Mets Chat Room: A long day at Citi Field.

Maybe the Mets will score for him today. The Mets, winners of nine straight home games, haven’t been supportive of their ace.

Games #59/60 vs. Padres

Johan Santana has been marvelous, throwing 15 straight scoreless innings over his last two starts, but having nothing to show for it. In his last start, he threw seven scoreless at San Diego, but the Mets went on to lose 5-1 in 11 innings.

Santana’s ERA over his last five games is 0.74, but the Mets have given him two or fewer runs in four of them. Santana has four victories, but with a little support he could have eight. Easy.

Santana will start Game 1 of the day-night doubleheader at Citi Field and Jon Niese will start the second game.

Manuel flipped Niese with R.A. Dickey, saying he liked the idea of starting a knuckleballer in the first game of a series because it could throw a team off balance.

The Mets enter the first game four games over .500, with their season best five games over, that being after their Friday night win at Philly in what seems like ages ago.

With a doubleheader sweep – and that’s thinking greedy – the Mets would tie an 11-game home streak in August, 2006.

“We’ve played extremely well here,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said. “We’re confident here.’’

NOTE: John Maine is to throw today on the side and barring any setbacks make the first of two rehab starts on Sunday. When he’s ready to be activated Hisanori Takahashi should return to the bullpen. If not, Maine said he would be open to the bullpen.

Here’s the lineup for Game 1:

Jose Reyes, SS

Angel Pagan, CF

Jason Bay, LF

Ike Davis, 1B

David Wright, 3B

Jeff Francoeur, RF

Alex Cora, 2B

Henry Blanco, C

Johan Santana, LP

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  1. FOURTH INNING: Bases loaded, two on walks. He’s in some trouble now. He’s always been able to minimize the damage. Let’s see if he can do it again.-JD

  2. Hey — let’s come up with some ways to blame this on Jerry Manuel.

    I’ll start:

    There’s no reason to take Santana out at the 100-pitch mark. He should be allowed to throw around 150 pitches each start. I hate it when he takes Santana out around 100 pitches. It ruins baseball for me.

  3. Tiffany (10): How can you blame Jerry for this? Santana walked hitters who came around to score and the offense again has disappeared with him on the mound.-JD

  4. (11) You have to blame Jerry — he’s a buffoon. It’s his fault. Santana should have been left in there for at least 150 pitches. They need to fire Jerry ASAP.

  5. Oh gosh — Mike Adams again. I can’t bear to watch. Tell me when his appearance is over.

  6. (14) This just in: Jesus Feliciano retains his status as the answer to a trivia question.

  7. Nineteen straight Met hitters have gone down. They haven’t had a runner since Blanco’s homer. When are they going to support Santana? This is bizarre.-JD

  8. (17) They gave him a 2-0 lead, but then Jerry had that quick hook again. How does he expect Santana to ever win when he’s taking him out after 100 pitches?

  9. Tiffany (18): You can call heads or tails, you can’t call both. … Santana wasn’t sharp today and the offense gave him little help, either.-JD

  10. A QUICK WRAP/Game #59

    FINAL: Padres 4, Mets 2
    RECORD: 31-28.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Once again, the offense takes the day off when Johan Santana pitches. Santana wasn’t sharp, either, with four walks of which two came around to score.
    ON THE MOUND: Santana was far from his sharpest, giving up four runs on eight hits and four walks in 6 2/3 innings.
    AT THE PLATE: Henry Blanco hit a two-run homer, and not another Met reached base after that, with 22 straight going down to end the game.
    IN THE FIELD: The Mets turned four double plays.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Jon Niese goes in the nightcap.-JD

  11. Jerry admits the layoff might have contributed to Santana’s lack of command today. They didn’t plan on the rainout, but they could have started him Tuesday.-JD

  12. i missed the game. busy with system issues :-(

    18. hey tiffany.. thats my complaint! have you come over to our side finally?! 😉

  13. oh i see the other posts. oh well. I just dont understand this team they play so hard then nothing. are they maybe making a statement? *sigh*

  14. SteveC (25): It was Santana. The offense takes the day off when he pitches. Home or away. I guess they figure the other team won’t score and they’ll get enough runs by accident to win. It doesn’t work that way. … Santana said he didn’t have his best stuff today.-JD

  15. Is it that whole thing from last year. these guys take a break then turn it on. Frustrarting..

  16. Last year Santana came out hot at the start. Then he had arm issues.

    I do not know if changing his approach had anything to do with the injury or not, but he was pissed that they lost by a game or two. Every game counts so he tried.

    I guess he had a league avg game today.

    Hope Jon does the same and maybe they split June 10th.

  17. So how is Beltran’s rehab? He had a batting cage experience last week so he should be ready to man CF by Monday so we can kick that bum Pagan to the curb?

  18. It is so nice to come here and read the posts once ion a while and then go hug all the friends and family and thank them mightily for not being STEVE C.

    Tiffany; is it still enjoyable trying to have fun with the mental midget?

  19. Our drive to first place hits a momentary roadblock. Santana was not quite Santana tonight. Oh well…get them in the second game….

