Mets Chat Room: Santana lacking run support.

Game #54 at Padres

In those no-decisions, the Mets gifted a total of five runs. Santana had two other no-decisions in games the Mets won, but they were one-run victories with the winning run scored after he left the game.

Coupled with Mike Pelfrey, the Mets could have one of the best one-two punches in the game.

“With the 1-2 punch of Johan and Mike, I mean, it gives us a good chance to win two out of every five days,’’ said David Wright. “You know that when those two guys take the mound they’re going to give everything they have and keep you in the ballgame. They expect to pitch deep in the game and dominate.’’

In his last start, Santana gave up three hits in eight scoreless innings only to see the bullpen blow things up in the ninth.

Overall against the Padres, Santana is 2-2 with a 2.41 ERA in five starts.

Wright is hot again, going 7-for-10 with a homer and three RBI over his last three games following a stretch in which he hitting .150 (9 for 60) with 22 strikeouts in his previous 16.

Also hot is Jeff Francoeur, who takes a six-game hitting streak into the game, going 11-for-21 in that span. Francoeur, however, is in a homerless drought, not having hit one since May 18, the only one he hit for the month.

Jason Bay has also cooled down, with ten strikeouts over his last seven games.

METS NOTEBOOK:  The reports have been good on Carlos Beltran, who might play in an extended spring training game tomorrow.  Manager Jerry Manuel said the team is considering playing Beltran in right field when he returns. … Luis Castillo will be examined tomorrow and could land on the DL. … Manuel said he and the front office are still trying to convince Oliver Perez to take the minor league assignment. … Jon Niese will be activated from the DL and will start Saturday.

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  1. Interesting to hear about the Mets considering Beltran in right. That was inevitable because of the wear and tear on his knees and legs. … Means Jeff Francoeur should still be thinking about renting.-JD

  2. considering that pagan has really excelled that says a lot about Beltran’s sportsmanship. But fenchy has bloody cannon of an arm.

  3. SteveC (2): I’m not sure Beltran is on board with all this. It’s just what Jerry was talking about. He’s made announcements before without talking to the players involved.-JD

  4. oh! then/ “never mind” i didnt read the whole thing and read your comment :-(

    then forget it. if its Jerry’s decision i am against it 😉

  5. “Mets have not gone this deep into a season without winning a road series since 1983” is what the mlb website says.

  6. This San Diego pitcher reminds me of Sterling Hitchcock, which, in turn, reminds me of Suzyn Waldman’s pronunciation (“Hitch-cawk”), which, in turn, reminds me of her pronunciation of Kamienicki’s first name “Scawt”), which, in turn, reminds me of her breathless obsession with Clay Bellinger.

    God bless Suyzn Waldman.

  7. ahh an early start. the bastages!
    ok ok. only 2nd inning..
    off to watch and get happy.

  8. Looking up it was July 1 and 2 with 1-0 and 10-9 wins in Brew City was the last time the Mets won two straight on the road. After blowing a 2 run lead in the bottom of the ninth, Ryan Church drove in the winning run. The win put the Mets at the .500 mark for the last time in 2009

  9. (10) Close your eyes. Channel Suzyn. Now listen to her say “Bellinger.” It’s like a symphony, isn’t it?

  10. SECOND INNING: A pitcher can help himself a lot if he can field the position. He’s always in good position to field a ball after his delivery.-JD

  11. (16) Mardie Cornejo might have been the best fielding pitcher I ever saw.

  12. (19) Four walks and sixty pitches through three innings. Think we’d be tolerating that if he were wearing a different uniform number?

  13. (24) Why is there not a hint of steroids, especially considering all the injuries that befell him at age 30? I don’t know Junior from a hole in the wall, but any other slugger who suddenly became injury-prone at age 30 (some 400 dingers into his career, no less) would have more than a few eyebrows raised about him. I don’t understand how he flies under that radar.

  14. whenever our only 2 good pitchers are up there’s hardly ever any run support.

