Mets Chat Room: Happy Father’s Day edition.

First things first, wishing you dads out there a Happy Father’s Day.

Game #69 at Yankees

I’d especially like to say hi to my dad, who introduced me to baseball, and nurtured my love for the sport as somebody who’d play catch with me in the back yard, take me to the Indians games and hit grounders to me as my Little League coach.

Baseball, to this day, has always been a common denominator in our lives. Even when we argued, as fathers and sons do, baseball was something we could always talk about.

Later, I brought him down to spring training with me and that was a wonderful, special time, one I’ll always be grateful for having experienced.

I love my dad and always will for the things he taught and gave me, and one of those things was baseball.

Thanks dad.

This afternoon the Mets will be going after their third season series win over the Yankees, something they did in 2004 and 2008.

The Mets were in last place in the NL East when they won two of three against the Yankees at Citi Field in May. After losing the opener of that series, they’ve gone 19-7 since to vault into contention.

Today will feature a marquee pitching duel between Johan Santana and CC Sabathia.

Santana allowed one run in 7 2/3 innings in beating Sabathia, May 23. Santana gave up nine runs in three innings in his only start in the new Yankee Stadium, a 15-0 loss last June 14.

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  1. I’d like to echo the Happy Father’s Day wish – my Dad taught me all about sports – mainly baseball and golf. Dad is now watching from above – and I miss him very much.

  2. John – A great idea and one worthy to the game – this may be worth a little note to Bud Selig.

  3. I dont know if I should thank or curse my father for turning me into a met fan before i knew any better. 😀

  4. Nice article in the NY Daily News today about Mike Pelfrey as a new father – son, Chase born last August seems to have made an impression on Dad already. 9-1 last time I looked.

  5. SECOND INNING: This is beyond a slow start for Bay regarding his power. I really am surprised by his lack of power numbers. And, it’s not Citi Field.-JD

  6. Well, Annie, counting yesterday, 9-2. Pelfrey’s had a tremendous first half. Now the challenge for him is putting up just as strong a second half.

  7. No way that pitch to Tatis was a strike. Is this ump the same guy that cost us a goal vs. Slovenia the other day at the World Cup?This ump better give Santana the same pitch.

  8. Gil – I never was very good at numbers, thanks for the correction. Are you settled in your new place yet?

  9. Santana brushes back Cano. Just like Takahashi did the other night. Mets pitchers should do more pitching inside. … Turnaround is fair play. They’ve been dusting Wright all year.-JD

  10. John (16) Of course he did – how many were on it? Did it include all sports or just baseball?

  11. Annie (18): All sports. Those making it include Mark McGwire, Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, Al Davis and Jerry Jones. Kobe Bryant made the list, too.-JD

  12. 13 14 15 Hey, there! LA’s great, thanks for asking. Settling in tomorrow morning to the new place. As for the wave-off of what should’ve been a go-ahead goal, I’ve never seen a worse call in soccer. Who was the supposed foul on? The ref NEVER said. FIFA should use replay in World Cup matches, but it’s too stodgy and political of an organization to ever change. Story of the World Cup so far: Western European teams’ struggles against much lower-ranked teams. Exhibit A: New Zealand’s shocking Italy this morning with its 1-1 tie.

  13. Gil (20) Will you be teaching this summer, or just getting accustomed to the new place?

  14. 24 I’ll be teaching an essay writing course this summer, Annie. Also getting reacquainted with LA and hanging with fam in SoCal.

  15. Hey, guys. Gotta jet, but I’ll be listening on XM in the car — unfortunately, to the Yankees’ announcers. See you guys later this week on the blog. Let’s Go Mets!

  16. 27 Oh, yeah. Dodger Stadium’s my favorite park. Going next month for Dodgers-Mets. Hoping to finagle an All-Star game ticket in Anaheim, too.

  17. When I see CC pitching, somehow he reminds me of David Wells, must be the uniform……

  18. Gil – need something to read? I’m in the middle of “Pull Up a Chair – The Vin Scully Story ” by Curt Smith.

  19. John (33) It could be – I’m also wondering why the Mets are wearing black on the hottest day so far this year??? Wonder how many different uni’s they have – used to be that teams had two, home and road.

  20. BOTTOM THIRD INNING: Santana has struggled the last couple of starts. He’s in trouble now. Time to minimize the damage. Needs a strikeout and a ground ball.-JD

  21. John (35) Are you saying there was a Most Liked List to match the Most Hated List?

  22. John (37) Santana made his way back from 4-1 the other night with some help from Ike Davis – perhaps Ike can do it again.

    Howie just said (on the radio) that Jim Palmer never gave up a Grand Slam. Interesting.

  23. John (35) Have you read the Vin Scully book? I got it from the library. He still works some of the Dodgers games, I think.

  24. BOTTOM FOURTH INNING: Good turn on the DP by Tejada. Word is Castillo is not doing well in his rehab. Looks as if Tejada will be here for awhile.-JD

  25. Ron Darling says that this year is the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day.

  26. Just under 80 here outside my office. Cool breeze inside my office from the open screens.

  27. NBC going on the air with the golf now – there won’t be any movement in the leaders who don’t tee off until much later.

    Always like to see the weather situation at Pebble Beach. Yesterday afternoon it was in the 50’s and the players had wool hats on, and layers of sweaters.

  28. And so it goes at Pebble Beach – same weather as yesterday. It would be very refreshing for the people here at the Stadium.

  29. John (54) I can see both from here – can’t believe that the Mets/Yanks score is still the same.

  30. I just read that Francoeur is a 4 handicap golfer and will spend the All Star Break at Pebble Beach playing golf with his Dad.

  31. That was a quick rain delay – but I’ll bet a lot of the people went home.

  32. NBC is showing the little weather map in the corner of the screen – as usual they are coming from Albany….

  33. Howie has put this game “In The Books” and the Mets get a day off tomorrow.

    Tuesday is the next game, vs. Detroit at 7PM at Citi Field.

    See You Then.

  34. A QUICK WRAP/Game #69

    FINAL: Yankees 4, Mets 0.
    RECORD: 39-30.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Johan Santana labored and Mark Teixeira got to him for a grand slam. The Mets concluded their road trip at 7-2.
    ON THE MOUND: Santana gave up four runs on eight hits in six innings.
    AT THE PLATE: Four hits won’t get it done.
    IN THE FIELD: Ruben Tejada continues to impress at second base. … Angel Pagan misplayed a ball in deep center.
    LOOKING AHEAD: The Mets are off Monday, and then Detroit and Minnesota come in.-JD

  35. JD: great sentiment, well said..

    As with Annie’s, my dad watches from beyond and like you through, all the arguments we may ever have had there was always the Mets to agree on. 😉