Mets Chat Room; Pelfrey hopes to stop sweep.

Game #78 vs. Marlins

The Florida Marlins are not a team Mike Pelfrey (10-2, 2.71) enjoys facing, but then again, this is a different Pelfrey.

Pelfrey beat the Marlins in his major league debut, July 8, 2006, but has gone 0-6 with a 5.82 ERA in nine starts since.

He has not faced Florida this season.

But, this year we’ve seen a different Pelfrey, who is 6-1 with a 2.38 ERA in his last eight starts, including beating Minnesota last Friday.

“I wouldn’t way it’s beyond where I thought I could be,’’ Pelfrey said of his hot first half. “It’s a good start.’’

At one time speculated to be in trade talks with Minnesota for Johan Santana, the Mets resisted and now might have surpassed Santana as the ace of the staff.

Pelfrey has given up 30 earned runs in 99 2/3 innings, but 11 of them have come in his two losses to Philadelphia and the Yankees. He gave up four runs in a no-decision in a May 12 start against Washington, but has given up three runs or less in each of his remaining 13 starts, including no runs five times.

Pelfrey will be pitching to avoid the Mets being swept in a series since May 13-16, when the Marlins got them in a four-game set.

Here’s the revised lineup with Jose Reyes scratched with a stiff lower back.

Jesus Feliciano, CF

Ruben Tejada, SS

David Wright, 3B

Ike Davis, 1B

Jason Bay, LF

Chris Carter, RF

Rod Barajas, C

Alex Cora, 2B

Mike Pelfrey, RP

124 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; Pelfrey hopes to stop sweep.

  1. without reyes and pagan. the rest of theteam better turn it on. this means tatis is playing huh. :-(

  2. wow tejada at short huh. well yeah cora is the better 2b. lets see what this produces stranger things have happened.

  3. Hi – are the Mets falling apart? I hope not. Apparently it’s raining in Puerto Rico and Eddie says the game will be delayed.

  4. delcos. you are dissapointing me. are you sure pelfry beat the mets in his first start?

  5. to tell the truth i am getting bored with this team. now reyes is out ( just for a day of course, just like pagan) I want to see a big trade for a pitcher. How come the phils have been able to pull off big moves 2 years in a row but the new york team stands pat. I dont believe lee is coming and neither is oswalt. wilpons will keep on parading takahahi and the like until people stop coming to the park altogether.

  6. Ray (8): I don’t think this team can win without improving its pitching. I hear the Lee rumors but don’t think he’s coming here, either. To see them stand pat wouldn’t shock me. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are hoping for Oliver Perez or John Maine to come back. I know, I know … that’s a frightening thought, but considering past history not surprising.-JD

  7. JD, I guess grest minds think alike or whatever. we have seen the same pattern with omar or his puppetmaster jeffie boy for several years. they have never improved the team at the tradeline and there is no prospect that they will now. mejia was the main chip and now hes out of the picture. typical mets.

  8. My son just a governors reprieve. I only got the TV to turn on.. as they forgot to put the game on while we had dinner.
    Lucky boys indeed.. I just hope this doesnt screw Pelf’s rhythm..

  9. 10. agreed, they started out like gang busters but after the dream team started falling apart its like they didnt really know how to trade or get players.

  10. Ray (10): It’s too soon to say they won’t make a deal, but I don’t want them to make a deal and trade their main chip for a rental. I think they need to make a move, but that doesn’t mean they will. They always error on the side of caution this time of year.-JD

  11. 14. i wouldnt doubt we lose someone we dont want to lose. I can almost guarantee it

  12. John (15) Thanks.
    Somehow I always feel better about the team when I see that Ike Davis is playing first.

  13. 9. not to pick on you annie, but your ignorace of the team is sometimes a weakness that will hurt any arguments you may make here. btw. cow did your friend kagan do today?

