nationals’ pen. The Mets have done a good job of fouling off pitches and running up the pitch count.-JD

  13. dave (16): Hi Dave. Did you catch the end of the Ghana game yesterday? …. If you didn’t catch my comment earlier about Strasburg, my feeling is he has to earn it. Intrigue is not reason enough to make the All-Star team.-JD

  14. Most players would agree he needs to earn it. He’s not even the Nationals best choice for their lone representative. That would be Zimmerman.-JD

  15. Hi Dave – I agree about Strasburg that he has a lot of talent, but needs to play a lot more baseball and hone his craft.

  16. John – I almost feel sorry for Strasburg, he doesn’t look as though he is enjoying playing baseball.

  17. Annie (21): I wouldn’t say that. I would say he’s frustrated by the lack of run support. Only one run in his last four starts. …. His first inning (37) pitches kept him from throwing more today. …. You mentioned pitch counts the other day and he should be allowed to pitch another inning or two, afterall, he did settle down. But, they are treating him with kid gloves.-JD

  18. John – It was a long time ago and I may be mistaken, but I remember Dwight Goodens’ early days on the mound at Shea were filled with that glorious smile of his – he was having a great time out there.

  19. John

    Yes Zim is a good player. I did read the comments above, and no I did not see the Ghana game. Is that the USA vs whoever from last weekend? If it was, the us didn’t deserve to win. There were 2 plays: a missed score because the guy took too long and the goal at the end where our defender bumped the guy with the ball and just stopped. They were terrible.

    I saw part of the Germany game and some of spain

  20. Annie (23): Doc had an entirely different personality than Strasburg. Also, there’s a difference in expectations and the coverage.-JD

  21. John (25) FYI – Andy Pettitte won his 10th game this afternoon – having a great season for an old guy.

  22. Just lost my broadband connection for a few minutes – must be an accident up on Route 10, I hear sirens.

  23. John (28) Glad you told me that, I didn’t know what had caused the outage – maybe it was something else???

  24. John (29) I know, the Mets really need to win this particularly since they were a bit ahead, seems like this happens too much lately…must be the Pitch Count :)

  25. I knew we lost this game as soon as K-Rod walked Cristian Guzman to start the inning. What is it about pitching for the Mets that makes normally reliable closers wilt in pressure situations?

  26. Howie has put this game “In The Book”. I’m not going to read it though. I’ve seen this sad story before.

    Steve Strasburg seems to be trying to do too much from the mound – of course, with all that money ———-

    So, I’ll talk about the weather – which has been beautiful for the Fourth of July Weekend.

    See you tomorrow at 1:35PM

  27. A QUICK WRAP/Game #81

    FINAL: Nationals 6, Mets 5.
    RECORD: 45-36.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: RA Dickey gave the Mets a strong seven, and the Mets scored three in the eighth, but Francisco Rodriguez blew the save.
    ON THE MOUND: Dickey gave two runs on six hits with four strikeouts in seven innings. … K-Rod was K-Rod.
    AT THE PLATE: Another triple for Alex Cora which set up the Mets’ three-run eighth. David Wright’s single, Josh Thole’s double and Ruben Tejada’s sacrifice fly drove in runs in the eighth.
    IN THE FIELD: Tejada replaced Jose Reyes at short for the fourth straight game.