Mets Chat Room; Need to beat the weak sisters.

Game #80 at Nationals

This has not been a good roadtrip for the Mets, who have lost three of four so far to Florida and Washington, teams they should be feasting on.

The Mets have played well at home this year, but have been lackluster on the road, and so far have gone 8-14 against the Marlins and Nationals. After losing last night, they are 3-6 against Washington.

If they are going to stay in contention, they must beat up on those teams.

“We all think that every game is important, just because Atlanta is playing so well,’’ tonight’s starter, Jonathan Niese said. “Even for the Wild Card, we need to win every game we can.’’

The Mets will try to do it tonight without Jose Reyes, who is still experiencing tightness and pain in his oblique and didn’t even swing a bat today and isn’t expected to play until Sunday at the earliest, but most likely not until the home stand.

“It is difficult,’’ Reyes said.  “I don’t want to miss any games. But it is what it is. I have to take care of this because I know what happened to me last year trying to be in the lineup.’’

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  1. I like Niese. He’s showing a lot of command and composure for someone so young. He’s recovered from the hamstring injury.-JD

  2. probably not.

    i know it is about contracts and all, but he should start when castillo comes back

  3. dave (5): If you’re talking about Tejada, I agree. He’s played very well. I don’t like how Jerry automatically dismisses Tejada by saying Castillo will start when he comes back.-JD

  4. 6

    john. yes. he is better defensively, cheaper and brings energy. i know castillo will play because of the 9 mill left on his contract. one more downside to overpaying for a player when you bid against yourself.

    i think castillo has been ok as a player. i dont think he is worth his contract. there were people here who said that his defense was sliding. how come the scout who runs the team could not see that? isnt that what he is paid for? every year there seems to be a better second baseman who is available that we cannot go get because we have him.

    i think he has done ok. but only ok. the first year of the new contract was absolutely terrible. last year he played well, but his defense was suspect. i have not seen enough games to comment on this year, but he has no range and no power. he hits for average and is a good player if you can live with his limitations. but for this year and next i think he is worth maybe what cora – a backup – is making. he is way overpaid.

  5. Bases loaded, no outs. This is where the Mets can take control of the game. It’s also a situation where they have not.-JD

  6. 11

    good to hear. i know it takes time not to flinch. must be hard taking a fastball to the noggin and then staying in there when you know they are throwing at you.

  7. how is fmart doing? it looks like francoeur has settled back to being an average player with a gun for an arm. i assume they will replace him next year.

  8. John – Where were these runs yesterday? Let’s hope that these runs stand up tonight – the Mets surely need this win.

  9. ur system is telling me to slow down.

    i guess I W I L L T A L K

    M O R E S L O W L Y

  10. dave (16): So, so on F-Mart. Nothing to suggest he’s got it figureed out. Four homers, 17 RBI and a .252 average. Of course, he was hurt for a time. … I think we’ll see Francoeur again next year.-JD

  11. Dave – I’ve liked Niese from the start – I think he’s going to be a very good pitcher for the Mets.

  12. I’m also growing very fond of Ike Davis – the reincarnation of John Olerud.

  13. John – Do you know what Mets – if any – made the All Star Team?

  14. Ike’s Dad, who pitched for the Yankees has said that John Olerud – was who he thought Ike was most like at first. I’ve heard others mention it too.

  15. About Olerud – I was sickened when the Mets let him go – a big mistake on their part.

  16. Howie says that he expects a big crowd tomorrow because of the kid pitcher – says that Strasburg adds about 15,000 to the attendance.

  17. John – Do you think Manuel will pull Niese after seven like he did to Santana?

  18. have to use the pen.

    have to give krod the save ..

    or the loss.

    stupid manager.

  19. sybil wont second guess himsself.

    he will make up some excuse about how it was the right thing to do at the right time.

    blah blah blah blah blah.

  20. Howie has put this game ‘In The Books’ and it belongs there. Jon Niese pitched a great game, even though he gave up a homer in the late innings and was replaced by Bobby Parnell.

    Tomorrow the Nationals new young pitcher, Steve Strasburg will be pitching and will draw a big crowd according to Howie and Wayne.

    Ron Darling will be at the park and I will be interested in his opinion of Steve Strasburg and his game. Ron is good at evaluating pitchers and sometimes seeing things that the average person misses.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Steve pitch, and am still puzzled as to why the Nationals organization has refused to have him meet with the media.

    That game will be on Fox at 4PM.

    See you then.

  21. A QUICK WRAP/Game #80

    FINAL: Mets 5, Nationals 3.
    RECORD: 45-35.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Jon Niese pitched seven strong and was backed by Alex Cora’s bases-loaded triple.
    ON THE MOUND: Niese gave up a arun on six hits in seven innings. No walks. … Jerry Manuel juggled the bullpen without much of a reason in the ninth. … K-Rod makes in tense again.
    AT THE PLATE: Cora hit a three-run triple in the fourth. … Niese drove in a run with a double.
    IN THE FIELD: Angel Pagan returned to center and Ruben Tejada started again at shortstop for the injured Jose Reyes.
    LOOKING AHEAD: R.A. Dickey vs. Stephen Strasburg tomorrow.-JD