Mets Chat Room: There’s chemistry here.

The Mets are a flawed team, but one of them isn’t attitude.

Game #61 at Orioles

When asked what he liked best about his team he said “character,’’ that he has 25 players who mostly hustle and not give up on the play.

It has created a sense of chemistry. These Mets, unlike previous teams in recent years, really like each other and it goes beyond a whipped cream pie to the face during a TV interview.

These Mets genuinely like each other and it shows. Catch glimpses in the dugout during a game and you might see Johan Santana showing the grip of his change-up to another pitcher, or Jason Bay demonstrating hitting mechanics, in particular, how his shoulders are dropping.

The Mets have struggled at times, but they’ve never quit on Jerry Manuel and his message. Manuel has the clubhouse.

“When you have a clubhouse full of guys that buy into the system of winning first and having each other’s back, you tend to go out there and be more unselfish,’’ said David Wright. “When you have guys who truly come to the park and their No. 1 priority is winning, then there is a different chemistry there than teams that come to the park and you have 25 individuals worry about getting theirs.

“We have guys when they walk in through that door, their No. 1 priority is to win that game that night.’’

Let’s see if they take that chemistry to Baltimore this weekend.

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  1. ““When you have a clubhouse full of guys that buy into the system of winning first and having each other’s back, you tend to go out there and be more unselfish,’’ said David Wright.”

    This makes me wonder about previous seasons, esp. 2007, 2008, 2009:

    Those guys didn’t buy into the system?
    They didn’t have each other’s backs?
    They were selfish?

    Chemistry. Did this just happen (like spontaneous combustion?) or is someone displaying leadership?

  2. Dave (5):

    Chemistry by subtraction: no more Delgado, Beltran has not with the team so far this season.

    Chemistry by addition: Ike, Carter, Barajas, Niese, etc.

    Maybe also a circling of the wagons effect: things have been so bad the past few seasons that the guys are bonding to give each other support.

  3. Now its Davids team. He is a lifetime Met and even a fan when he was a kid. I think that matters. Delgado didnt even want to be a met but he was appointed leader because of seniority and prowess with his bat.

  4. Hmmm… I guess everybodys eating dinner. Mets up 4-0. Dickey got out of a bases loaded no out jam. Animal hit a 3 run jack. Earl Weaver would be proud.

  5. Omaha Mets (4): They had chemistry, but it faded with the bullpen. It’s nice talk now, but let’s see if they are talking the game in August.-JD

  6. 11. John, A leader faces the press and answers the tough questions. Delgado didnt want to be bothered. In new york dealing with the press is a big part of the job and delgado spoke perfect english. Maybe he didnt like to talk to the press because he let out we were bored quotes after choking away a pennant when he did answer a question.

  7. I am trusting Dickey more and more. I love having a knuckleballer in the rotation. Its a complete different look. I dont recall the mets ever having one in all these years.

  8. Ray (13): During the collapse, Wright was the only one, night after night, who answered questions. Delgado did not. You are spot on.-JD

  9. JD, Its funny, Howie is talking about the clubhouse friction of the past with delgado and wagner now. Did you see anything when you covered the team that is worth mentioning?

  10. Ray (18): Wagner insinuated Delgado wasn’t stand-up with the press. … Wagner was also the player who posted the “Know your place Rook,” on Lastings Milledge’s locker after a game. … There was also the time Lo Duca called out his Latin teammates for not talking to the press.-JD

  11. Delgado was condescending and curt with the press. Wasn’t always open. There was a sarcastic tone with him toward the media.-JD

  12. (20) One thing that has always bothered me about Delgado was that, in his final year in Toronto, he refused a deadline deal to a contending team (I believe it was the Dodgers), partly because he didn’t want to move during the season and partly out of spite for the Toronto organization. If a guy who had never played in the post-season declines a trade that would have all but guaranteed playoff action, it raises questions about his desire.

    That said, he refused to have his picture taken with Dick Cheney — and you can’t put a price on that.

  13. Some people (are you here Chiti) were down on Billy. I remember one time reporters were crowed around his locker after a tough loss and he said why are you here? I wasnt even in the game and he pointed in Delgado and beltrans direction. I would say he had a point and he stood up for his principles.

  14. (26) Wagner has burnt some bridges with teammates. The Phillies couldn’t wait for him to leave; he caused dissension among the Mets, even if he was right that his teammates were shunning the media; during his one-month stay in Boston, he couldn’t avoid a pissing match with Papelbon (even though, again, he was likely right); and, in Atlanta, he’s already announced, early in the season, his plans to retire at the end of the year. (Bet the Braves are delighted they surrendered a draft pick for that.)

  15. Tiffany (28): All that you’re saying is correct. Even so, from a writer’s perspective, we loved him because he was a story waiting to happen.-JD

  16. (29) Being a great interview doesn’t make him a good teammate. And that’s where media distortion takes place: Writers give Wagner the benefit of the doubt because he’s cooperative with them. Meanwhile, in clubhouse after clubhouse, he’s shown an inability to go along to get along.

  17. Tiffany (29): There’s no doubt about that. Privately, I’ll bet plenty of his teammates along the way wish he’d shut up. I’m glad he didn’t.-JD

  18. A QUICK WRAP/Game #61

    FINAL: Mets 5, Orioles 1.
    RECORD: 33-28.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: R.A. Dickey gave the Mets another strong game and DH Chris Carter hit a three-run homer to lift the Mets to five games over .500.
    ON THE MOUND: Dickey gave up one run on seven hits and one walk, with a career-high eight strikeouts, in seven innings.
    AT THE PLATE: Carter hit a three-run homer. … David Wright drove in two runs on three hits.
    IN THE FIELD: A tough night behind the plate for Rod Barajas.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Hisanori Takahashi -JD

  19. (31) The teammates weren’t happy; the fans weren’t happy; the organization wasn’t happy; but the writers were. And yet we wonder why some players like Delgado have a lack of respect for scribes.

  20. nice start to the roadtrip. gotta keep rolling over the teams the yankees feast on yearly.

  21. (34) No, I’m saying if you look at that equation (Wagner shooting off his mouth), the only party profiting from it is the media. Take the media out of the equation and Wagner is probably complaining to his hunting buddies in West Virginia, rather than having his unscripted, unedited thoughts broadcast to the millions. I’m not saying the media doesn’t have a job to do, but, if I were a player in that clubhouse I’d be angry with Wagner for not having any self-control and angry with the media who were likely aware of it and exploiting it. It’s not like Wagner was missing classes at Cambridge or Oxford, you know.

  22. By the way, 1.5 games out and in sole possession of second place. Considering that the Phils will have their hands full in Fenway and the Braves will be tested by the Twins, the Mets could feasibly end up in first before we know it.