Mets Chat Room: Keep Pagan hitting second.

Game #68 at Yankees

I always liked Luis Castillo in the two hole because of his ability to bunt, hit behind Jose Reyes and work the count.

However, with the way Angel Pagan has taken to that position in the order, and how the Mets have played with him there, when Castillo comes back from the disabled list I’d rather have him hit eight and keep Pagan second.

Last night, Pagan broke open a close game with a two run double, something he’s done a lot of lately with an average of well over .300 with RISP.

Reyes and David Wright are hitting now, but unquestionably the Mets’ most consistent hitter this season has been Pagan.

He’ll bat second again today in a pitcher’s duel between Mike Pelfrey and Phil Hughes, both of whom are 9-1.

Here’s today’s lineup:

Jose Reyes, SS

Angel Pagan, CF

David Wright, 3B

Ike Davis, 1B

Jason Bay, LF

Chris Carter, DH

Jeff Francoeur, RF

Alex Cora, 2B

Henry Blanco, C

Mike Pelfrey, RP

23 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Keep Pagan hitting second.

  1. I think we all would like pagan to get as many at bats as possible, but what happens when (if) beltran comes back?

  2. BOTTOM SECOND INNING:Pelfrey gets Posada on the splitter. That pitch was like it fell off a table there was so much drop in it.-JD

  3. THIRD INNING: Reyes is flexing his muscles today. Two bombs. I wonder what his numbers would be if he played here all the time.-JD

  4. Of course, if they played at a real ball park instead of one with Little League dimensions, it would be 1-0 Yankees. This place is a joke.-JD

  5. 2. John, first you have to figure how the outfield rotation would work. I figure pagans time will be cut to 4-5 times a week. on the days he plays bat him second. On the days he sits Looie goes back to the second hole.

  6. Igarashi in there now. They need him to get his game back. bullpen is very thin.

  7. pagan losing a flyball in the sun didnt help.2 run error. posada flies out yanks 2nd and 3rd 1 out.

  8. Ray (9): That makes sense, but what if Beltran plays more right field than center. That’s not impossible to conceive. If the rotation includes Francoeur the batting order would change.-JD

  9. Ray (13): Can’t give him an error if he doesn’t touch the ball. That kind of play the benefit of doubt goes to the fielder.-JD

  10. 14. Well, thats why Jerry gets paid the big bucks. Didnt know that rule on the error. yanks scorers are so generous they probably would have given a hit anyway.

  11. 16. Good job. he has nasty stuff. if he can put it together he would be a huge help.

  12. A QUICK WRAP/Game #68

    FINAL: Yankees 5, Mets 3.
    RECORD: 39-29.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Phil Hughes prevailed in the pitcher’s duel against Mike Pelfrey as the Mets’ eight-game winning streak was snapped.
    ON THE MOUND: Pelfrey labored, giving up two-run homers to Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson. … The Yankees had runners on second and third with no outs in the eighth but Ryota Igarashi got out of it.
    AT THE PLATE: Jose Reyes hit two homers.
    IN THE FIELD: Angel Pagan lost a ball in the sun, but Igarashi overcame it.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Johan Santana will pitch the Yankees series finale. -JD

  13. the yankees win. THEEEEE YANKEEEESSSSS WIN !!!!
    but they gonna lose tomorrow. see ya then. 😀