Castillo headed for DL?

Expect second baseman Luis Castillo to be placed on the disabled list prior to tonight’s game against Florida. In compensating for a bone bruise to his left heel, Castillo has developed problems with his right leg.


This hasn’t been played out well at all. Castillo has been bothered by the bone bruise for several weeks now and only aggravates it when he plays. Had he gone on the DL weeks ago, he might be back and ready to play by now.

Ruben Tejada, who impressed the Mets during spring training, has been hitting better at Class AAA Buffalo and would be the likely call-up.

The Mets will also activate Jon Niese from the disabled list (hamstring) and he will start Saturday against the Marlins. Unless the Mets can convince Oliver Perez to take a minor league assignment, the Mets will have to option somebody to the minors. The choices are Elmer Dessens, Jenrry Mejia and Ryota Igarashi, the latter who has not pitched well since coming off the disabled list.

Based solely on recent performance, Igarashi should be the odd man out, but things don’t always work that way. Dessens was the last pitcher brought in and manager Jerry Manuel wants to try him as the eighth-inning set-up man.

The Mets have said they would not send Mejia down to stretch him out to become a starter, but that situation might have changed.

The ultimate irony: Perez holds his ground and the Mets option out Mejia. Then weeks later Mejia is brought back as a starter, and to make room for him Perez is cut.

14 thoughts on “Castillo headed for DL?

  1. This has to be one of the worst regimes in baseball. They keep running Castillo out there with a bad foot and now his other leg is injured. This has happened before with Beltran and others. Dont they know that other players notice how the Mets treat thier players? Why would an Oswalt waive his no trade to come to the mess? He has a back issue and you could imagine they would tell him never mind, rub a little ben gay on it and go get em tiger!

  2. Ray (1): Bingo. We’ve talked about it here several times that Castillo should have been DL’d. The bouncing around with Beltran and Reyes does not go unnoticed. There’s no logical reason, unless the Mets tear up his contract and go nuts, that Oswalt would want to come to NY.-JD

  3. It all starts with Jeffy boy, Other teams cut thier dead wood and eat contracts. The Mets like to snap up these useless players. What? such a bargain. Shef last year at least gave us some productivity until of course his knees gave out after playing everyday. Matthews is a total waste. The tigers ate 10 mil to cut dontrelle. the rays ate 9mil to be done with burrell. But here the mets, playing in by far the biggest market continue to let perez embarass them. In 78 we had mettle the mule, now we have ollie the jackass. the result has to be the same to change this mess. Only an empty ballpark can get this clown to sell his plaything. boycott tarp field.

  4. Also, they got rid of wagner to save a million instead of keeping him and getting the two first round picks. Omar is obviously incompetent but he stays because he is owed 2 more years. This is the knicks of baseball.

  5. (4) Because Jeffie runs so much of it, it’s hard to see where Omar’s competency begins and ends.

    After hearing how Jeffie refused Boras’ request to put Ollie on the DL so he could visit a sports psychologist, I now believe Jeffie is the main culprit behind the odd medical decisions which have plagued this organization over the last two seasons. It simply makes no sense for a veteran baseball guy like Omar to burn bridges with both players and agents alike. And the Ollie story will end up haunting them the most, because it was a cry for help from a player — “Please send me to a shrink” — that was refused for no good reason. I mean, what if it were rehab for alcohol or drugs, rather than a sports psychologist, that Jeffie was refusing?

    In regard to Wagner, I read recently that the Mets figure that they saved $5.5 million, between the remainder of Wagner’s salary and the projected slot money for the draft picks — and that they placed a higher priority on saving $5.5 million than in obtaining two first-round picks. That tells you just about everything you need to know about Jeffie: That he’s strapped for cash and playing for today.

  6. I am glad Luis is getting the rest and care he needs.

    I am glad that the Mets organization was not affected by Barry Maddoff.

    I am glad that we have the best owner in baseball in jeffy boy.

  7. 6. (hey i can see the numbers now!) Tiffany. Good points. Its hard to judge Omar because he does not have a free hand. Why wilpon wont DL Ollie and send him to a doctor is just pure spite. So to spite ollie he hurts his team. Not wanting to spend on draft picks is a slap in the face to his team and its fans. I want to see this stadium looking like Shea did in 1979 with 700,000 tickets sold. Maybe doubleday (who forecasted all of this) could buy the team back and run it correctly.

  8. Tifffany (6): Excellent point on who’s really making the decisions. Perez is already hamstringing them on roster decisions, but agents take notice and could steer their clients away from the Mets. Ditto on the medical yo-yo with Beltran and Reyes.-JD

  9. Why not just send Igarashi back down? And I’m quickly losing hope we’ll ever see Beltran on the field this season.

  10. Gil (10): I’m on board with Igarashi. He’s been hit hard since coming off the DL. Too much rust, perhaps. Whatever the reason, he’s clearly not the eighth-inning guy Manuel envisioned. … As for Beltran, I’m also losing hope. It obviously won’t be until after the All-Star break.-JD

  11. I don’t doubt Wilpon is making a lot of decisions. just like in teh 80’s with the keep the used baseball rule. Glad that ended…

    However, some of the things that have happened you think would have been handled .. better..

  12. SteveC (12): A lot of things could have been handled differently. There have been too many decisions that haven’t been handled cleanly or lacked communication along the way.-JD

  13. yes. its like the Omar that started off disappeared and the Pod Omar took over.