Mets Chat Room: The Minnesota series.

Games #73-74-75

Folks. I have an obligation this weekend I must attend and won’t be back until Sunday afternoon.

I’m leaving the Chat Room open throughout the weekend for the Minnesota series and encourage you to post your thoughts when the mood strikes.

I don’t like leaving when the team is playing so well, but this is an obligation I can’t break.

Tonight, the Mets will attempt to get back to the winning side of the ledger behind Mike Pelfrey, who is coming off a 5-3 loss to the Yankees last weekend.

Pelfrey gave up five runs and a pair of two-run homers in seven innings of a 5-3 loss.

“He’s still a young pitcher who, over the course of a season and in his career, will hit small bumps,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said. “He just has to look back on them and get better.’’

Johan Santana and Jon Niese will start the next two games of the series.

Angel Pagan is expected to miss tonight’s game with a muscle spasm in his right side, but should return tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: The Minnesota series.

  1. John –

    I’ll check the blog once in a while to make sure things are OK here.

    Take care.

  2. bottom of 7th. mets up 5-2. Pelf struggled but great defense helped limit the damage. 3 rough starts in a row by pelfry is making me nervous. Parnell is impressing in his return to a bullpen role. I love the depth the team has this year compared to recent years. I still want a top starter as takahashi gets shelled when his command isnt perfect.

  3. Getting Lee would have the added bonus of phillies fans grinding thier teeth every time the see him in a mets uni.

  4. 2.Also its nice to know that there is a monitor here to make sure nobody gets out of line. its a rough bunch here all three of us.

  5. Missed last nights game. unfortunately i did catch the shutout :-(

    This has become a habit with Johan and the bats. Something is up, what is anyone’s guess.

  6. well looked at the box scores. good to know we got them back yesterday.. 1 good turn deserves another huh..