  20. dave (29): They say Beltran’s rehab is going well, but he’s still not running full speed or involved in baseball activities. When that happens he’s still four to six weeks away, barring any setbacks. We have to be thinking August now.-JD

  21. Here’s the lineup for Game 2:

    Jose Reyes, SS
    Jesus Feliciano, CF
    David Wright, 3B
    Ike Davis, 1B
    Chris Carter, LF
    Rod Barajas, C
    Jeff Francoeur, RF
    Ruben Tejada, 2B
    Jon Niese, LP

  22. Starting tomorrow, the Mets have nine games to give Carter and Feliciano at-bats because of the DH. Why hamstring yourself tonight? Don’t get it.-JD

  23. thats what they said. I am just dumbfounded this is the B or C team

    Jesus Feliciano, CF – need to prove

    Chris Carter, LF – everyone knows his defense is weak

    Ruben Tejada, 2B can cora be that tired?


    Now is it manual is a genius or he wants us to lose the second half too to make Santana not feel so bad?

    I hope this lineup magically works out .. But this change of pace really didnt work in the past either..

  24. 39. almost in those exact words.. They couldnt impress strong enough on TV how much they hated it..

    40. they also agree with you on that.. they mentioned the same exact thing.. I forget the bald guys name – he said and I quote .. I hope this doesnt wind up biting manual in the end. “

  25. SteveC (41): Well, we knew Tejada was going to get the second game. Personally, I thought Bay would sit because he’s cooling off. Will be interesting to see Felciano handle all that room in center.-JD

  26. So JD – how do we get you on SNY? I think you would be perfect.. you see everything they see and are also a little more fair in your critiques than some of us die hards 😉

  27. Chris Carter with the lifetime .311 slugging percentage bats 5th..ahead of the home run hitting machine that is Rod Barajas??? Come back, Art Howe..all is forgiven!! No, not really, but you and Cobra Joe Frazier have been surpassed as managers who don’t have a clue on how to make a lineup.

  28. unreal. SNY has ronnie discussing last game and the lineup. he was just asked about carter in the lineup. 😉

  29. (45) Who was the SNY personality you were romantically linked with? Julie Alexandria or something?

  30. BTW – Storm clouds over head and noise coming from the sky. I am 30 plus miles north of queens

  31. Niese starting the second game. Even if he continues to pitch well, I believe the Mets need to add a pitcher at the trade deadline if they are to contend. … I don’t think if Niese goes on a tear between now and July that it should preclude the Mets dealing for a starter.-JD

  32. BOTTOM FIRST INNING: The Mets didn’t sign any pitchers in the offseason for several reasons, one of which they weren’t impressed with the market. Jon Garland, tonight’s starter for San Diego, was one of those overlooked. His 6-3 record would look good in the Mets’ rotation.-JD

  33. They had this same situation in the first inning of Game 1, but Reyes waited to run. By the time he did an out was burned. I’d like to see him run now.-JD

  34. for some reason SHoprite is selling Spaten Optimator for 10 a six pack. my loving wife called. :-) so i get to watch this game with a damned great beer!

  35. nice. I wonder how Santana feels about this.. everytime this has happened to him the next pitcher had a great outing..

  36. BOTTOM SECOND INNING: You don’t see many triple plays. The Mets have hit into two in two years. … They also turned a triple play.-JD

  37. Mets are broadening their skills…hitting into triple plays other than the 9th inning.

  38. Who remembers that bases loaded, no out situation in a tie game when a similar ball was hit to Hojo, who, instead of throwing home to ensure the continuation of the game, attempted an around-the-horn triple play?

  39. (74) It ended with the Met players shaking their collective heads at what a boneheaded decision their third baseman had just made. A 5-2-3 DP would have been a likely outcome, which would have left the other team (I think it was the Astros) with second and third and two outs; instead, it was “winning run scored with outs.”

  40. 76. Thanx for that Tiffany. I try to forget the bad games there’s so many ya know 😉
    There’s always next year!!! :-)

  41. Wow, our runners at second and third held. For a nanosecond, I’d thought they’d run the Mets into another triple play.

  42. Dim memories of doing that. Remember some bonehead play by Jeffries at third in a game Tommy Herr made a great throw from second to nail runner at home.

  43. another great inning.. lets just do it inning per inning let us not project what we want less we jynx it..

  44. I think the Mets could be in it down the stretch, but they really need to add a starter. We don’t know about Maine, Dickey might not keep it up, and who knows about Perez?-JD

  45. Niese has gone 7 with no issues. I wonder what M&M will do.
    i really dont want to jynx it so lets just leave it at that :-\

  46. Its probabky the Spaten that my wife brought home.. since those beers its been all good..

  47. SteveC (94): He’s batting so he’s staying in. He has a one-hit shutout. Do with him what they did for Pelfrey the other night, which is give him the ninth, assuming no problems in the eighth.-JD

  48. 9th inning?

    where is the book? why is he still pitching? isnt it illegal for a pitcher to go this long?

  49. A QUICK WRAP/Game #60

    FINAL: Mets 3, Padres 0.
    RECORD: 32-28.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Jon Niese was brilliant in throwing a one-hit shutout, retiring the last 21 Padres.
    ON THE MOUND: Niese struck out six and didn’t walk a hitter.
    AT THE PLATE: Jeff Francoeur, David Wright and Ike Davis each drove in runs.
    IN THE FIELD: The Padres turned a triple play in the second. … Chris Carter and Jesus Feliciano started in the outfield.
    LOOKING AHEAD: R.A. Dickey opens the series in Baltimore.-JD

  50. Mets !!! 1 hit shutout. where the pitcher completed the game! Be still my heart.. there’s hope yet!!! bloody pitch count..

  51. Gee manual. reward a pitcher by letting him finish a game. go figure.. maybe if you do that more.. they will produce..