Mets’ Daniel Murphy injured; Oliver Perez still holding tight.

The experiment of Daniel Murphy as a role player is on hold. It remains to be seen about his career.

Weeks of hard rehab work were wasted last night when Murphy re-injured his right knee trying to turn a double-play as a second baseman while playing for Class AAA Buffalo.

“I don’t think it’s real good,’’ Buffalo manager Ken Oberkfell told The Buffalo News. “The way he turned the double play was nice. He made the right pivot. It just looked like the guy got there late, and when Murph came down he never got out of the way once he planted his foot.’’

So much for fundamentals.

MURPHY: More bad luck

There was also a school of thought the Mets could showcase Murphy’s bat in the minor leagues for a deadline trade for pitching. That hope is gone now, too.

It takes skill to play in the major leagues. Also, timing and a little bit of luck. Murphy has had little of the latter two and it’s shame because he’s one of the very good guys as he would have done anything to help the Mets.

That now brings us to Oliver Perez. You kind of figured he wouldn’t be going away – at least in the way you hoped.

Until now, Perez’s selfishness has merely inconvenienced the Mets, an annoyance at best. In the next two days it could really shorthand them.

The Mets are still lobbying Perez hard to accept a minor league assignment to clear way for Jon Niese’s return from the disabled list. Niese is scheduled to pitch Saturday at Citi Field; it’s not known when Perez will throw a ball again in anger.

“That would be ideal, but if not we have to explore something different,’’ said hamstrung manager Jerry Manuel. “It’s an ongoing issue.’’

If Perez holds firm, it would hurt the Mets’ already strained and drained bullpen. Elmer Dessens and Jenrry Mejia are the two likely candidates to make room for Niese.

It’s possible Luis Castillo could go on the disabled list, but the Mets would need to fill his void with another infielder.

Perez has balked at going to the minors since he was removed from the rotation after giving up seven runs in less than three innings, May 14, at Florida.

Perez told reporters in San Diego: “I feel good. I just want to do my work here.”

Dessens might go, but Manuel wants to consider him in the eighth-inning set-up role. Not under consideration for that role is Mejia because of his command issues.

Manuel got his way with Mejia with management in keeping him as a reliever. It is not sure if he returns prematurely to the minor leagues whether he would be stretched out as a starter.

As for Perez, he touched the radar gun at 90 in a mop-up appearance at San Diego that also included giving up a homer. However, mostly this year Perez has been in the high 80s.

14 thoughts on “Mets’ Daniel Murphy injured; Oliver Perez still holding tight.

  1. too bad for murph.

    they could always cut ollie, but they dont want to do that.

    instead they could cut some bench player

  2. next week we draft.

    will we get someone useful? hopefully starting pitching? perhaps a good OF or 2b?

    or will we draft more relievers as has been the trend with this team.

  3. dave (1/3): Murphy always gets the short straw. Too bad. … They won’t cut Perez any time soon. ….. Whoever they draft, it will be awhile before he makes an impact. In baseball you draft the best athlete over need because of how long it takes to make the big leagues in most cases.-JD

  4. SteveC (2): You can only blame Minaya for giving Perez that contract. You can’t fault him or Manuel for Perez’s decision to not go to the minor leagues. It is his right via CBA.-JD

  5. (5) So true. Just look at Mike Pelfrey. Or Joe Smith. Ike Davis. It could take months for a draft pick to reach the bigs.

  6. Murphy has a corner infield/corner outfield build. put him at second and this is what happens. couldnt get out of the way. The bullpen is way short. I would send igarashi back down until he figures it out. Dessens has been useful as long as hes not jumping into the game from a taxi cab.

  7. Here’s my stupid idea of the month, probably even year or century. The Mets should put Oliver Perez in the starting rotation. They are not going to win the pennant (really? You think?) so go for what small chance there is (about the same as me becoming Tsar of all the Russias) that Coin Flip can return to his winning form.

  8. (9) Yes, very few “exceptions” who are making an impact:

    2009 first rounders: Leake, Storen, Strauburg

    2008 first rounders: Matusz, Beckham, Smoak, Davis, Perry, Schlereth

    2007 first rounders: Price, Wieters, Detwiler, LaPorta, Heyward, Porcello, Borbon, Cecil, Hunter

    2006 first rounders: Hochevar, Longoria, Morrow, Miller, Kershaw, Stubbs, Lincecum, Scherzer, Snider, Kennedy, Bard, Burriss, Coughlan, Chamberlain, Perez