5 thoughts on “Mets’ Murphy out for year.

  1. I knew he was done. I was telling dave, just from reading the report on mets.com he was done. Shame, he’ll probably be DFA-ed if possible. Because Ollie wont do the right thing… you know he will probably have issues, once contract, is over going to another team.

  2. This is just bad all around. While it’s arguable whether Murphy has the goods to be a starter in the bigs, he had _some_ value, much of which, though, has been negated by this injury.

    And there’s the Mets, sending him to AAA to learn how to play the suicide position of second base. There’s a reason why teams have been loathe to send their best prospects to AAA these days, and it’s because it’s become the equivalent of minor-league hockey: A place for angry guys who are no longer considered prospects. And, sure enough, you get Murphy being taken out on what has been described as a dirty slide by a marginal 26-year-old roster filler. It’s got minor-league hockey written all over it. Shame on the Mets for putting something of value (Murphy) in a situation where he was bound to fail.