What your confidence level in the Mets?

In a way, he’s playing just like his team.

David Wright is swinging free and easily, which is exactly how his Mets are playing as they enjoy the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame today before starting a three-game series in Cleveland.

WRIGHT: Has found his stroke.

“There doesn’t seem to be any anxiety or rush to his swing,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said of Wright, who homered twice Sunday in Baltimore. “It’s kind of like it is sitting on a tee for him.’’

Well, the Orioles were like a ball on a tee over the weekend, a team ready to be swatted, but the Indians, a team also struggling is playing better of late.

So are the Mets, who are 1½ games out of first in the National League East and a season-high seven games over .500. The Mets are playing exactly like the promised they would.

“We’re playing good baseball,’’ Manuel said. “All along we said if we played good baseball we’d be among the top tier teams. Right now things are going our way. We’re making big hits when they are needed to be made and we’re making big pitches when they are needed to be made.’’

The pitching, in particular, has been superb with a sub 3.00 ERA for the month of June.

So, what’s your confidence level now with the Mets? Have they turned the corner and will be a contender the rest of the way or is this a blip on the radar screen? Or, can they sustain this only with a trade at the deadline?

Are the Mets as good as they are playing right now?

9 thoughts on “What your confidence level in the Mets?

  1. Too early to tell, its possible they all got their rhythm back. But as we saw in the years back they turn it off as well.
    Perhaps collectively they will not turn it off and just keep playing focused and if they win they win and if they lose they lose because they lost and not because they didnt turn it on .. which to me is worse than just losing.

  2. They beat a bad team this weekend which is good. You are supposed to pound doormats.

    I want them to at least beat a few 500 teams on the road before I will entertain that they can win on the road.

  3. (3) As Crash Davis once pointed out, the difference between a .250 hitter and a .300 hitter is one hit per week. Similarly, the difference between a 69-win team and a 92-team win team is about one win per week: If you go 3-4 each week, you win 69 games; if you go 4-3, you win 92. In other words, there’s not a big margin between failure and success.

    The more the Mets trot out starting pitchers who are giving them quality starts, the better chance they have of winning four out of seven each week.

    As for deadline acquisitions, I would envision Beltran’s return to be similar to adding a middle-of-the-order bat. I might be inclined to add a middle-of-the-rotation starter and return Takahashi to the pen.

  4. They will go as far as their pitching will take them. Pelfry and Santana are solid. Niese is showing promise and Dickey has not yet faltered. Maine will get another shot as the fifth starter, I think before they go out and get somebody else. I would rather see him get a chance before they give up prospects for a millwood type.

  5. 4. Ray – I am ready for Dickey to go longer than 7. 😉
    has his count been that high? you think throwing the slower stuff his arm would be able to throw more. that was glavine’s secret right change ups and off speed pitches. so he can throw longer…

  6. Ray (4): You’re on it. A lot of good things have happened to the Mets’ pitching the past three week. Ride the hot hand. I think they should get somebody else, too. …. See my next post.-JD

  7. Still not completely sold on the Mets being pennant contenders. If this were mid-August, rather than late June, OK. But come on. We swept the Orioles, who many AAA teams could take in a series. Mike Pelfrey’s been damn impressive, to be sure, but it amounts so far to a damn impressive three months. Can he keep that up the rest of the way? Can Hisanori Takahashi continue his success? If R.A. Dickey is so unhittable, then why couldn’t he even have made the Mets’ roster out of Spring Training? Will the Mets go the whole season getting nothing out of either John Maine or Oliver Perez and still be successful? Can the Mets go half a season without the presence of Carlos Beltran in the lineup and still snatch a playoff berth? Can the Mets reach the post-season with Jason Bay’s power outage?

  8. (7) Why didn’t Dickey make the team out of spring training? I can think of about 36 million reasons.

  9. 8 LOL! Great line, Tiffany. But what I also meant to ask about Dickey was that if he was so lights out, why did Seattle cut him loose and why wasn’t there a bidding war to sign him? I just don’t see Dickey becoming the Mets’ answer to Phil Niekro, Hoyt Wilhelm, or even Tim Wakefield.