While we were away ….

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MAINE: Thrown under the bus.

Two items occurred that I haven’t had the opportunity to comment on: John Maine and Jenrry Mejia.

The one on Maine is especially disturbing because it shows and ugly side of Jerry Manuel. His comment about pitching Maine “on the off days,’’ was for a cheap laugh, which he got. But, how he threw Maine under the bus like that has to send a message to other players when dealing with their injuries.

Maybe Maine is done with the Mets, but he’s still here and working hard to get back. He deserves his manager’s respect.

If I’m a player and working hard to get back, I don’t like the manager taking a cheap shot at me for his benefit.

The Mets obviously have no plan for Maine right now and he certainly has no trade value, but you he has options remaining so you send him down and try to make him right. If you do, you might save a career.

Instead, Manuel went for the cheap laugh at an injured player’s expense. Nice.

Speaking of not having a plan for a pitcher, the Mets finally cut their losses on Jenrry Mejia and sent him to the minor leagues to work on being a starter. Perhaps, if they are lucky, they might salvage something and have him in a contributory capacity in late August and September.

Long overdue, but better late than never.

4 thoughts on “While we were away ….

  1. goes with the whole habitual liar comment from warthen.
    M&M and warthen have their favorites and the people that are teh fan favorites.
    They somehow broke maine. however Pelf got fixed maine needs the same.
    regardless of our wins , and yes we dont have to like the manager. I am not happy with manuel this is probably why the team is as erratic as it is..

  2. You’re right, JD: The team appears devastated by Jerry’s treatment of Maine. They look lethargic and uninterested, like they’re just counting the days until the end of the season.

    Remind me again: What year was Maine’s surgery? And how do you know whether he’s been “working hard to get back”? It’s clear he no longer has his fastball, but can you say with conviction that he’s been completely cooperative with attempts to change his style, post-surgery? Do you know, for example, whether he’s been honest with the coaches and his teammates regarding his health?

  3. I don’t know if Maine will ever be the same or that he’s lost his fastball for good. Time will tell on that. The point is that was a cheap shot by Manuel, one he didn’t need to take.-JD

  4. (3) Again, though, we probably don’t know everything that has transpired between the two of them. Certainly, Jerry and his coaches haven’t referred to Oliver Perez, who is in a similar (but, admittedly, more costly) boat, as a “habitual liar.”

    Based on the the extremeness of Jerry’s behavior, both in taking Maine out after five pitches and the comments made be him and his coaches, as well as the team’s outward indifference to the situation, there’s a good bet that there’s something going on there that we don’t know about, but that provides Jerry justification in the eyes of the players.