Mets select UNC’s Matt Harvey

HARVEY: Taken with seventh pick.

The Mets selected North Carolina right-hander Matt Harvey with the seventh pick in the tonight’s draft.

Harvey, a junior, is 6-4 and 225 pounds. He’s a power pitcher with a plus fastball, clocked at 96 mph., and a change-up clocked at a difference of over 10 mph.

The scouting report on him is he’s not afraid to challenge hitters inside and has an above average change-up.

Harvey went 8-3 with a 3.09 ERA for the Tar Heels with 102 strikeouts in 96 innings.

His agent is Scott Boras.


Fastball: Harvey was throwing his fastball up to 96-97 mph and sustaining the velocity deep into his start.

Fastball movement: There’s some decent life to it.

Slider: It’s a relatively new pitch for him, so it’s not always sharp, though he showed some glimpses of a decent slider.

Curve: In high school, he featured a pure, overhand power curve. He’s gone more to the slider, though he’ll still throw the curve on occasion.

Changeup: He doesn’t use it much, but he’s got a feel for it, and it could be an average offering.

Control: Command has often been an issue for Harvey. While it’s been better, it’s still not pinpoint control.

Poise: He’s improved his mound presence and worked on maintaining the same approach regardless of what happens around him.

Physical Description: Harvey has filled out his 6-foot-4 frame quite a bit in college and is a big and durable-looking right-hander.

Medical Update: Healthy.

Strengths: He showed a plus fastball and shows flashes of the above-average breaking stuff he once had. He’s also got a feel for a changeup.

Weaknesses: There are still some delivery issues, though what got him out of whack as a sophomore has largely been corrected. Command is still a problem at times.

Summary: Once a top high school prospect, Harvey has reclaimed his status as a first-round candidate with a resurgent junior season. The delivery problems that had him so off his game as a sophomore have largely been corrected, though there are still some issues there that can effect his command and ability to throw his breaking ball. Still, Harvey was showing an above-average to plus fastball and maintaining his velocity, to go along with glimpses of good breaking stuff and a feel for a change. He’s come a long way this season, and he likely won’t have to wait too long to be redrafted.

4 thoughts on “Mets select UNC’s Matt Harvey

  1. Some scouting reports question whether his secondary offerings will be polished enough to keep him out of the bullpen.

    I have to laugh when reading the “Medical Update: Healthy” descriptor. The upside to selecting college pitchers is that they’re near-finished products; the downside is that their arms have likely been abused by college coaches, who are focusing solely on the short term.

  2. Glad we got a pitcher.

    Hope he can help in a few years.

    Speaking of which, what happened to the pick from last year? Is he still hurt?

  3. as for healthy. who made that claim? If the Mets organization claimed him healthy I would question that thoroughly…