Mets Chat Room; Lee talks continue.

Game #77 vs. Marlins

Jenrry Mejia was placed on the minor league DL with a strained posterior cuff in his right shoulder, which GM Omar Minaya said shouldn’t impact trade discussions for Seattle lefty Cliff Lee, who’s starting tonight in the Bronx against the Yankees.

Minaya said “we’re not about one prospect only,’’ when asked about Mejia’s injury complicating trade talks.

The Mariners would like Mejia, but FOX Sports is reporting it could take a lot smaller package to bring Lee to the Mets, say Josh Thole, Fernando Martinez and a minor league pitcher.

As usual with these types of things, there are conflicting reports. The Seattle Times, for instance, reports the Mets have an inside track while FOX says it is wide open.

If the Mets make this deal it would strengthen both their rotation and the bullpen, because it would mean tonight’s starter, Hisanori Takahashi, will move back to the pen.

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  1. well at least we might be giving up that which we wont miss much.
    yeah mehia has potential. but still too young in the game.
    oh well time will tell..

  2. 2. u r probably correct. but do we want to give up any of our fully developed .. who would have thunk they do this well players?
    Pagan/davis/tejada to a point .. etc. etc..

  3. Hi – I’ve spent my day with a Mets Fan who is interviewing for a job in DC. Now I get to talk baseball – hope she does too, it’s going to be a long week for her.

  4. Steve (6) I’m talking about Elena Kagan the nominee for the Supreme Court – she’s being interviewed by 19 Senators this week.

  5. Hi John – (7) Thanks for the welcome – I feel like I’ve been in a ConLaw class since 9AM.

  6. 9. ah gotcha. cool.

    10. in the other thread it was mentioned about the crazy trade deals people are talking about.

  7. John (11) Tune in anytime, this session will go to Thursday at least. I love this stuff and it’s important. Nineteen Senators each take her over the coals for 30 minutes for three days – and some of those guys are very unpleasant. She’s up to the task, – a New Yorker and a Mets Fan? She can do it.

  8. 4. savoy, if the thing you mention is a met fan that would be the first good thing ive heard about that person. removing the first and second amendments are the ones ive heard the most. but excuse me i still belive in our contitution and dont want to live without it. and btw when you bring politics here prepare to be challenged.

  9. John (17) She’s already done a lot of that – she was Dean of Harvard Law School for 6 years and is currently the Solicitor General of the United States. That’s the one who tries the countries cases before the Supreme Court.

  10. John (21) According to the TV there are five teams interested in Cliff Lee,

  11. 22. anything to say about our constitution?of course not. its just a GDam piece of paper as our last fearless leader proclaimed. but now we have dems in there so its ok to tear up the law of the land isnt it?

  12. 31. calm down. i am just happy the right to buy a gun was upheld now every state has to undo the BS restrictions.

    so tell me again why Tatis is in the lineup?

  13. Hi Ray(20) – The site is so busy, I missed your post – who would you be willing to give up for Cliff Lee?

  14. 31. steve c. at least you have the nerve to answer my question. unfortunately, feds always trump states laws. I live in arizona so i know first hand. btw, try to buy a handgun in nyc and tell me what kind of luck you are having.

  15. nice job. one inning at a time. i guess being up 1-0 has taken pressure off taka. nice to see

  16. i am not interested in talking about cliff lee today. there are more important things than that to discuss and even though i didnt bring up the topic i am not afraid to discuss it here or anyplace else.

  17. 36. I actually live out of Brooklyn now. up in rockland county and the changed the laws.. and removed carry permit as part of the reasons. but now that supreme court said um we have the right. i am sure thats one restriction to be removed.
    because to have it ready in the house you have to be allowed to have it out of a lock box.

    33. why should he play when we have murphy getting better allegedly and the phenom known as Davis. there’s only one reason why he;s playing.. *sigh*

    but lets see maybe he will play his heart out because of it.

  18. 40. yeah and its easier to buy dope on the street if you are 18 years old than to buy a beer in a deli. its ok to go go overseas and fight and die in a sensless war. if you dont want to hear any more rants from me then ban politics from this board, delocs.

