Jerry waffles on Beltran

MANUEL: Looks indecisive.

Carlos Beltran said he felt better than expected after last night’s Single-A rehab game in Port St. Lucie. Beltran also said he would like to play in the Marlins series next week in Puerto Rico.

Manager Jerry Manuel waffled on the subject, first intimating it was possible then saying it was unlikely. What he didn’t do was what he should have done, and slammed the door on the issue.

“No, he’s not playing,’’ Manuel should have said. “I can appreciate him wanting to, but we have a plan for him and that would be rushing it.’’

There, now it is a closed case.

Manuel waffles all the time on a variety of issues, many of them injury related. It makes him come across as unsure and uninformed.

The last thing the Mets need is a setback with Beltran, and that’s exactly what could happen if they rush him. Why is that so hard to understand? Why can’t he just say it.

20 thoughts on “Jerry waffles on Beltran

  1. How boring…. The team is over achieving and the team has quicky adjusted to personnel mistakes made in the Spring. The team is ahead of the Phillies and only .5 games out. Yet, you and the BFF can do nothing more than continue to beat on a guy (or guys’ since BFF has to call everything M and M or is W and W). Like him or not, Manuel is doing everything right. So I guess pitch count has reached its quota orf 10 million now this site has to be consumed by 10 million more posts that are irrelevant since the only two people still bashing Manuel are Delcos and BFF. Very sad.

  2. (1) Very true, Harry. You have a Met team that is succeeding in what’s looking to be a very winnable NL East — and all Delcos is doing is dumping on Jerry as if the team were mired in last place.

    If the season ended today, the Mets would be the NL wildcard, yet, based on what passes for discussion here, Jerry Manuel is a tragic figure who can’t handle the press, can’t handle his players and is just the epitome of professional disappointment. (Oh, and did I mention he’s doing this without his clean-up hitter and with a patchwork starting rotation?)

    As for the pitch count discussion, you might have missed it, Harry, but Delcos, like Moses coming down from the mountaintop, declared the discussion a draw because everybody’s right and nobody’s wrong. If only I had known that Delcos was the supreme arbiter of baseball wisdom, I would fashioned my argument accordingly.

  3. (1) & (2) Hell HAS officially frozen over!!! I agree with both Harry and Tiffany! Useless criticism of Jerry here.

  4. (3) Welcome to the dark side, Steve. Get your initiation tattoo with your Kool-Aid on the way out.

  5. 3. Most managers would stand pat on things that make sense like injuries. come back to the darker side. we have cookies and beer .. and damned good scotch!

    I didnt bother watching the post game with Jerry. I rather listen to the players they matter more. I have my issues with jerry and I wont bore the crowd here.

    When a manager waffles he is either caught off guard or is clueless on the issue.
    Beltran’s injury should be a no brainer.
    The bigger question is .. why couldnt dickey complete his game?

    Like i said I have given up listening to the man so i dont have to comment on his inability to talk to the press. most other managers have zero issues telling the press how they feel. the marlins will leearn very soon what it is to have a manager that will tell it like it is.. and have a disguise kit handy .. i would put an emoticon but i know people have issues with tongue in cheek.

  6. And you know for a bloody fact that he is playing the press .. and just not clueless or taken off guard.

    now who’s making the leap.

    I know what your last motto was.. drill baby drill.. look where that got us. i bet you are for drilling and cracking the mantle too because the numbers say it can be done.
    but do the numbers say what will happen?

    you really don’t want to get intellectual with me my dear… I dont know who you really are ,and i honestly dont care. but on the same note you dont know me. so stop making this personal …

    everyone is entitled to an opinion and everyone else can agree or disagree. but to make it personal as you always do makes us wonder about your agenda or if you have some vested interest in looking like the defender of the Met’s organization..
    or maybe you just dont like this blog and looking for a reason to kill it.

    get out your stats calculator and calculate how long it takes for the message to reach through that thick skull of yours.

