Does trouble await the Mets on the road?

ORIOLES: Mets must be serious.

All too often this season, the Mets gave up the ground, confidence and groove they’ve had at home once they hit the road.

Only this time, the Mets aren’t going to San Diego or Philadelphia, but Baltimore to face the horrible Orioles and then on to Cleveland.

The talk-shows have already given the Mets a 4-2 or 5-1 trip before heading into Yankee Stadium a week from today.

It doesn’t work that way. You have to play the games first and the Orioles have beaten the Yankees twice and beat up the Red Sox in a series.

If what Jerry Manuel said is correct, that the Mets alter their offensive approach on the road because of some of the smaller stadiums, they have to be doubly careful this weekend, beginning tonight, at cozy Camden Yards.

The Mets are only a handful of games over .500 and one of the major league’s worst road teams, and not by accident, either. If the Mets are as good as they think they can be, they have to do more than show up.

10 thoughts on “Does trouble await the Mets on the road?

  1. They will show up.

    Then they will put on their uniforms.

    Then they will lose the series.

    You are exactly right. They need to prove they can win on the road.

  2. Yes they need to prove themselves. But I would like to think they will play hard..and pull off a win.

  3. John, I dont think this team will play like met teams of the recent past and play down to their competition. These guys are hungry and are starting to believe in themselves. The young talent has alot to do with the new vibe. Out with the delgados, Ollies, Wagners and other primadonnas. In with the Ikes, Pelfs and Neises. Neise in particular gave a huge lift last night. Bring on the stinking orioles!!

  4. The team is not hitting (6 runs in last 3 games,) and is facing the O’s best pitcher tonight. And they are on the road. It is a recipe for disaster.

  5. 3. totally agree
    4. partially agree. they will get trounced if they dont play up to the hunger as discussed by ray.

  6. 4. original, the mets were also facing the best pitching in the NL the last 3 games. Guthrie has a 3.7 ERA and hes thier best. This is the time to get the road record moving in the right direction.

  7. (6) Yes, 4 and 2 is a must…then after that Yankees/Tigers/Twins…three hard series in a row.

  8. (7) Yes, and they barely scored runs against them. And yes, it is time to get the road record turned around.

  9. Guthrie might be the Orioles best pitcher, but he’s not any better than who the Padres threw out there the past three games. I am looking for more offense. Steve Original brings out a great point in the importance of these two series because the Yankees, Detroit and Minnesota follow. Those last three won’t be easy.-JD