Mets Chat Room: Rolling towards first.

Game #65 at Indians

The red-hot Mets will attempt to keep it rolling tonight in Cleveland behind Jon Niese, who appears to have turned the corner since coming off the disabled list.

In his two starts since, Niese is 2-0 with a 0.56 ERA, which included a one-hit shutout in his last start – missing a perfect game by that hit.

“Hopefully I don’t give up any runs the rest of the year, but that’s probably not going to happen,’’ Niese told reporters. “ I just go out there and try to put up zeroes every time, and when I don’t have good stuff that day, just do what I can to keep the team in the game.’’

Niese said the DL was a good for him in that it let his right hamstring fully heal.

“I think that was the best thing that could have happened,’’ Niese said.  “Ever since then, I haven’t felt anything.’’

Once thought to be the target of teams wishing to discuss trade with the Mets, he’s not going anywhere.

“We felt pretty good about him to push him up into the rotation at the beginning of the season,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said.  “We always felt after what we saw from him last year that he had a chance to do some good things. … I’m looking forward to (seeing him pitch). One of the things he does well is pitches fast and that keeps us on our toes defensively.’’

Niese has been part of the solid pitching run that has the Mets seeking their sixth victory in a row. They could move into first place tonight with a win and Atlanta loss.

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  1. The hell with the chat room — let’s talk about that new picture. Who’s been dressing you, anyway, Delcos?

  2. SECOND INNING: Davis said as long as he faces a shift he’ll drop down a bunt from time to time. Take what the defense gives him.-JD

  3. I just signed up for Now I can see the game again. sorry howie and wayne but the mets just might be worth the extra bucks this year.

  4. Gammons was on francescas show. he said dbax may be willing to shop Haren. Now thats the guy I would love to see them get.

  5. yeah, they need help with thier pitching. Hey hes a kid compared to moyer.

  6. Another big inning by the Mets. They are rolling. They win tonight and the Braves lose they are in first. Too early, sure, but what were we talking about a month ago?-JD

  7. 15. To get Haren I would be willing to offer a package including mejia and tejeda.

  8. Haren is still young and has a very reasonable contract. I would trade the promise for the sure thing on this occasion.

  9. though i am not sold on tejada. he’s young and coming up. i would want to keep him to see him mature.

  10. SteveC (28): I’d part with Tejada to get Haren. To get a quality starter you have to give up something. I’m just not sure I’d want it to be Mejia-JD

  11. 29. the future at second base is Reese Havens who was tearing up AA but unfortunately has landed on the DL with a bicep injury. His OPS was over .1000 !!

  12. (27) Two things:

    1. His contract has about $4 million left this year; $12.75 million in both 2011 and 2012; and, at minimum, a $3.5-million buyout in 2013. (The option is for $15.5 million.) So, all told, the commitment ranges from about $33 million to $45 million. That’s pretty significant. The DBacks will be hard-pressed to unload all that money _and_ receive any notable prospects in return.

    2. He might not be the sure thing. His ERA has shot up by 1.5 runs; he’s giving up more hits per inning and serving up the gopher ball like it’s going out of style.

  13. And let me say this: What a horrific fielding team the Indians have assembled. It’s like the Bad News Bears out there, minus a drunken Matthau.

  14. 34. Yeah, but Oswalt is for a year and half and Haren is 2 1/2. cots contracts is a link on your site. Haren is 3 years younger and doesnt have a history of back problems. I think hes a much better choice than Oswalt or Lee.

  15. 37. i am tired of damaged goods. lets get someone for the long term for a change.

  16. Santana, Haren, Pelf, Neise (who is quietly pitching another gem) Dickey. I put that rotation with anybodys.

  17. (34) What plays in Arizona’s favor, though, is the idea that Haren is younger and, barring injury, will likely pitch longer than Oswalt. But, that said, Oswalt has been the better pitcher this year, and by no small measure.

  18. (33) Since being drafted a few spots behind Ike Davis, Havens has been injured for approximately 53% of his teams’ games. He needs to prove he can stay healthy before the Mets surrender Tejada.

  19. (43) The most logical candidate would be Niese. I wouldn’t want to deal him, but he’d be the most requested and, possibly, the most expendable.