    Fans .. Blogs …
    Its about thoughts emotions, and what you want to see. all of us are ecstatic they are winning.. but human nature makes us also find faults. like you. you decide you dont like someone .. and you find fault in everything they say.. and assume the persons is uneducated…

    now who is the sad one..

  7. Ok people…it’s not necessary to personally attack anyone here. Keep it civil.

    The Delcos Police

    More importantly, the Marlins signed Armando Benitez!!!! A Benitez/Valentine lovely!

  8. 12. you knew that would happen. Benitez mr. choke. *sigh* killer fastball but.. has he changed since his tenure with the Mets. I dont follow players when they leave.

    — yes officer. so sorry .. wont happen again. oh wait. i am innocent ..

  9. 15. its the same leap you make all the time when you think I am uneducated and am unemployed or having issues with technology. when it is far from the truth. But what can i say. maybe this will make you happy.
    yes tiffany you are right. yes.. fortan66 wont run on your old computer..because it went from forrran 4 to fortran 77 and beyond. looks more like pascal these days. However I havent had to use it in quite some time. too busy using other tools and programming languages.

    lets face it the real issue is this.. I dont agree with you .. and you find that hard to believe and therefore I must be uninformed uneducated.
    I have explained time and again why I believe in something .. you love to throw numbers.. thats fine you are numbers thats fine. but don’t shove that garbage down my throat.
    stats dont always show the whole truth. specially in baseball. even the pros and every analyst will tell you that..
    I watch the game for the human aspect of it. otherwise replaces and automation would call the balls strikes and whetheer someone was tagged. and where’s the fun in that.. maybe thats your nirvana..
    It isnt mine..replays will kill a game. because it will get abused.
    oh no i made another disconnect in the conversation .. to make a point.. shame on me for being such a dolt.

  10. (16) Oh, you’re not unemployed _yet_, Steve — but the day is just around the corner. Bank on it.

    The real issue isn’t that we disagree; it’s really two-fold: That you bring nothing of substance to your argument and then play little candyass games like trying to find strength in numbers with those school-girl asides you do with Delcos, as if his approval somehow constitutes a successful argument. Don’t forget the emoticons!

    I’m glad you’ve admitted that stats are “garbage” being shoved down your throat. With those simple words, you’ve made the case for your lack of intellect better than I ever could. And that’s the magic of arguing with you: The more you talk, the more you expose yourself.

    If you don’t want this conversation to weave its inevitable way to your intellect (or, more precisely, your lack thereof), then I suggest you get smarter. I know it’s a tall order, but a man of your learned intellect and education should have no problem with it.

  11. 17. so do i take me being becoming unemployed as a threat or wishful thinking on your part.
    evil is as evil does by dear.

    i never said stats are garbage. twist some more. I said your numbers are garbage. there’s a difference. I said that many of the stats that effect a player dont fully reflect the player. and every sports analyst will agree.
    oh wait. but i am wrong and too stupid to understand that stats and numbers show the WHOLE truth.
    I love this conversation it has gotten actually quite entertaining..
    come on twist my words some more..

  12. 20. well my dear tiffany. you stated that your job was to do these case studies. ala pitch count. and the numbers dont lie. or did i forget something.

    and you know i am incompetent based on ramblings on a blog because i see fit not agree with your or waste my time. typing in M$ word before pasting my thoughts in a blog.

    listen, harry/tiffany whatever you want to go by. its fine to argue and have decent conversation. blog after blog. you get personal. and when people defend themselves or get personal back. you get even angrier that anyone would dare match wits or intellect with you. and if we mis-type. etc because we are not using M$ to make sure everything we type is perfect then that person is a mental midget. So tell me .. how much time do i have left before i am pounding the pavement and am unemployed because i am a moron in your eyes.
    oh please oh great oracle tell me..

