Mets Chat Room: Dickey’s run continues.

Pennants aren’t always won by superstars, they are often determined by the non-descript, the long shots, the unknowns.

Game #66 at Indians

If the Mets somehow find their way into October, R.A. Dickey would have played an important role, and if he keeps on this pace, it won’t be a bit part, either.

Dickey will float his knuckleball tonight in an attempt to win his fifth straight decision to become just the fourth Met to win his first five decisions with the club.

This couldn’t have been foreseen when the Mets brought him up from Triple-A Buffalo, May 19. What also couldn’t have been envisioned at the time is that the Mets can move into first place with a victory and an Atlanta loss.

Yes, too early, but it beats looking up from a huge hole.

The Mets have won 17 of their last 22 games, including Dickey’s strong, one-run, seven-inning performance that included a career-high eight strikeouts last Friday in Baltimore.

“This is what we anticipated,’’ said manager Jerry Manuel, whose Mets are seeking their sixth straight road win after going 8-18 to start the season at away from Citi Field. “We’re built on pitching and defense. If we stay hot with the bats, we’ll be a really, really good team.’’

The Mets are hitting .314 with eight homer and 34 RBI during this stretch to Baltimore and Cleveland.

Tonight will also have the sidebar of facing Jake Westbrook, whom the Mets could be interested in at the trade deadline.

Westbrook, who is coming off ligament replacement surgery that cost him all of last season, has gone 4-1 with a 3.86 ERA in his last seven starts.

49 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Dickey’s run continues.

  1. NOTE: Jason Bay is out tonight with a quad bruise, but he’s available to pinch-hit. … Manuel said Bay would start tomorrow against the Yankees.-JD

  2. last post tonight. going out. I dont think dickey needs to go six more weeks to prove himself. most of his early failures were before he discovered the knuckleball. A great pickup by Omar. Our very own knucksie.

  3. John – Thanks for the conversation – it’ll be good being on the blog again.

  4. John – I want to have the Mets go to Yankee Stadium tomorrow with a winning record.

  5. John -OT – are you going to be crushed if the Celtics can’t pull it off tonight?

  6. OK, what is the word???

    FYI – Yankees now down 3-1 7th inning, Pettitte still in there.

  7. You’re absolutely right – I will never understand why Jerry put him 3rd. Thank goodness he’s back where he belongs.

  8. I wrote about it at the time – my message was that Jose is a simple man and you can’t complicate his game like that. He only knows one way to play and he’s back in his own game now.

  9. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ just in time.

    Tomorrow night the Mets and Yankees meet at the stadium for the Subway Series.

    See you then.

  10. A QUICK WRAP/Game #66

    FINAL: Mets 6, Indians 4.
    RECORD: 38-28.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: RA Dickey struggled through six innings but held onto the early lead to win his fifth straight decision and move the Mets to ten games over .500.
    ON THE MOUND: Twice Dickey struck out a batter with a runner on third and one out.
    AT THE PLATE: Ike Davis drove in two runs. … Manny Acta intentionally walked Angel Pagan to load the bases to face David Wright, who drove in a run with a grounder.
    IN THE FIELD: Henry Blanco had an interesting night behind the plate with the knuckleball.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Hisanori Takahashi, Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana will pitch the Yankees series. -JD

  11. That was a close one. BTW Gary was wondering if Dickey should have been left in the 7th. He seemed to feel that the way Dickey Pitches does the 100 pitch count really apply.
    I found that most interesting. He was a little shocked to see Dickey not pitch the 7th and sounded a bit disappointed. I would have to agree. but then most of you would guess i would 😉

  12. (43) You know, you get bothered by the one of our discussions, but then you add these little asides, about how you’re all in agreement and, therefore, must be correct — and then you play the victim when I respond in kind. It’s passive-aggressive, and I would expect more from a grown man. Perhaps you should, too.

  13. 44. just what in my statement was passive agressive? with all the discussions of pitch I have always stated it should not be a magic number for all pitchers.
    I just noted that gary Cohen mentioned the same and was disappointed dickey didnt pitch the 7th as was I.
    If anything I am being consistent and not name calling/belittling as you seem to have to do every conversation.

  14. (45) You continue to try to leverage the opinions of others on this blog as some sort strength-in-numbers in this discussion, as if their opinion somehow overrules data and the prevailing wisdom of the industry. You do it in a passive-aggressive “we all believe this” way, and then cry foul when I respond in kind.

    I couldn’t care less whether the people here agree with pitch counts because, take a breath here, their opinions aren’t based on anything resembling factual information and aren’t likely to change a thing. Yet, you keep running that flag up the pole, as if strength in numbers on this blog will somehow secure and confirm your position.

    It’s passive-aggressive, Steve, and it makes you worthy of whatever invective comes your way in return. If you don’t like it, stop with the passive-aggressive asides and state your case with some balls — that is, if you have them.

  15. i am sorry Tifanny if you feel my balls arent as big as yours. I showed you numbers that were calculated. There is no proof that the pitch count has prevented injures. none of your articles show that. your articles are based in 1998/1999 which is fine. The rebuttals I showed were in 2004 or so after this pitch count nonsense stewed a little bit. as far as any more numbers I have yet to see an up to date article that reflects current year unless it was related to little league or softball. so yeah just like any other medical study until it is proven and respected by all doctors its just a study.

    So far the only 2 people on this blog that have issue with the way I post are you and harry. But that is fine you dont have to like what I post but you don’t need to be nasty nor personal as you always seem to get because I dont respect the numbers that some mathematician came up with. Until its proven math like einstein and the like its still one or 2 guys theory that people are using to see if in fact it helps. So far I have seen it change the game, and not in a good way and thats my opinion. and look I stated it without belittling the guys that went out of their to make the calculations. I would show you the same respect if you showed the same to me in kind.
    By the way here’s the mayo clinics description of passive aggressive.

    The next time you diagnose someone please be more well versed in it. Getting people to side with my opinion is not passive aggressive.
    Have a good day..

  16. (47) You’re a passive-aggressive shmuck, Steve. It’s no wonder bad things are happening to you in life.

  17. Delcos: Just returned from your city as well as Baltimore. Have to say tho that place formerly known as the Jake isn’t close to the other modern parks, poor food selection and poor beer selection and the fried twinkies aren;t close to the ones in Cincy. Baltimore is older but a much better place to see a game. Manny Acta is proving for the second time how he is incapable of getting his players to do anything fundamentally sound. Watching him makes one appreciate Manuel for getting his team to play for him. Well your city did a good job on the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Credit for that one.
    PS: Ditch the picture, this a baseball site
    47. I have no issues with you because you don’t have the intelligence to develop an issue at a level worthy of a human being over the age of 7. And your problem isn’t that your balls are smaller than Tiffany’s, your problem is you don’t have any…. And what a joke, sitting and listening to every vowel uttered by Cohen looking for the one phrase you can twist to make it sound like he is on your side. PATHETIC.