Expect Jesus Felciano shortly.

In what has the potential to be a feel-good story of the highest degree, the Mets are expected to call up 31-year, 13-year minor league outfielder Jesus Feliciano from Class AAA Buffalo for the San Diego series.

If the Mets make the announcement today, it would fall on his 31st birthday.

FELICIANO: Another bat is coming.

“All he does is hit,’’ said a minor league scout. “The issue is where to play him. They’ve had him play some center, but he doesn’t have great range and he doesn’t have the arm to play right.’’

The Mets have had Feliciano play center in preparing him to back up Angel Pagan, but because of his range questions that might be better off on the road. Initially, he might be used to give Jason Bay a day off or as a pinch-hitter.

Feliciano, who had five hits Saturday – his second five-hit game of the season – leads the International League in hitting at .392. Amazingly, despite his age, he’s never even had the proverbial cup of coffee in the major leagues, most likely because he doesn’t fit the speed or power prototypes.

But, he does stroke line drives.

“I prepared myself to have a good year,’’ Feliciano said. “You don’t think it’s going to be like the year I’m having now, but I was expecting to have a good year.’’

The recent scuttling of Gary Matthews made the need for an outfielder necessary, and returning catcher Omir Santos created the roster spot.

Feliciano was signed by the Mets as a free agent in 2007. He was initially drafted in the 36th round by the Dodgers in 1997.

Feliciano would be the fifth player from Class AAA Buffalo to be promoted since the start of the season, joining: Ike Davis, Ruben Tejada, Elmer Dessens and Chris Carter.

7 thoughts on “Expect Jesus Felciano shortly.

  1. SteveC (2): Could be. Could also be Mets are bringing him up to showcase him. Whether that’s the case or now, it will let other teams know if he can play on this level.-JD

  2. (2) Sounds good except most AL teams want DH’s that hit for a bit more power than Jesus Feliciano.

  3. 5. True, but would you rather a DH that hist 1 long every 10 at bats. or a guy that goes 5 for 5 bring runners around. remember he is hitting for the pitcher 😉

  4. I didnt know he had no range/arm.

    Does this mean neiwenhaus (sp) will move to AAA?