  13. 20. statistics are facts. not numbers thats what you are saying. wow. many people I helped in college with their comp sci courses were stats majors and gee I seem to remember way back in the dark ages of the 80’s that stats dealt with numbers.
    and being a mental midget i looked it up in the dictionary because you know .. i am a moron…

    Main Entry: sta·tis·tics
    Pronunciation: \st?-?tis-tiks\
    Function: noun plural but singular or plural in construction
    Etymology: German Statistik study of political facts and figures, from New Latin statisticus of politics, from Latin status state
    Date: 1770

    1 : a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data
    2 : a collection of quantitative data


    gee interpretation of numbers.. so wait that means statistics are always correct?
    no. it means they can change depending on teh variables presented and used in the calculation.

    My dear.. when you bring a knife to a gun fight .. know how to use the knife and wait for the guy to reload.

    and there endeth the lesson. yes Virginia stats are numbers…and there is a Santa Claus.

  14. (22) Now, you’re adding lying to your resume, eh? Please — tell me where I stated that my job was to do case studies. I know you’ve assumed it, but please show me where I’ve asserted this as my profession. (Hint: You won’t find any instances because you’re a lying sack of shit. Big surprise there, eh?)

    I’m not Harry. You can call me whatever you want, but that won’t make you any smarter. And, as we’re now learning, it won’t make you any more ethical, either.

    How much time do you have left? I’d put it somewhere between six and eighteen months, depending on the rates being quoted from Tata.

  15. 25. yes i am a liar.

    Tiffany June 18, 2010 1:42 pm

    JD — Me and two crazy people who happen to write studies for a living believe in this silly thing called pitch counts. I know we’re loners and all, and, if I could, I’d place an emoticon next to this sentence, more for the purposes of self-serving bravado than irony. But that’s just me.

  16. 28. duh.. i dont know my dear the construction of that sentence would dictate that 3 people do studies.

    if you wanted to not be lobbed into them maybe you would have used proper punctuation.

    perhaps this would make better sense..

    Two crazy people, that do case studies for a living, and I believe in case studies.

    But you know I am a moron and cant put 2 sentences together.

  17. 29. So my dear , I do apologize for reading a blog incorrectly. being a moron .. these things happen. I am sure what you do for a living is very rewarding and I wish you much success in it. Perhaps if you gave people the benefit of the doubt when they type fast and really dont bother to make every sentence proper. you will understand. that many times we are looking to save time and just make a quick point like .. i dont know:

    1.) I dont think pitch counts should be a set number for every pitcher.

    2.) I don’t like Manuel because of what I see. but we dont know what goes on or the facts behind the decisions but from what i see i am not happy.

    see these are opinions and living in America we have the right to voice them.

    You have voiced your opinions most eloquently and profane.

    I for one will now formally extend my apology to JD and the other readers of this blog for allowing this cacophonous debate and at times base conversation to continue for as long as it did. And to that I am deeply sorry for wasting the bandwidth.

    But I felt it very cathartic.
    Guys i am off to enjoy some food and real conversation with my family and friends.

    have a great night all.. oh and more importantly than all this nonsense..

    Lets Go mets!

  18. (28) OK, then, Steve, let’s do substitutions to see if it’s a problem with the way the sentence was constructed or just a reflection of your inability to comprehend what you read:

    Me and two crazy people who happen to write studies for a living believe in this silly thing called pitch counts.

    Me and two actresses who’ve appeared in porn movies believe in this silly thing called pitch counts.

    Me and two starting pitchers for the Yankees believe in this silly thing called pitch counts.

    Me and two women who’ve been raped on suburban golf courses by Johan Santana believe in this silly thing called pitch counts.

    Me and two Journal-News copy editors believe in this silly thing called pitch counts.

    Should I keep going, Steve?

    Oh, and by the way, the sentence was punctuated correctly. It was the grammar that didn’t conform to standards. But a learned guy like you with a reading comprehension problem already knew that, right?

  19. I’m stunned. I leave for a weekend and come back to a string of emails pointing out this post to me.

    I’m disappointed and angry at what I read. I’m trying to create something positive here and you people turn it into the Wild, Wild West with your profanity and attacks.

    If you don’t like a thread, voice your opinion, have your say, but be clean about it. The only rules I have are to keep it clean and cease with the personal attacks. I don’t care if you agree with what I write, but I do care about that. I won’t tolerate it any other way.-JD