Maine might need more time.

MAINE: Not ready yet.

Jerry Manuel is saying John Maine might need another rehab start after Friday night, which probably isn’t a bad idea considering he was clocked at 88 mph. in his last outing.

When Maine comes back he would most likely come back as a starter because Manuel fears his shoulder might not be able to handle the up-and-down nature of the bullpen.

Several years ago the Mets once toyed with the idea of moving Maine to the bullpen but resisted.


Word is Carlos Beltran is running with a limp, which still delays the timetable on his return.

Once Beltran moves from extended spring training games to a minor league rehab assignment the clock will start and the Mets would have 20 days to activate him.


NOTES: Luis Castillo is taking ground balls in Port St. Lucie and might be activated for the Yankees series at the Stadium this weekend. … With the Mets facing righthanded pitching until Sunday look for Chris Carter to remain as the DH.

5 thoughts on “Maine might need more time.

  1. listen 88 isnt bad for a changeup pitcher or a knuckler πŸ˜‰

    ugh beltran is limping huh…

    oh well.. lets hope the B+ lineup holds out like they have been doing..

  2. (1) I don’t know why you call it the B+ lineup for. I’m beginning to think that Beltran coming back is the worst thing to happen to the team, for team chemistry shakes. Also, did I mention I hate the thoughts of Castillo, Ollie, and Maine returning? LOL. Seriously, I can deal with Maine…but the other two I have no patience for.

  3. 2. I call it B+ because they are that close to being the A lineup! πŸ˜‰
    not a fan of tejada. if cora were playing then maybe A- πŸ˜‰

    as for beltran and castillo both are professional and play to win. but the injuries are starting to take their toll.

  4. Steve O (2): That’s an interesting thought, that Beltran might disrupt the chemistry the team has built. Then again, he’s still at least a month away and there’s no telling how things will look at that time. I don’t think he’s disrupt things as much as enhance them. For one thing, either Pagan or Francoeur would be sitting at any given time and that would strengthen the bench.-JD

  5. i wonder if beltran will be back this year.

    i dont want maine back unless he is healthy. he hasnt been healthy in years.

    castillo comes to play, but he is at best an avg glove. he is a consistent bat tho