Mets Chat Room; Getting Santana back on track.

Game #79 at Nationals

Johan Santana takes the mound tonight looking to avoid losing his third straight start when the Mets go to Washington.

Santana (5-5, 3.55 ERA) has been uncharacteristically poor recently, going 1-3 with a 5.96 ERA in his last four starts.

“Is he frustrated? I don’t know, but he’s a competitor,’’ catcher Rod Barajas said. “He wants the ball every five days and when he doesn’t pitch as well as he thinks he should, he takes it hard. I don’t know if frustrated is the word, probably a little anger because he knows he has the stuff.’’

Prior to his recent stretch, Santana went five straight starts where he gave up four runs, and he’s made nine starts overall where he gave up two runs or less, so manager Jerry Manuel thinks the left-hander might have hit a wall in his recovery from elbow surgery in the offseason.

“These guys coming off injuries, they’re ready for the major leagues,’’ Manuel said. “But it still takes a period of time in the major leagues to get the feel back.’’

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  1. SECOND INNING: Felciano in there again for Pagan. Mets don’t know when he’ll be ready. Pagan could be down for the series.-JD

  2. Hi John –
    Just came back from Mike’s house – he’s got painters working and it’s a mess so I didn’t even turn on the TV. You’ll have to tell me about the DC stadium crowd. And Santana’s pitching motion- does he look OK on the mound?

  3. John (5) OK sounds good. Is the DC pitcher the same Livan Hernandez who has been around for ever??

  4. John (7) I always liked his half brother El Duque a lot. He looked so fierce on the mound….

  5. Maybe it’s the Nationals, but Santana does look good tonight. Spotting his pitches well. Getting and staying ahead of the hitters.-JD

  6. John (11) Wonder what he’s up to these days – those kids he brought to the clubhouse have got to be almost grown up now.

  7. John (12) If Santana gets through this night OK it will be an amazing act of mind over matter for him.

  8. John (16) I saw that determination the first time he pitched for the Mets.

  9. John (16) Wayne just said that Santana is pitching at the 91 mark level tonight

  10. Annie (18): He’s there. More importantly, there’s movement on his pitches. Darting movement is always more important than velocity.-JD

  11. Interesting to hear how the Nationals are protecting Strasburg from the media by not letting him talk except after he pitches. I agree with Darling in that they are doing him a disservice. Eventually he’s going to need to learn how to deal with the attention.-JD

  12. John (19) I just looked up his horoscope – born March 13, 1979 – Pisces – sound familiar?

  13. John (21) How old is Strasburg? Ron’s correct in that he should learn about the media and how to deal with it right from the start. Who is managing the Nationals these days?

  14. John (25) What Santana needs right now is some hits and runs from the team – I doubt the only run will hold up. This has been his fate this year.

  15. Yes, but it won’t be enough – he needs some back up runs. However, I’m impressed with his work tonight amidst all the stuff going on in his life.

  16. Annie (30): Athletes will say when they have a lot of stuff going on in their lives that the games are an escape for them. The field is where they find peace.-JD

  17. John – re; Stephen Strasburg here’s why I think he’s been told not to talk – his agent is Scott Boras.

  18. That is so true – during some tough times in my own life I played an awful lot of golf.

  19. John (33) Then I don’t know why they are doing this – Strasbury is 22 and English is his native language – why not make friends with the media instead of alienating them?

  20. Santana is good, but he can’t carry the whole team on his back for the whole game.
    I know, Livan is good, too.

  21. John (38) Sometimes management makes stupid moves. – this is one of those times. You’re not going to get good press if you don’t co-operate with them. But I don’t have to tell you that. The Wilpons are a bit like this except I think they often flat out lie.

  22. Howie has put this disappointing game “In The Books”. Santana pitched like a dream, but with no support he couldn’t sustain it.

    Tomorrow, Same Time, Same Place.

    See you then.

  23. A QUICK WRAP/Game #79

    FINAL: Nationals 2, Mets 1.
    RECORD: 44-35.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: A strong performance by Johan Santana was wasted as the Mets couldn’t touch Livan Hernandez.
    ON THE MOUND: Santana gave up a run on six hits with seven strikeouts in seven innings. … Pedro Feliciano came in with two on and one out and got out of the eighth. He wasn’t so lucky in the ninth.
    AT THE PLATE: Ike Davis singled home a run in the first.
    IN THE FIELD: Chris Carter started in left to give Jason Bay the night off. … The Mets played a five-man infield in the ninth in an effort to cut off the winning run.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Jon Niese, R.A. Dickey and Hisanori Takahashi are the starters for the remainder of the Washington series.-JD

  24. I think that’s what I’ll remember about this game – the let down, just like Thelma and Louise when it looked as though they were going to make it, the car went over the cliff.

    Tonight, Johan Santana played his heart out and was betrayed by the pitch count.

    How ridiculous, the adrenalin high would have let him keep on for several more innings – when Jerry Manuel lifted him citing the pitch count and the parade of pitchers started, but couldn’t win.

    Santana still wins in my opinion – he pitched a magnificent game.

  25. was off yesterday and at friends house. didnt get to see game.
    *sigh* Johan again!

    46. pitch count huh. this is why we will lose .. why should a pitcher do his best is he’s taken out to have a weary pen ruin it.

    Pedro F. and KRod are notorious for giving up a run or 2. in such a close game and the starter is strong, what makes you destroy his win this way?