Pelfrey kept his word

There’s no question out of necessity the Mets rushed Mike Pelfrey, but it says a lot about him that he was able to learn and not let the frustrations of a 3-8 season in 2007 sabotage his development as it would with many young pitchers.

PELFREY: Goes for fifth straight win tonight.

Pelfrey appeared to find himself in 2008, but regressed last year to the point where he was mentioned in trade rumors. Pelfrey, simply, was a mess with some hideous moments, such as a three-balk afternoon in San Francisco.

He still had all the good things in his scouting report, such as a power fastball, but it was outweighed by a propensity for not being able to finish off batters or innings.

When things got tense, Pelfrey got tight and small threats mushroomed into big innings. When they unraveled for him, he was all over the place.

When he struggled this spring, some speculated he’d be better off in the minor leagues – I had that thought – but Pelfrey promised he was working on things and would be better.

He kept his word.

“The game has slowed down for me,’’ Pelfrey said. “I’m making good decisions and making the pitches when I have to.’’

Many of those pitches has been a sharp, darting splitter.

Pelfrey (8-1, 2.39) will be seeking his fifth straight win tonight, and second in eight days against San Diego. After a dismal road trip, the Mets have won three straight at home. They fully expect to make it four tonight.

“He expects to go out there and dominate and that’s what he’s been doing,’’ David Wright said. “With him, it’s just about having that confidence. And he has that now.’’

The Mets chose Matt Harvey last night with the seventh overall pick. When it comes to coping with high expectations and hard reality he’ll have no better mentor than Pelfrey.

13 thoughts on “Pelfrey kept his word

  1. Big Pelf has been a savior for this team. A true stopper, most of his wins have come after met losses. He is having an all star year and could make the team. Could you imagine what this season would have been like if it was santana trying to carry the load alone?

  2. there has been a lot of chatter on the fan about the mets need to trade for another pitcher but they have 2 guys in buffalo having good years. I would like to see misch or especially gee get a chance before we give away good prospects for a millwood or westbrook.

  3. Ray (1): It’s almost frightening to think of where things would be without Pelfrey. Here’s another thought. Imagine where they would be if they scored any runs for Santana. He’d have at least four more wins, and that might be good enough for first place.-JD

  4. Ray (2): I’m all for giving the 3A players a look see. But, I’d feel more comfortable with another proven veteran to eat innings.-JD

  5. (4) If you’re looking at strengthening the rotation for a pennant race, it might be a little risky to think a rookie would provide stability. And, if nothing more, the market should be flooded with workman-like #3 starters (Millwood, Westbrook, Myers) who probably won’t cost too much in the way of prospects. What’s more, the Mets are starting to accumulate a glut of nice (but not elite) bats at AA, most of whom are blocked by guys named Davis, Wright and Bay. They could likely deal one of these bats without skipping a beat.

  6. hmmmm.. Wright has been there and Ike has proven himself. I am not in love with bay but he has started to produce. I have really become fond of what we have out there.. especially defense..
    we need to replace tatis and anyone else not really producing when necessary.

  7. I too would think that if the Mets have designs on the post season that they go get an inexpensive veteran.

    I am not sold on the arms in the minors. No one really jumps out at this time.

    As Tiffany says above, there are minor league bats that will have trouble getting time in the majors once they settle on the future 2b.

    Long term we need a CF and RF. We don’t have too many OF’s in the minors.

  8. Pagan is coming into his own but he does need a backup. did we really get that extra catcher or is he done?

  9. I see the Mets being buyers at the trade deadline, with a lot of what they do contingent on Carlos Beltran’s return. There’s no need to add a bat if Beltran comes back. Of course, that’s a big IF. … I do see the Mets looking for pitching. Relying on Takahashi and Dickey is like a house of cards in that it could tumble at any moment. Takahashi has had two bad starts in a row.-JD

  10. ok thanx. i missed that thread and event. I’ll miss tonights game too. i have obligations to fulfill.

  11. (7) Reese Havens. Selected as a shortstop in the first round (four picks after Ike) in 2008 from the University of South Carolina, he has battled nagging injuries over the first two years of his minor-league career. He has switched to second base this year and, in 27 games between high-A and AA, he has already hit 9 dingers. Some are projecting him somewhere between Uggla and Utley. Could be called up later this year, if he continues to dominate at AA. Could also make Tejada expendable as trade bait.