Mets Chat Room: Going for the sweep.

Game #57 vs. Marlins

The Mets will be going for their eighth straight victory at Citi Field this afternoon and extend their Major League Best 21-9 home record.

Jerry Manuel, in explaining the Mets’ road woes, said they don’t take the same offense approach. There’s more trying for the long ball instead of going the opposite way and working the count. They let getting away from Citi Field’s long dimensions get to them.

“If you see us play at home, I expect us to win the division,” said Jeff Francoeur, who takes a nine-game hitting streak into today’s game.

Hisanori Takahashi, who pitched six-scoreless innings in each of his first two starts since entering the rotation, will attempt to rebound from his Memorial Day pasting by the Padres in San Diego.

Takahashi said he didn’t change anything last Monday, but only the results were different.

Coming off big games yesterday were David Wright, who hit his tenth homer of the season; Ike Davis, who went 4-4; and rookie Ruben Tejada, who doubled home a run, but isn’t in the lineup today.

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  1. Very good start for Takahashi. Three up, three down. He kept everything low in the zone, which is what he does when he’s on. Let’s see if he can keep it that way.-JD

  2. Manuel said the team’s offense approach changes on the road. It shouldn’t be that way. The approach, regardless of the venue, should be consistent. They should always be looking to work the count and take the ball the other way, which is what they do more of at home.-JD

  3. SECOND INNING: Pagan is playing a much better center field than he did last year. He’s getting a good jump and tracking the ball better. Last year there was more indecision.-JD

  4. SIXTH INNING: Things unraveled quickly for Takahashi. Both homers came off 0-2 pitches. He wasn’t able to make the out pitch when he needed. Got the ball up this inning.-JD

  5. SEVENTH INNING: Surprised after cutting into the lead that the Mets would go to Igarashi, who has been struggling of late.-JD

  6. Francoeur has been so hot lately. You were wondering when the long ball would come. Couldn’t have come at a better time. Ties the game.-JD

  7. EIGHTH INNING: From a bleak afternoon to three outs away from a win. Davis doesn’t get RBI credit, but the run counts just the same. It’s now time for K-Rod. Keep those fingers crossed.-JD

  8. A QUICK WRAP/Game #57

    FINAL: Mets 7, Marlins 6.
    RECORD: 30-27.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Hisanori Takahashi was hit hard, but the offense took him off the hook for the Mets’ eighth straight win at home.
    ON THE MOUND: Takahashi gave up five runs on six hits in 5 1/3 innings. Things caved in for him in the sixth. … The bullpen held the game close. … Francisco Rodriguez got the dicey save.
    AT THE PLATE: David Wright had three singles. … Jeff Francoeur tied the game with a three-run homer in the seventh. … The go-ahead run came in on an Ike Davis DP.
    IN THE FIELD: Angel Pagan committed an error in center and Rod Barajas let a ball get by him on a play at the plate.
    LOOKING AHEAD: The Mets are off tomorrow, and then San Diego comes in for three games.-JD

  9. (14) This was a battle of the bullpens, with the Mets’ pen being superior. After trailing 5-0, the Mets scored seven runs in their last three ABs.

  10. 11. He didnt look confident on the mound at all.
    Is it me or do all the mets pitchers need to see the sports psychologist?
    what has warthen done to these guys?

  11. I’ll say one thing about Jerry…though he is not close to being a good manager…the team certainly doesn’t lay down and quit. Barring a major collapse there is no way IMO that Jerry doesn’t make it for the entire year. And heavens to mergatroid…if the Mets end up making the playoffs Jerry will be getting a contract extension!

  12. 17

    oh yuck.

    i hope not. i hope they do make the playoffs tho. cant stand the mgr.