  19. Ray (43): You’ve been with me from the beginning. You’ve always kept it clean. You want to rant a bit, go for it. But, please. Spell my name correctly.-JD

  20. 44. ok, john delcos you got a deal, i kind like to rant every now and then. its good for the blood pressure. i am out for the rest of it today. be well my friend.

  21. note to self. call into gary and keith and tell them to stop jynxing a pitcher. ..

  22. grand slam. ouch.. shake it off taka. strike this guy out and lets get 3 more runs.

  23. ok time to think about taking taka outr. looks like he’s a 3 inning pitcher :-(

  24. SteveC (57): Ollie is still on the DL. He could be ready for a rehab assignment soon. Notice how nobody is saying that when Ollie comes back it will be like making a trade.-JD

  25. Wow.. shades of old time managing. ok my bullpen is spent you are giving me at least 6.
    unless the bullpen wasnt warmed up.

  26. Annie (63): The Mariners traded for Lee because they thought they had a chance to win this season. Now, they are going to trade him because they know they won’t be able to sign him in the offseason.-JD

  27. Hey, everyone. Notice in the last two nights, R.A. Dickey and Jisanori Takahashi are rapidly plummeting back to Earth? Time to get Cliff Lee. The dude has walked only FOUR batters in 76 innings this year. That is SICK!

  28. Gil (67): I’m giving Dickey some more rope. Takahashi has about run his course as a starter. But, yes, time to make a trade.-JD

  29. 68. happens to me all the time. ii have to look at the keyboard if i look up i type the wrong key …

    well taka has stopped the bleeding so far. now for the bats to wake up.

  30. 69. Dickey earned more than some. 6-0 one no decision 1 loss. come on. he earned at least 500 feet of rope!

  31. sorry to make a return appearance. cant resist. takihashi is showing his weakness. just too hard to survive in the bigs without a fastball. Annie has still not answered my challenge to her friend kagan who will be approved (u can believe it) who is on record saying free speech needs to be abolished in our country. John Delcos, as a jouralist you should be a lot more worried about this than me but shouldnt we all be worried? without free speech we are in the same company as communist and other kinds of dictaorships. all responses will be welcomed especially by annie.

  32. Ray (77): No need for apologies. And, you’re right about Takahashi. He doesn’t have the fastball he should have for this level as a starter. … I am worried about free speech. The only rules, or limits I have on this blog is foul language and personal attacks. But, I’ve never cut a comment because it differed from my opinion.-JD

  33. Ray (77) Ray – I have no idea what you are talking about – I watched the hearings today and remembered that she was a Mets fan. That’s all I was talking about. Sorry if you misunderstood.

  34. BOTTOM FIFTH INNING: Mets are a reliever short after sending out Valdes. It’s important Takahashi gives them at least six.-JD

  35. hey steve c. why dont you have another drink and forget (never mind you never knew) that your freedoms are in jeopardy. there is more to life than the mets and if we are gonna talk about it lets really talk about it, dude. all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

  36. 81.Annnie, if kagan is your friend as you say, then you should know more about her then shes a met fan. maybe i misunderood your relationship to her but you are a very intelligent person and maybe you should researh her a little bit more to see what she stands for.

  37. I should, but I haven’t paid any attention to the hearings. This is an issue that impacts all of us. …. When you mention for evil to prevail that it takes good men to do nothing, well, that’s politics. There are lots of good people who should be in politics who aren’t because of the scrutiny involved. They are scared out of the job and that’s too bad.-JD

  38. Ray (84)

    I was watching the hearings on TV, I do not know Elena Kagan, nor have I ever met her. All I know about her is that she is a Mets fan.

  39. 83. agreed. trust me. this good man does his share. I have written to many congress man, governor and president about the unfair taxes and the offshoring and tons of other issues..
    I actually was the first one to start the no sugartax mailings to everyone. was even quoted in a paper that will remain nameless..

  40. delcos, you are too smart to be on this little blog. if you were writing for the ny times or the washington post we would be better off. of course we know that will never happen.

  41. so i get home to see taki is losing it.

    i guess they caught up to the smoke and mirrors act of his.

  42. 83. i can send you copies of many of the letters i have sent or ask dave. he will tell ya.

    i dont sit back thats for sure.