  20. they take bay out and put in jesus feliciano. he may have gotten injured during the fall.

  21. Tiffany (49): No question he’d be requested, but if you’re trading to win this year, you’re not going to trade off your 25-man roster. Plus, if you dealt Niese, you’re still going to need another pitcher.-JD

  22. 51. with Niese coming into his own it would be a stupid move dealing him.

    I hope they let him pitch at least 7 tonight. he earned it.

  23. (51) The thing about Niese is, if you were to acquire a front-end starter like Lee, Oswalt or Haren, that would relegate Niese to being, at best, your fourth starter. And he’s probably better than a fourth starter, which means he’d be worth more to another organization than to yours.

    The Mariners have reportedly asked for Niese in discussions about Lee; so far, Omar is saying no. But you have to think this team with Lee in its rotation would have a better chance of winning in 2010 than it would with Niese. The question becomes whether you think you can re-sign Lee.

  24. Tiffany (53): Yes, Lee would be better than Niese, but he’d also be a rental. Lee has been clear he wants to test the market. … All that being said, if you included Niese for another starter, you’re still in need of a starter. I think so because you can’t depend on John Maine for anything. Plus, do you really think Dickey and Takahashi will keep this up.-JD

  25. 54. i think dickey more so than Takahashi. i would like to see him as long relief he looked better ..

  26. 53. Good point about Neise. It makes no sense to trade for a pitcher and give up somebody in your rotation. that only partially solves the problem. I dont want to get into a sweepstakes for Lee who is also going into his mid thirties. The best bet is Haren who is not yet 30 and signed to the rest of this year and the next 2 with an option. trading mejia doesnt upset the current team as he is only a spare part in the bullpen. Tejada may be a good major leaguer or he could be another anderson hernandez. I think a package of those 2 and maybe a minor league pitcher in the low minors would get the deal done and leave us in good shape for the next few years.

  27. EIGHTH INNING: If you add a starter without giving up a pitcher (I don’t see that happening), you would automatically improve the bullpen because Takahashi would go back to being a reliever.-JD

  28. Ron and Gary were just talking about the pitching rotation. with maine coming back etc. Ron said that regardless of what happens with what the mets have now, there isnt getting anyone in that can do any better than what the mets have already..
    For Ronnie, the pitching is as good as it gets right now and why ruin a good thing..

  29. 62. I think they did the kid and themselves a disservice keeping him up in the pen. He is very raw and is now losing a precious year of development.

  30. that was for steve, Delcos, I am beginning to doubt if we will see beltran back this year at all.

  31. A QUICK WRAP/Game #65

    FINAL: Mets 8, Indians 4.
    RECORD: 37-28.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Jon Niese worked through the seventh for the third straight start and the offense produced seven doubles as the Mets won their sixth straight game, and fifth straight on the road.
    ON THE MOUND: Niese gave up three runs on eight hits in seven innings.
    AT THE PLATE: Consecutive doubles by Angel Pagan, David Wright, Ike Davis and Jason Bay keyed a five-run third.
    IN THE FIELD: The Mets turned two double plays, including a key one in the eighth to stunt an Indian rally.
    LOOKING AHEAD: RA Dickey goes for the sweep tomorrow.-JD

  32. Ray (78): They are sizzling now, but you and I both know there will be a cold spell sometime this summer. You can’t stay hot forever.-JD

  33. “We felt pretty good about him to push him up into the rotation at the beginning of the season,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said. “We always felt after what we saw from him last year that he had a chance to do some good things. … I’m looking forward to (seeing him pitch). One of the things he does well is pitches fast and that keeps us on our toes defensively.’’

    and i guess the fact that ollie/maine/pelf sucked in spring had nothing to do with it.

  34. interesting thread about haren.

    that would improve us. i would have to think about jenrry. is he as good as they say he is? if so i wouldnt trade him. if perhaps not, i would give him and tejada for haren.

    i would not trade niese. as said above, he is now a major leaguer. we need pitchers.

    we have johan, pelf, niese. why give up our #3 when who knows about taki or dickey. if either or both slide there is no one to bring up. we cannot afford to let niese go.

    he seems to be effective. i rather keep him as a met.

  35. (82) Dave: I’m not trading Mejia in any deal unless you were getting Ubaldo Jiminez