Mets Chat Room: Wright takes hot bat into SD series.

Game #58 vs. Padres

A strikeout machine for much of this season, David Wright enters tonight’s game against the San Diego Padres on a big-time tear, with 13 hits in his last 25 at-bats – most of them scalded.

During that span Wright only struck out four times, three of them last Wednesday at San Diego. He did not strike out during the Florida series.

Wright said he was all over the place earlier this season, but has become more selective over the past week not chasing the sliders away. He’s also been quicker with the bat and getting to the inside fastball.

Minnesota-based company Inside Edge tracks every pitch thrown and told ESPN that Wright over the past week has only chased two of 31 fastballs outside the strike zone and only one of 13 sliders.

Wright is currently on pace to hit 29 homers with 112 RBI, but also 198 strikeouts (down from 212 over a week ago. He said he’s all right with his number, but laments not being consistent.

“I’d like to be hot for a couple of weeks, instead of hot one series and cold the next,’’ Wright said.


MAINE EVENT: John Maine threw batting practice this afternoon. Manager Jerry Manuel said Maine looked better than he did in his five-pitch outing at Washington, but would not say if he would immediately re-enter the rotation.

In 2007, there was some talk at the end of the season of Maine pitching out of the bullpen and that could be revived.

“Those are things we will be discussing,’’ Manuel said.


METS NOTEBOOK: Elmer Dessens and Pedro Feliciano are the eighth-inning set-up relievers, but lately Manuel is content with working Feliciano against lefthanders. … Jesus Feliciano will assume Gary Matthews old role, but hopefully without the strikeouts. … Reportedly, Major League Baseball has cleared the Mets of any wrong doing in the Oliver Perez move to the disabled list.

58 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Wright takes hot bat into SD series.

  1. Why do the Mets give Pelfrey so many days off. They should run the rotation around Pelfrey and Johan (their 2 best pitchers). Pelfrey has been so good and they should keep him on schedule.

  2. metsgl (2): Agreed 100 percent. Manuel wanted to get him an extra day of rest to keep him sharp. It hasn’t worked so far. You just don’t fool around with your best pitchers. He could have skipped Takahashi.-JD

  3. (3) Definitely skip Takahashi. Jerry is awful. Pelfrey hasn’t pitched in a week. Also for both Pelfrey and Johan STOP TAKING THEM OUT SO EARLY. DON’T LET THE BULPEN BLOW THE GAME. 100 pitches, who cares. As long as they are pitching well.

  4. metsgl (4): The sentiment of many posters here is the same, that too much is made of the pitch count. I would think its a no brainer to skip Takahashi and plug in Pelfrey. Sometimes there’s such a thing as too much rest.-JD

  5. How does Bay watch strike 3 there. You have a runner on 3rd with one out. You gotta put the ball in play.

  6. metsgl (7): No argument from here. You have to make some kind of contact. Just bad baseball there. But. it’s not like we haven’t seen them fizzle with RISP.-JD

  7. (9) Stop with these rules for young pitchers. It never used to be like that. COMPLETE GAMES

  8. When you talk about complete games, go back to 1968 and Juan Marichal. He had 30 complete games and worked 325 2/3 innings.-JD

  9. (15) Why stop there? Go back to Pud Galvin and his 72 complete games and 656 innings pitched for Buffalo back in the ’80s. We should challenge Santana and Pelfrey to equal those numbers today.

  10. (16) I would love them to do that. Why did pitchers used to be able to throw that many pitches but that can’t now? How have pitchers changed?

  11. metsgl (18): Pitchers have changed in a lot of ways. One is they have so many more pitches they throw that puts a strain on the arm. Almost all fastballs back when Pud pitched. … The game has evolved in a lot of ways, one of which has been the use of relievers. There’s more to spread the work around. … Another thing is the money. Pitching is such a premium and there’s a huge investment the teams make and they want to protect them as much as possible. The game has gone from two-man rotations to now a five-man rotation.-JD

  12. (19) I think we should start a campaign, right here and now on the Delcos blog, to abolish pitch counts. I can’t see where anyone would disagree with us.

  13. (19) That’s not positive change. Why did we have to make bad changes. Get rid of the relievers as they are today. Go back to 3 inning saves relievers. Go back to old school baseball. I hate all of this.

  14. BOTTOM FIFTH INNING: That’s when Reyes is at his best, going from first to third on a ball to left. … He might have been out.-JD

  15. (21) Maybe when Matt Harvey gets here. My understanding is that he threw 157 pitches in his final collegiate start. He’s what baseball needs more of.

  16. (25) I’m figuring that, by the time he’s finished rehabbing after his arm surgery, he’ll start turning heads at extended spring training with his “determination,” “hard work” and “never say die attitude.” It will be a fondly remembered human-interest piece that you could file on an off-day in spring training, thereby allowing you a few extra hours on the golf course or in some second-rate gentlemen’s club (tap beer only. I’d write the story now to save time in the future.

  17. I think Billy Martin inadvertently brought in pitch counts by having his Oakland A’s pitchers throw 94 complete games. None of those pitchers: Norris, Langford, Keogh, McCatty and Kingman were worth a fig after Martin and Art Fowler shredded their arms.

  18. thru 7 innings Strasbourg has 4 hits, 2 run homer, o walks and 14 strikeouts.

  19. EIGHTH INNING: Good running catch by Pagan. His play in center field has been tremendous. Beltran couldn’t have done much better. When Beltran comes back, he might be the one rotating in right field.-JD

  20. I sure hope they don’t bring Mike Adams in. I find his face very disturbing and difficult to watch. I might have to turn away for a few innings.

  21. A QUICK WRAP/Game #58

    FINAL: Mets 2, Padres 1 (11)
    RECORD: 31-27.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Another sterling effort from Mike Pelfrey, but he came away with a no-decision. The offense consisted of homers from Jose Reyes and Ike Davis.
    ON THE MOUND: Pelfrey gave up one run on five hits in nine innings. … Francisco Rodriguez worked the tenth. … Elmer Dessens got the win in relief.
    AT THE PLATE: Reyes homered to tie the game in the seventh. … Davis homered in the eleventh. … After that, there was little offense.
    IN THE FIELD: David Wright’s throwing error put Jerry Hairston on in the ninth.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Johan Santana gets the start tomorrow night.-JD

  22. Interesting tidbit: When Bay grounded out to end the 10th, Pagan, who had tripled, crossed home and was stopped en route to the dugout by the on-deck hitter, Ike, presumably to discuss what the Last of the Mujicans was throwing.

  23. The 2010 NL East/ROY will come down to a race between the Mets with Ike Davis and the Gnats with Stephen Strasburg.

  24. I have to say, it is such a pleasure to watch this team knowing that sad sacks like Oliver Perez, GMJ, Frank Cat, Castillo, are not part of the team currently. It’s like a breath of fresh air.