  43. 90. hey dave. yeah but they kkept him in to suffer shades of ronnie and gang.
    at least he staunched the bleeding.

  44. Ray (89): Thanks for the compliment. Maybe the Times or Post will never happen for me, but it isn’t from a lack of trying.-JD

  45. 95. never say never. maybe you can even get airtime. I still think you should hit up SNY etc. you definitely have the stuff.

  46. 86. Annie, I know that you are a politcal person and i dont believe thats all you know about kagan. todays democratic party are communists/socialists in all but name and you know it. 88. steve if you tried to do something, I commend you. Good man.

  47. 97. yes i have. and thank you .
    98. remarkable huh that used to be what the mets did..

  48. i am worried about these trade scenarios being thrown around.

    i like lee but not as a rental for the prices i have seen. i like oswalt, but again not for the prices. i am worried about his back not his talent.

  49. anout/about .. i looked up from keyboard .. oops./

    and right after gary and keith discussed davis is the reason why tatis hasnt played. how about the fact that tatis cant hit anymore..

  50. that said. i know we need to upgrade our pitching. from what everyone has said since spring. jenrry has real talent, i wont want to trade someone who is supposed to have more talent than big pelf for a rental or a quality pitcher on the other side of his career.

  51. no rentals. they never work out. not only that get someone that actually wants to play for the team forcing people to play for us never works out either..

  52. Hmmm…seems like we were all watching a baseball game and suddenly a Tea Party rally broke out! :)

  53. 95. delcos, why dont you try the daily news? just about everybody is tired of lupicas act and you can also tell us your politcal opinions there as well as your favorite tv shows and all kind of family rememberences.

  54. Tired of Lupica’s “act”? Ray, respectfully, Mike Lupica is one of the great sportswriters and opinion writers of our time.

  55. 106. i dont like how that term has been bastardized. it used to me something special. now its been destroyed.

  56. 110 Steve C.: But wasn’t it the people in this new movement itself which christened itself the Tea Party and came up with the whole “Tea Party Express” thing?
    Look, no one likes paying taxes. I respect that. People should be able to keep what they earn. But how can you have a functioning country without taxation? We take a lot for granted in this country — take infrastructure like our unrivaled interstate highway system — that has been paid for by tax dollars. And is it really fair that the middle class pays a higher tax percentage than wealthy people?

  57. 109. gil, i respectfully disagree with you. Lupica used to be the best sportswriter in NYC. now he doesnt even allow comments on his articles, but ive seen posters to go to other writers pages on the news to compllain about him. nobody give a sheet about what douchebag kiefer sutherland is doing on 24 this week and nobody wants to know if his son got a hit in little league last week

  58. 114. its the over taxation that lines the pockets of politicians i have an issue with.. as for tea party. they have taken that term and destroyed it. dumping tea in the ocean is one thing..

    going out and being profane and vulgar is another.

    so you believe we should pay taxes on sugar where only the rich go back to being able to afford soda and ice cream ?

    we have recycling laws. how can you recycle a bottle and get your money back from it? you cant and the government counts on that.. the extra money gotten is squandered…

    just like these met run opportunites

  59. gee. i am psychic. Ike davis now at 1st base. i guess the tatis experiment didnt pan out.

  60. its too funny, if you want to talk about taxes. the government which was suppossed to care about the average americans heath now has ads in new york saying smoke a pack (of cigarettes) and save the state. only $10.00 a pack. what hippocrites they are

  61. we all know why he was given a chance. and you know someething in all fairness justly so. but i want to see the same given to another player in his hometown.

  62. 115 LOL! OK, Ray, I’ll give ya the “24” points. I was more of a “Lost” fan. As for why Lupica doesn’t allow comments anymore, I can’t say. I still enjoy his writing and I can say he was one of the writers who inspired me to go into journalism.

    116 Steve C: Personally, I stopped drinking soda years ago because I’ve chosen to live a healthy lifestyle. Should it be taxed? Well, yes, if it’s a choice between raising needed revenue that may actually lower health treatment costs for such maladies as diabetes, heart disease and obesity or having to layoff city, state and federal government workers. If someone wants to drink soda badly enough, they’ll find a way. But it’s not just the government taxing people. What about private companies that tax us for cable and satellite TV, cell phone and Internet usage? What about airlines that tax us for checking bags? What about private websites that tax us for “convenience fees” when we can actually afford to buy tickets to professional sporting events? The government is always an easy target, but private companies stick it to us by making us dependent upon them and price-fixing to keep us lining their CEOs’ pockets.

