Counting on Bay

Maybe it is the park. Maybe he’s under pressure to perform in New York. Maybe it is the contract. Maybe it is all of those things, or none of them.

But, either way, Jason Bay is on pace to hit nine home runs this season.

I can’t complain too much because after a sluggish start the Mets are winning, and Bay’s average is rising and he never stops hustling.

You know, all this talk about it would be like making a trade when Carlos Beltran returns. Well, the same could be said about Bay if he started to hit with consistent power.

6 thoughts on “Counting on Bay

  1. I do think the park has taken away a few home runs, however as was my biggest beef with Wright last year, why is the road so difficult? It doesn’t appear that Bay has changed his swing at all since the beginning of the year, so I don’t think it’s in his head. And 3 of his 4 homers have ironically been hit at Citifield. I heard Gammons on WFAN the other day and he said that last year thru June and July Bay hit something like .190 and still ended up with good numbers. So hopefully once July starts up, he’ll have already had his bad months behind him. One can only pray. lol

  2. yesterdays postgame with frenchy he mentioned the park. and said how they use it to their advantage now. they know HR are difficult and that some areas are woder etc. and if other teams get hung up. good for us. we just need to keep in mind and use it to our advantage.
    i think that said it all…

  3. We have seen this before with Bonilla and Beltran. Maybe its the curse of the not so killers Bs. The homers are an embarrassment but the real stat that matters is RBIs. He is behind pagan35-29 and thats the real embarrassment. Lucky for the Mets his teammates have picked him up or he would be getting serenaded by the boobirds already.

  4. 3. his glove aint shabby so you can almost forgive the RBIs. BooBirds are not real fans. never boo your team no matter how terrible or disappointing..

  5. (3) I assume you are talking about Bonilla and Beltran’s first years in NY? Because after a rough 2005, Beltran hit 41 homers, 30 homers, and 27 homers(27 being closer to his career norms,) the next three years.