  15. Griffey Jr: The Ernie Banks of our time.

    I wouldn’t bet my life that Griffey is steroid-free but these things have a way of oozing out before they are confirmed and nothing ever has about Griffey.

  16. well be prepared to see Santana taken out by the 6th. 😉
    how many guesses why ..

  17. Dan (27): Just like Mantle, you wonder what could have been had he stayed healthy. He might have broken Aaron’s record.-JD

  18. SteveC (31): What can I tell you? It’s the way of the world these days. Among other things, there’s so much money invested in starting pitchers that you want to eliminate risk of injury. … There’s always talk of some organization wanting to go to a four-man rotation and do away with pitch counts (Nolan Ryan in Texas), but it never happens. Guys will rebel changing in the middle of their careers. They would have to be groomed for higher pitch counts beginning in college if not before that.-JD

  19. Personally, I’d like to see Santana come out for the seventh, if for no other reason than to stay out of the Mets’ bullpen. But, I’m not betting on it.-JD

  20. and keep KRod from stealing the vitcpory. because 1 run. Krod is good for at least one.. everytime he gets up to pitch.

  21. SEVENTH INNING: How about that? Santana will get the seventh. Probably with a short leash. Maybe somebody mentioned to Jerry what happened the last time he pulled Santana.-JD

  22. Detroit pitcher Galarraga has a perfect game through eight? What is going on?

  23. Galaragga loses perfect game with two outs. Indians hitter bearly beats a ground ball for a hit!!

  24. Looks like a bad call by the umpire too. Jim Leyland arguing with the umpires AFTER his team wins.

  25. In recent years Milt Pappas and Cubs fans have argued he lost a perfect game to the Padres when the umpire called a close pitch “ball four” to former Met Larry Stahl. In 1972 Pappas said it was a good call but his eyesight has apparently improved over 40 years.

  26. Dan (43): You watch, there will be a cry for replay and the umpire Jim Joyce, will never admit he blew the call. … Actually, if the umpire ruled Galarraga missed the bag that could be ruled an error and he’d get a no-hitter.-JD

  27. yep. just re-iterating Ronnie and how disgusted he was.. they all said that this will be a foot note for Joyce’s career.

  28. how is it santana is pitching in the 8th?

    isnt there a mlb rule – at least a met one – that starting pitchers need to be pulled from the 5th to the 6th innings?

  29. I want to be proven wrong. But the bullpen is always good for 1-2 runs. we dont have this won yet. and Santana will be lucky if he gets the win.

  30. Frenchy is such a lost cause. Instead of swinging at the first pitch, he’s now committed to swinging at the 3-1 pitch. And with the count at 3-1, he’s lofting lazy flies to center and breaking his bat on foul grounders. Perhaps he’d be more successful if he didn’t swing at all.

  31. Have you ever seen somebody watch a horror movie with their hand over their eyes, but are peeking through their fingers? That’s how you watch the Mets bullpen.-JD

  32. 53 oops sorry. got the players mixed up.

    still after reading this thread i am surprised to see him last so long.

  33. double switch. did i just see mathews?
    *ugh* and now K-Rod to come up and give up a run 😮

  34. KRod has given up at least a run almost every close. why do you put him in when its 1-0?
    too much to leave Pelf in too much to keep santana in..

  35. 67. without fail.. i would have picked myself up walked by manuel and said thanx boss i am going to shower and get drunk. have a great night..

  36. TENTH INNING: Looking back on it, there’s no way Jerry would’ve given Santana the eighth and ninth innings. He was lucky to get the seventh.-JD

  37. Just thinking about Griffey Jr…maybe him ending up with 630 home runs should make us realize once again just how great, consistent and healthy Hank Aaron was with 755.

