Mets Chat Room: Tigers in for key series.

Game #70 vs. Tigers

The Mets come off their 7-2 road trip – had the offense not take the last two games of the Yankees series off it could have been 8-1 or better – yet another example of their streakiness.

After winning seven straight on the road the Mets scored all of three runs on 10 hits in the last two games of the Yankees series, and in the process dropped to 2 1/2 games behind the Braves.

The Mets have been all or nothing this year, either sizzling or freezing. They should not be penalized because they beat up on Baltimore on Cleveland, because playoff caliber teams should maul the weaker teams.

However, they begin a six-game homestand tonight against Detroit and Minnesota, teams not the caliber of the Yankees, but clearly solid ball clubs on the scale of St. Louis, Philadelphia, San Diego and Los Angeles – teams they will contend with down the stretch.

The Mets lost two of three to the Yankees, and what they need to prove tonight against Justin Verlander and the Tigers is that two losses doesn’t have to mean the start of a losing streak.

The Tigers and Twins are good, so the Mets just can’t throw their glove on the field, say “we’re home,’’ and expect to win.

The Mets have won 10 of their last 11 at Citi Field and are second in the NL with a 24-10 home record behind the Braves’ major league leading 24-7.

Jon Niese will attempt to get the Mets back on track tonight. Niese (4-2, 3.64) has won his last three starts, compiling a 1.57 ERA in that span.

At home Niese is 2-0 with a 2.30 ERA in five starts, all won by the Mets.

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  1. Hi John –

    I guess I’d like a weather report – what’s the weather like at Citi Field? Tarp on or off?

  2. Thanks (2) It’s been raining here for over an hour. Never know which way these storms are headed.

  3. Bay is on pace to hit 9 homers with 64 RBI. … You’ll hear a lot about getting Beltran back is the same as making a trade. The same can be said for Bay getting hot.-JD

  4. Annie (15): Totally against it. I think it devalues the regular season because teams in your division play different schedules.-JD

  5. John (16) It really makes no sense. I guess I’m too traditional for today’s baseball.

  6. Annie (17): Many traditionalists don’t like interleague play. It only works in a few places, New York and Chicago, perhaps LA. But, a lot of places, Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, Angels have higher sellout rates regardless of opponents. … It helps the gates when the Yankees go on the road, that’s only two or three times a year. … Most other match-ups are ho-hum.-JD

  7. Is it raining hard there now? Howie says they have taken the cover off of the tarp.

  8. In fact, if the rain is heading south, it will be gone in a while. It is not raining here now.

  9. OK, I’m not going far away – just need to eat something – it’s been a hectic day here.

  10. John (29) are you kidding? It’s 5-0 in the 3rd inning – anything can happen, because, guess what, it’s raining here again.

  11. Eight to nothing in the third inning for the Mets – this must be a dream. :)

  12. Seriously, this game will be one of the memories of this summer. Wait a sec – now it’s ten to nothing.

    I love it.

  13. A question – didn’t Giambi play for Detroit last year – where is he this year? I think I heard it was the Dodgers, but I’m not sure.

  14. John (37) Thanks – I wasn’t sure.

    Did you hear who is going to be doing a bit of play by play tomorrow? Jerry Seinfeld.

  15. No, it’s some kind of birthday gift from his wife to reunite him with Keith – remember that episode of Seinfeld?

  16. Time marches on tonight – the Yankees are into the second inning in Arizona. Pettitte pitching. Score 2-0 Yankees.

    Mets have 11 runs now – it’s hard to keep up with this production.

  17. Davis strikes out again on a slider off the plate. He’s been vulnerable to that pitch and he’s going to keep on seeing it until he proves he can hit it.-JD

  18. John – (45) yes, it really does. It’s still on every night on TBS at 7 and 7:30PM.

  19. John (47) I really like Ike Davis and how he plays the game. He reminds me a bit of John Olerud, and that’s pretty high praise from me.

  20. Tough finish for Niese. He had the win right there for the taking. But, one swing changes everything. I don’t think Jerry had any choice but to pull him. His priority is to win the game, not pump up Niese’s numbers. It was obvious Niese didn’t have it after the delay. He was all over the place.-JD

  21. Somewhere I saw a film clip of Ron, pitching for the Yankees – black and white. I think it was during the Yankees/Mets games of last weekend. Wasn’t he the set up guy for Goose Gossage?
    I’m not sure.

  22. Weather report from my office – absolutely pouring outside of the sliders, temp. 62 degrees.

  23. John (56)
    At this rate I will be still sitting here when Tony Paige goes to work at 1 AM.

    However, it’s a good thing. With all the crap going on in this world doing this is an oasis for me, plus I always learn from you during these games.

    They are also a record of these past seasons for you.

  24. I’ve got the Yankee game on in my bedroom and I just peeked at the TV to see what was happening there. I saw Jeter and Posada on the mound with Andy. All 15 years older than the first games they played together, yet, still at the work they love. (Mariano belongs in that group, too)

  25. John –
    I just noticed on the Yankee game that they have the pitch count with the score etc. in the corner of the TV screen.

    I wonder if someone will get a call from Nolan Ryan about that – he is not allowing pitch counts on any team that he is connected with. Says the pitchers need to get tougher.

    He should know.

  26. Annie (62): Since pitch counts are a big part of the game these days, it would seem logical to have them on the screen. Afterall, they are posted in the stadiums.-JD

  27. EIGHTH INNING: Bobby Parnell coming in. I always thought the Mets handled him poorly last season. They moved him around from role to role. He got several starts, most of them bad, but was pulled from the rotation. With the season all but over, what would it have hurt? If he had three more starts or so something might have clicked.-JD

  28. Howie has put this lengthy game “In The Books” and it will be remembered by those who saw/heard it for a long time.

    Mets/Tigers play again tomorrow at Citi Field at 7PM

    See you then.

  29. A QUICK WRAP/Game #70

    FINAL: Mets 14, Tigers 6.
    RECORD: 40-30.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: The Mets exploded for eight runs in the third inning that also featured a one-hour rain delay.
    ON THE MOUND: Jon Niese cruised through three innings, but struggled after the delay and left with the bases loaded and two outs in the fifth. … Fernando Nieve got the win in relief and Bobby Parnell made his season debut.
    AT THE PLATE: Angel Pagan drove in four runs on four hits. … David Wright and Jason Bay drove in two each and Ike Davis drove in three. … Jose Reyes had three hits.
    IN THE FIELD: Another diving stop and throw by Wright.
    LOOKING AHEAD: R.A. Dickey tomorrow against the Tigers. -JD