  14. SteveC (16): I am buying into the hype that Mejia is the future of this team. I’d hate to lose him for a player that is a rental. More to the point, but getting Lee doesn’t guarantee the World Series.-JD

  15. 14, delcos. just remember that fmart was our main chip the last few years. what is he worth now. Lee is a difference maker.

  16. well i am glad i only had one beer. save the rest for the rest of the game. Spaten is the brew for this night.

  17. 22. i can name a few difference makers that petered out.
    Pedro, Glavine, Figgy (and damn i was a fan!) .. to name 3.

  18. Ray (22): You’re right on F-Mart. He was the main chip, one that has been injured a lot. His stock has dropped. I hear you about Lee. But, I’d rather have Oswalt or Haren because they’ll be here in the future. I’d deal Mejia for them. Also, with the questions now about Santana, the Mets need to address the front end of their rotation, too.-JD

  19. john, what if the mets didnt win in 1986? then mets fans would be hearing we have not won in over 40 years and it was just a fluke anyway. metsfans love thier prospects but i want a freaking championship after all these years. wilpons can afford to keep lee if they want to. come on, son get on the team and be in for the big win!!!

  20. steve c. if you think figgy was a difference maker, i dont believe you only had one beer tonight.

  21. 27. delcos, how many beers did you have tonight. or maybe they were martinis?

  22. Ray (26): Yes, they can afford Lee. I hope they get a negotiating window before making the trade. I’d love to see them trade for him and announce the signing. But, Lee has been adamant about wanting to test the FA market.-JD

  23. Ray (29): No beers. No booze. But, consider, Perez has them on the hook for $13 million next year. They aren’t going to cut him loose. Mark my words, they’ll be talking about Perez coming back, either in the rotation or the bullpen, soon.-JD

  24. 31. unfortuately, i believe in what you say and that makes me wish for a martini or 3. this organization sucks. I heard a caller on the fan praising minaya for all the expiring contracts he will have after next year. doesnt that mean they were bad contracts to be glad to be rid of?

  25. 26. i guess nobody got the full metal jacket theme. one of the greatest movies ever, especially if you ever went through boot camp.

  26. 35. well then i would strongly suggest you get your worthless butt down to the nearest blockbuster and pick it up you worthless maggot!!!

  27. 38. Well carry on then recruit, and dont forget to put beltran on your list of bad contracts thankfully expiring soon.

  28. FIRST INNING: Wright is smoking. He’s on his game right now. Raised his average 60 points in the last month. He’s also cut down on his strikeouts.-JD

  29. Annie (45): I don’t think he’s regressed as much as he might have hit a lull. Forty pitches is a lot for the first inning. He struggled early in his last games vs. Yankees and Twins.-JD

  30. John (46)Doom and gloom everywhere – Yankees are losing 5-0 in the 7th

  31. John (49) A couple of weeks ago there was an article in the NY Daily News about Pelfrey and his son – almost one year old – and how Mike had changed after becoming a Dad. Now, he’s struggling again – too bad.

  32. Howie and Wayne are discussing the Mets getaway tonight. Apparently it is a four hour flight to DC and their game tomorrow is at 1PM.

  33. Annie (51): It hasn’t been a good night for him. He’s fortunate to have the lead. Had the ump not blown that call at third it could be worse.-JD

  34. John (53) It is worse for the Yankees – score is now 7-0 and they are the ones who play tomorrow at 1PM.

  35. Annie (52): They will be a sluggish bunch tomorrow. They won’t get in until morning. Should have been a day game. They would have sold it out anyway.-JD

  36. Sounds as though David has his big time game working tonight – fielding, hitting etc.

  37. I just checked the Mets schedule – they play the Nationals four times and don’t have a break until the All Star Game.

  38. FIFTH INNING: Despite all those strikeouts, Wright is having an All-Star season. He’ll be there. I think Pelfrey will probably be there, also.-JD

  39. interesting that 2 of our pitchers working on 7th win. here in PR. are having issues..