  38. Dan (74): Griffey was every bit the hitter Bonds was until the injuries piled up. … Aaron was unique, that’s for sure. So consistent. He never hit 50 homers in a year.-JD

  39. yet he can have the bullpen used everyday all throwing 30-50 a day, yeah thats healthy

  40. SteveC (77): Jerry’s managing of the bullpen has been horrible. Even the club’s announcers are second guessing him. Valdes has been awful lately, yet he’s in the game.-JD

  41. loads up bases with hit batter. How does winning run score: hit, walk, wild pitch,balk, catcher’s interference, earthquake?

  42. Grand Slam. What else?? Another ND for Johann Santana despite pitching his heart out.

  43. Thank you Manuel for ruining my Birthday. my wife was all pissed i wanted to watch the game. and now look..
    ok I officially dislike manuel even more. he can do no more good in my eyes. fire him.

  44. Jim Joyce admits he blew the perfect game call. Maybe there’s hope the Wilpon’s will admit they do not know what they are doing and hire someone who does.

  45. burns out the bullpen. how can you rely on tired arms?? I tell ya.. my rotation theory will come to pass. soon it will just be round robin pitching where everyone gets a turn to start. everyone pitches 3 innings.. why? because it will not hurt young arms.

  46. santana can thank his mgr and the pen for blowing yet another game where he gave the other team no runs.

  47. JD: i hope manuels’ replacement gets rid of warthen and extends the pitch count to 150 to the starters pitching a good game.

  48. A QUICK WRAP/Game #54

    FINAL: Padres 5, Mets 1 (11).
    RECORD: 27-27.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Johan Santana was in trouble throughout the game, but was in position to win until Francisco Rodriguez blew the save opportunity in the ninth. Raul Valdes gave up a game-winning grand slam to Adrian Gonzalez.
    ON THE MOUND: Santana walked five and gave up five hits in seven scoreless innings. … Rodriguez gave up the tying run with two outs in the ninth. … Raul Valdes again had nothing.
    AT THE PLATE: Singles by Jason Bay, David Wright and Jeff Francoeur put the Mets on the board in the fourth.
    IN THE FIELD: A Bay to Wright to Henry Blanco relay nailed David Eckstein at the plate for the last out in the ninth.
    LOOKING AHEAD: R.A. Dickey opens the Florida series Friday at Citi Field.-JD

  49. there’s only 3 things to salvage this night. scotch a zombie movie and later .. 😉

  50. SteveC (96): I know what you’re saying, but it will never happen. Not any time soon. It takes a long time for trends to change in baseball. And, since this one has its roots in money it will take even longer. If ever.-JD

  51. steve (94)

    u understand my point is that in the steroid era 50 became fairly commonplace.

    there were a few hitters who did it now and again. but it was very few and far between.

  52. (96) Yes!!! And I think the players should stop wearing helmets, too! I mean, how many years did they go without helmets? And how many guys have really died from getting hit in the head? The game would be so much more enjoyable for me, personally, if the players (and their teams) risked their health by ditching the helmets. Let’s get rid of those helmets. Who needs them, anyway?

  53. (92) The Met offense tallied six hits in 11 innings and 39 ABs yesterday. They struck out more often than they reached base and plated one run over 11 innings.

    You cannot expect to win when you score one run.

    The bullpen didn’t do its job in the ninth, but the real failure lies with the offense.

  54. (100) Here’s what I don’t understand, JD: Pud Galvin (he’s a mere typo away from being a Glavine) made 75 starts and threw 656 innings for Buffalo in 1883. Why can’t Santana do the same today? Wouldn’t that solve all the problems surrounding Ollie and the pen, if Santana would just make 75 starts and throw 72 complete games the way Galvin did? I would personally derive a lot more pleasure if both Santana and Pelfrey would make 75 starts a piece.

  55. 100. yeah i know but .. i just need to vent because we lost this for just that reason alone.

    102. yep , sad that steroids had to play such a roll. when hitters like ruth would do it half drunk, just the opposite of being buffed.

  56. Looks like we lost Murphy for the season.
    as for the draft per
    Minaya has No. 7 selection, but does not draft again until No. 89