  63. 118 sorry delcos when somebody promotes torture on their show i get a little upset.

  64. so how has bobby p been pitching? his numbers in the minors sucked. he was like mid 5’s era.

    was he just working on pitches or do the hitters need a month and a half to figure him out?

  65. John (126) Good for him – they are so rare these days. Now I hope the Mets get him for sure.

  66. 122. i dont believe we should be taxed for anything deemed frivolous. sugar is a basic need i am sorry aryificial sweetneres is far worse for the body.

    127. thank you .. glad someone picked up on it..

    124. i would think that and his bat.

    125. he hasnt given up a run so thats big in my books..

  67. so we are talking politics and taxes?


    it is well known that you have to tax the middle class to make your numbers. it is just a numbers thing. 1 grand times 150 million people is a lot of money.

    10 grand times 1000 people is not the same.

    if you cut taxes on the rich you need to increase taxes on the middle class or run a deficit.

    bottom line. the middle class always pays more.

    trickle down economics is just that trickle down. the wealth trickles down to the little people. the top rung has the big pools of money and the middle class has a glass and the poor have drops.

    anybody who says different is selling you the brooklyn bridge.

  68. 133. one flaw in that. with all the billionaires and triliionaires. if they each paid a billion or so, with the promise of never paying taxes again. they can reduce our deficit to zero.
    then taxes can be set to the middle class to a regular stipend..

  69. 122, gil, I am a big lost fan. havent seen the last season yet so dont be a spoiler.
    116. steve, i dont understand you at all. dont you think its unfair for government to tsx people with weaknesses? so you can stop drinking soda? good for you. you always brag about the alcohol you drink. sorry you are just another hippocrite. do you think drinking alcohol instead of beer is healthy? do you think you are better than people addicted to tobacco? how about people who play the lottery? you are a victim just like the rest and you dont know it.

  70. 137. instead of sending their money to other countries in the guise of philanthropy. charity begins at home. make the US economy stable and you have accomplished something for the common good.

  71. Well, Dave while I disagree with you about the trickle down theory actually working, I’m sure we agree that the Mets are certainly overpaying for Jason Bay.

    132 LOL! Steve C., come on…soda is a NECESSITY?! There is just no way, sugar or artificial sweeteners nothwithstanding that soda is in any way healthy. Just look at the shocking rates of diabetes among people — especially children — living in Tijuana, Mexico where several soft drink manufacturers have bottling plants and sell their products dirt cheap. I don’t begrudge anyone from drinking soda, but all it’ll do is rot your teeth, expand your waistline and slowly eat at your stomach lining. What soda out there tastes THAT good, anyway?

  72. 138. how is drinking a beer or having ice cream a weakness? so you believe the rich have earnedthe right to eat cake. and we that cant afford it shouldnt want it? what would suck for everyonee is if everyone stopped buying it all.. all that money would vaporize and the industry would go belly up.
    supply and demand.. taxing a common food to the point of extravagance will lead to a dead economy.

  73. 138 Ray, I promise not to spoil “Lost” for you. I CAN promise you, though, the last season does NOT disappoint! The entire series collection comes out in August, if that’s what you’re waiting for.

  74. 132. they want to tax all sugar drinks. so theorhetically if given the approval.
    tang/sweetened ixed tea. anything with sugar is fair game. not just soda. Think in terms of a politician and a lawyer. if you think that pandoras box of extra tax money wasnt in their minds dont be mistaken. taxing sugar is the goal just like taxing tea.

  75. 145. freedom of religion my friend. preventing me from having a beer or wine is preventing me from expressing my love for god. just remember who invented / perfected beer and wine.

  76. OH MY GOD! Why didn’t we run for Barajas???? Only he and Bengie Molina couldn’t score on that rope!

  77. OK, Jeff. Good job. Just as good as a sac fly, maybe better, getting Carter to third.


  79. Gil. but what about cotton candy at the ball game. 😛



  80. 141. beer is a weakness. actually it is a disease for some people as the AMA has proclaimed. ice cream is a sugar addiction the point is they are taxing every thing they can for your benefit. not thier benefit. its all for you steve.