  40. wait .. so let me get this straight… 2 of our 3 cannons are not in the outfield. and we are now tied. who’s managing this game.

  41. well the last 2 hits it appeared no one was where they should and throwing. feliciano in center and carter in right. correct?

  42. why is shines still a base coach. he was terrible at 3rd. and he keeps proving he’s terrible at 1st. bay had a double.

  43. ok. now is the time. i raise my beer and call upon Casey stengel for a miracle. please.

  44. ok back on top. pelf gets no decision. i think he was taken out too early.
    small ball rally.

  45. 84. yeah i find it interesting that both Pelf and Dickey had bad outings. none of our players are healthy. and this marlins series is a debacle.
    i asked earlier if the delay would effect Pelf. guess this answered my question. the biggest issue is half our defensive outfield is gone.

  46. SteveC (85): Yeah. What was Ramirez doing playing up the middle like that. …. There you go Steve. Francoeur is now in the game.-JD

  47. 87. yay! i think the poor throw by carter,. yeah he has a bat but he needs an arm.

  48. all this talk about saving young arms. keeping players healthy. yes. absolutely however when they are making millions of dollars a year .. a tweaked muscle get out there. there were times when i was worked to death for my measly pay. pay me 5 million .. i will be there doing what you need me to do. on every medication to keep me feeling healthy.!@

  49. just heard 108 pitches for pelf. you know what.. in any other era he would have been left in to get the last out. dessens was wasted on one pitch. IMO.

  50. SteveC (91): Not seeing with you on the injuries. When a guy is hurt and he plays he could miss even more time. The Mets have had enough problems over the years on mishandling players with injuries. No sense in pushing Pagan or Reyes tonight.-JD

  51. 94. just seems like these injuries are a wee bit minor. but who knows right.

    95. maybe, maybe not.

  52. Sorry I fell asleep – going to have to go back to bed. See you all tomorrow.

  53. Either the pitchers are just so used to being taken out when they appear in trouble or .. i dont know.. yeah i am glad KROD got him out but sometimes he doesnt. like anything else..
    The pitchers need more confidence..

  54. its a Pavlovian reflects. i am itching great but i am at 100 who cares i am done .. manager will take me out. well i am struggling a bit 2 outs and 2 men on base. well here’s the manager to take me out…
    its the consistency of the inconsistency.

  55. tejada is growing on me. as long as he doesnt get long ball-itis.. he has real potential.

  56. SteveC (112); There’s a lot to like about his game. He’s slick with the glove. He’s hitting. And, he hustles. Yes, there’s a lot to like about him.-JD

  57. 113. looks a lot more comfortable at ss. makes you wonder.. swap him and reyes?

  58. ok that whole inning just confused me. steal no steal 3 outs huh? one strike didnt look like one. / midnight rules i guess.

  59. SteveC (117): They sure did. They won’t make that mistake again. To his credit, Manuel admitted later leadoff is where Reyes belongs.-JD

  60. tejada/reyes platoon? maybe.. reyes gets injured a lot these days… its good to know tejada is the man.

  61. A QUICK WRAP/Game #78

    FINAL: Mets 6, Marlins 5.
    RECORD: 44-34.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: The Mets overcame a rocky start by Mike Pelfrey to avoid being swept.
    ON THE MOUND: Pelfrey struggled all night and gave up four runs on 12 hits with three strikeouts in 4 2/3 innings. … Ryota Igarashi struck out the side in the sixth. … Francisco Rodriguez pitched a four-out save, but as usual it wasn’t easy.
    AT THE PLATE: David Wright drove in two runs with a pair of doubles. … Josh Thole had a pinch-RBI single for the second straight game. … Jason Bay drove in what proved to be the game-winning run in the seventh.
    IN THE FIELD: Angel Pagan’s right side remains tender and Jesus Feliciano started in center.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Johan Santana, Jon Niese, R.A. Dickey and Hisanori Takahashi are the starters for the Washington series.-JD