Mets Chat Room: Dickey rolling for a seven.

Game #76 vs. Marlins

At the beginning of last week I wrote how important the Detroit and Minnesota series were to the streaky Mets.

They’ve been either hot or cold and a solid showing against two strong American League teams would be a positive showing, and going 4-2 has them on the cusp again of first place in the NL East. With a win tonight and Atlanta loss to Washington and rookie sensation Stephen Strasburg, the Mets can move into first place.

They’ll attempt to do it behind knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, who is vying tonight to become the first Mets pitcher since Steve Trachsel in 2006 to win seven straight decisions.

“It doesn’t feel surreal,’’ Dickey said. “It feels like something I’ve been capable of doing.’’

The Mets will be without Angel Pagan again tonight, who remains sidelined with a muscle spasm on his right side.

106 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Dickey rolling for a seven.

  1. Hi – I saw Harry throw out the first pitch, the next day he fell off of his polo pony.

  2. Word from Howie and Wayne in the booth – that there are lots of empty seats.

  3. kept it to 1 run. nice job!
    Uggla needs to send a signed bat to that gentleman fan!

  4. SteveC (18): Sometime this season, Bay will get on a power tear. I have a feeling this won’t be a lot season after all. He won’t have great numbers, but he’ll have something to show before it is all over.-JD

  5. 1-2-3 nice. first guy looked like he screwed himself into the ground.
    Dickey found the movement.

  6. John (19 Tell me more about Jason Bay – All I know is that he is Canadian – true?

  7. 27. gotcha. after getting the Dish first thing I did was sign a petition for them to get SNY over YESS :-)

  8. John (29) No kidding – I know a couple of Canadian golfers who belong to a curling club in Toronto. I went to Hockey Night in Canada with them and met Jean Beliveau. I also watched the curling matches this year at the Olympics – it’s very interesting.

  9. seems to me feliciano gave up or got a bad start on that ball.
    *ugh men on the corners./

  10. 32. no fair! – i think FioS carries it. not that I want my TV coming through phone line.

    but your a true fan .. listetning as they pkay .. good for you!

  11. Marlins seem to be doing OK without Bobby Valentine – WFAN reporting all day that he is not going to go to the Marlins.

  12. 36. thats because he wants to go to the mets. .. its probably drama he may go .

  13. John – Have you ever been to Hiram Birthorn Field in PR? Poor Howie and Wayne – I guess their broadcast booth is not quite up to Citi Field Standards.

  14. John (43) I think the Puerto Rico team played there in the World BAseball Games (?)

  15. ok boys. concentrate on manufacturing a run. tap those balls and let them skip on the turf.
    we’ll get em next inning.

  16. looks like it was the long sleeve shirt. dickey is back too pitching perfect.

  17. John (35) I just watched Strasburg for a couple of innings. Not sure what I think of him.

  18. 51. i dont think he was used to the heat and the long shirt combo didnt help. he threwe better once he took the shirt off. but to late.

  19. Well…just tuning in, we see the great R.A. Dickey isn’t immortal after all…

  20. 55. yeah off day for him. he got better but not soon enough. its one of those coin toss moments. keep him in or stop the bleeding. unfortunately with our tired bullpen. who knows. Nieve just gave up a solo.

  21. Gil (55): Hey … how’s things? No, Dickey didn’t have it tonight. Of course, he hasn’t gotten much help. Reyes botched a couple of plays to let in a pair of runs and the offense has done nothing. Even so, Dickey was off his game.-JD

  22. 47 Hey Annie! What’s not to like about Strasburg? Dude’s got a killer fastball, a Doc-Gooden-in-his-prime-like curve, a slider and a change. And the kid has his head on straight. If he stays injury-free and keeps his wits about him he could be something REALLY special.

  23. 58 Hey, JD! Doing very well, thanks. You? Too bad about Team USA in South Africa, huh? But I’ll give ’em this: They fought valiantly to the very last second. I’d rather go out like that than to get screwed on bad calls, as Mexico and England did.

  24. Gil (59) Sounds too good to be true – the Mets will be meeting him on Saturday at 4PM on FOX. Ask me after that. (I saw Doc Gooden in his prime in person).

  25. Gil (61): It would have been nice to see the USA team go further. Speaking of bad calls, the USA had some stinkers go against them.-JD

  26. How weird is it that Jason Bay only has six homers so far — and that four have come in two games?

  27. John – did we wake up Jason Bay? Maybe the Mets are going to come from behind tonight – it’s not too late, is it?

  28. 62 Yeah, I saw Gooden in his prime in person, too. But with Strasburg, it’s not just about sound — it’s appearance. Strasburg has looked damn impressive when I’ve watched him pitch. It’s not just what he throws or how he throws his pitches, but also WHEN he throws certain pitches in certain counts. Last time I saw a rookie pitcher with that kind of nasty stuff it was K-Rod back in the Fall of 2002. He’s done pretty well for himself, wouldn’t you say?

  29. Gil (70): It is very easy to get caught up in the Strasburg hype, but the guy has pitched very well. Another good one tonight. He’s throwing 98 in the seventh. A scoreless seventh.-JD

  30. 71. yeah when i was up in canada this past year. it was nothing but hockey and their football.

    72. the long undershirt got in his way.

  31. Uh, Annie…Strasburg is shutting out Atlanta through seven innings with nine Ks. Are you STILL reserving judgment?

  32. 79 Was the SNY highlight just a second ago showing Strasburg in the sixth, then? My bad.

  33. Braves lead, 2-0. Runners on the corners with one out. Strasburg betrayed by his defense. He could’ve been out of the inning with no runs scored.-JD

  34. OK, Mr. Strasburg has left the field – I’m sure he’ll be fine by Saturday.

  35. john

    i missed a lot this past week.

    i see mejia went down and now he is hurt.

    what happened to the savior of the pen?

  36. 84 Not even the mighty Jason Vargas is Phil Humber. By the way…who’d have ever guessed that by this point R.A. Dickey would have a better record than Johan Santana; that Ike Davis would be out-homering Jason Bay and that Mike Pelfrey would’ve equalled his win total for 2009?

  37. Howie has just informed me that the Hiram B. Stadium was built in 1962. No wonder they are missing some amenities.

  38. Well…with that bomb off of Igarashi, as Fleetwood Mac once sang, “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.”

  39. john(89)


    i dont want to ask.

    it is not good that our 20 yr old phenom has a bad shoulder.

  40. Howie has put this odd game “In The Books” I think everyone is just out of sorts during this full moon weekend. I’m not going to print the score.

    Tomorrow same time, same place.

    See you then.

  41. A QUICK WRAP/Game #76

    FINAL: Marlins 10, Mets 3.
    RECORD: 43-33.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: It was clear RA Dickey didn’t have it, and coupled with the Mets’ failure to hit and Jose Reyes’ shoddy fielding, his seventh straight victory wasn’t to be.
    ON THE MOUND: Dickey labored, giving up five runs in five innings. … Fernando Nieve gave up two homers. … Ryota Igarashi gave a three-run bomb that blew the game open.
    AT THE PLATE: Jason Bay homered twice.
    IN THE FIELD: Jose Reyes botched a couple of grounders that enabled two runs to score.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Hisanori Takahashi starts tomorrow night.-JD

  42. 99. yeah. but the bats were quiet too.
    but Dickey didnt look comfortable thats for sure. maybe he needed the beer

  43. 100 take care annie. by the way SNY gave some photo op time to howie and wayne.