  81. 158. i am sorry i am a big boy i do not need NY or the US being rome. look at 1984/F451 they say or make you think its all for me but it isnt.

    I am educated and nothing is bad in moderation.

    You can be for over taxation of the middle class.. but not me..

  82. 157 Steve: LOL! My mom loves cotton candy. And the Mets and every other MLB team overcharges for it, so there’s your private company sugar tax!

    161 Annie: That’s why I love living on the West Coast — thanks to the time difference, EVERY night is a doubleheader. Mets at 4 p.m., then the Dodgers or Angels at 7, if you like.

  83. 158. beer and wine brings you clsoer to god. tax it so i cant buy it and you are going against my religion!

  84. sorry. got side tracked with something else.

    so the mets scored 2? great.

    by the way who is the home team?

  85. 164. i cant believe you steve. you better go back and read my posts on this subject. I am on your side bro. btw dont forget that peace is war and we have always been at war with east asia.

  86. Gil – You hit the jackpot when you moved back out there again – I watched the Yankees/Dodgers games in the sunshine :)

    Now, I’m sleepy and I hope this game doesn’t go many extra innings.

  87. Steve (167) I was watching the Cliff Lee complete game win over the Yankees since I do get YES, but not SNY as you know.

  88. 170 “…from the east side to the west side…everybody very happy…’caus the sun is shinin’ all the time…looks like another perfect day…I LOVE LA!”

  89. 141


    the rich have earned the right to have their cake and eat it too. if you are not rich you have not earned that right.

    put another way, if you have to ask how much it costs you can’t afford it.

  90. Is there anyone else on the planet who looks goofier when he trots than Dan Warthen?

  91. and why wasnt pagan in center?! this is the second time feliciano in center screwed us.

  92. Well Ray, as Sawyer from “Lost” would say, right about now…

    SON OF A … !!!!!!

  93. there’s the game.. unreal. why. because we didnt have a cannon in center.

    we have three cannon outfielders and M&M took out one for a shotgun?

  94. Howie has put this game “In The Books”. The Marlins won at the last inning. Cliff Lee won at Yankee Stadium – complete game. Mets need to get a win tomorrow.

    Tomorrow’s game, same time, same place.

    See You Then.

  95. ok. i have to sound a little off color. instead of putting players out there for the crown. put players out there for the win. yesterday was the day to do it.. but you know what taking out key players for whatever ideal you have.. doesnt cut it.

  96. A QUICK WRAP/Game #77

    FINAL: Marlins 7, Mets 6.
    RECORD: 43-34.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: The Marlins scored six runs against Hisanori Takahashi after two were out in the third inning. … They also scored the game winner after two outs.
    ON THE MOUND: Takahashi gave up six runs on nine hits, including a pair of homers, in 5 2/3 innings.
    AT THE PLATE: Angel Pagan had a hit, RBI and scored a run in his return to the lineup. … David Wright had three hits. … Jeff Francoeur and Josh Thole drove in runs in the ninth to tie the game.
    IN THE FIELD: If Jose Reyes gets to Nate Robertson’s ground single with two down in the third, maybe it’s a different game.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Mike Pelfrey starts the series finale tomorrow.-JD

  97. even ronnie on post game just mentioned that felicano in center doesnt have the arm. *sigh*

  98. why cant these mets beat the marlins or dc? taki needs to go back to the bullen so at least thole had a good game. 181. gotta love sawyer. I am starting to like you gil. maybe we can catch a game sometime (just dont tell chiti)

  99. Pagan not facing the righty tomorrow what the …

    and why is my old college’s radio station in PR.
    wfuv. unbelievable.

  100. 192 I’d love that, Ray. It’s cool to disagree without being disagreeable. Sawyer’s priceless, but my favorite character is Hurley.

  101. 192 Steve C: Could be because PR may allow higher wattage than the FCC’s limit of 50,000 in the 50 states. That’s why some San Diego stations, such as XTRA-AM have their transmitters in Baja California, Mexico and have an “X” as their leading call letters instead of “K,” and broadcast from studios in California.