Oswalt over Lee

Both Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee are available on the trade market, but considering all that’s going on around the Mets these days with Johan Santana, Oswalt is the best fit.

With Santana struggling, and reports he’s lost three to four mph. off his fastball and he’s no longer as elite as he used to be, the Mets must be farsighted about whom they bring in, as they are looking to bolster the front end of the rotation.

Given that, unless there was a chance to sign Lee long term, I believe the proper route would be Oswalt as you are addressing your pitching needs over the next three years for the cost of top prospects, presumably guys like Angel Pagan and Jenrry Mejia.

To surrender your blue chips for answers down the road is one thing. To surrender them for a rental is quite another. This thinking might be different if Santana were Santana, but he’s not, and that must be factored into the equation.

12 thoughts on “Oswalt over Lee

  1. Mejia is damaged goods right now. I really dont want to give up Pagan.

    Maybe Feliciano is show cased for that purpose?

    Watching Felicano last night,i just didnt see enough hustle. maybe it was the turf. we will see tonight or tomorrow whenever M&M decides to play Pagan.

  2. Lee is the better pitcher and Oswalt has potential back issues, two years left of his deal at $35 mil I believe, and issues of not wanting to pitch in NY. I know you’d be taking a chance trading a top prospect for a rental, but as I said before, Lee is the best pitcher and he was also an animal in the 2009 Post Season. Feliciano is a journeyman outfielder. He isn’t being showcased for anyone.

  3. some of the trade rumors proposed by mets fans makes me think they are smoking crack or something. on the fan the other day some idiot proposed the mets send omir santos for to the mariners for lee. feliciano is a 31 year old just getting a mlb taste. not much better.

  4. delcos, congrats on 106 posts yesterday. anyways, why limit it to popeye and lee. If haren is available thats the direction to go imo.

  5. 3. is crack banned in the ML? they may have had to switch because of the steroid ban. 😉

    4. what i find interesting is mejia gets sent down to the minors and bang he;s injured. or was he injured before.. remember his last game the ball was everywhere..

    when it comes to injuries etc.. I have not liked what this team has done in the last 3 years it borders on unethical.

  6. (6) Not quite Steve C. Mejia’s last outing as I told you a few days ago was a 1-2-3 inning culminating with a strikeout of Teixiera. Stop with the injury conspiracy theories…it happens. As a matter of fact Polanco, Utley, and Heyward have all gone on the DL over the past day. Joel Zumaya is now out for the year with a broken arm. Injuries happen all over, not only to the Mets.

    (4) Haren has been very hittable this year. Something might be up with him. His WHIP is higher than it has been in 5 years or so. There was talk of Ted Lilly becoming available. He would be a very good alternative to Lee.

  7. I wonder, though, if we have enough to pry Ricky Romero or Sean Marcum out of Toronto if the Jays decide to throw in the towel…

  8. 5. delcos, i would love to be in pr to sip a pina colada beside you. but i would rather bake my buns in the arizona heat unless you want to make a plane ticket donation to the remember ray sadecki foundation.

  9. 6. crack is obviously not banned to mets fans as the recennt trade proposals will tell.

  10. 7, original, harens numbers are indeed down but he is young and can bounce back, maybe now is the time to pounce. Lee is putting up stupid numbers is seattle. he walks nobody unlike perez who says its part of the game. would love to get that guy but mets just dont have enough imo. I could see him going to a low payroll team for the short term. how about atlanta, dc or marlins? braves would be especially painful.