Mets Chat Room: Pelfrey tries to stop the bleeding.

Game #53 at Padres

Mike Pelfrey: Stopper.

That’s what Pelfrey has become to the Mets in his emergence as a dominant pitcher, as four of his seven victories have come on the heels of a Mets’ loss.

Pelfrey will attempt to stop the bleeding tonight in the wake of the Padres’ torching the Mets’ staff for 18 runs on 19 hits last night. Pelfrey (7-1, 2.54 ERA) will be seeking to win his fourth straight start; he threw seven scoreless innings in a shutout of Philadelphia last Thursday.

“I think your job is to put up zeros,’’ said Pelfrey, in seven of his 10 starts has given up two or fewer runs.

Lifetime, Pelfrey is 1-0 with a 4.08 ERA in three starts against San Diego.

WHEELS IN MOTION: The Mets are up to something, with Jesus Feliciano making just his fourth start of the season tonight in center field for Class AAA Buffalo.
If the Mets are convinced Feliciano can handle center on a limited basis – most likely on the road away from the Citi Field’s vast outfield because of his range – it could mean the end of Gary Matthews’ stay with the Mets.
It would be Feliciano’s second start in center over the past few days.

THE PEREZ SAGA: Peter Gammons told WFAN today that agent, Scott Boras, approached the Mets about putting Oliver Perez on the disabled list and seeing a sports psychologist but was rebuffed by COO Jeff Wilpon.
Subsequently, Perez has refused to go to the minor leagues. Neither Boras nor the Mets have commented.

NOTEBOOK: Jon Niese is on track to be activated from the disabled list and start Saturday against Florida. … Daniel Murphy was to play second base tonight for Class AAA Buffalo. … The gimpy Luis Castillo starts tonight at second base.

Here’s tonight’s lineup at San Diego:

Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Jason Bay, LF
Ike Davis, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Angel Pagan, CF
Rod Barajas, C
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Mike Pelfrey, RP

53 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Pelfrey tries to stop the bleeding.

  1. 1 dont know how good feliciano is. he is hitting pretty well down there tho. i rather get younger with similar production so i see this as a good thing.

    2 if true the mets are stupid. they dont need to be in a pissing contest over this.
    cut your nose off to spite your face.

    3 it would be good to get niese back

  2. what are the chances of big pelf making all star game?

    they seem to be talking about that tonight.

  3. dave (1): Agreed on all counts. The Perez thing is frustrating for all parties involved. I am hoping Santana and others will confront Perez to convince him to go to the minors. Sometimes a little peer pressure doesn’t hurt.-JD

  4. dave (2): I think he has an excellent chance of going to the All-Star Game. Somebody has to represent the team and I don’t think anybody will be voted on. (I have to check the voting numbers on David Wright).-JD

  5. Castillo will go on the DL eventually. Why not now? If something is wrong with the right leg from compensating for the left, that’s just not right.-JD

  6. i am watching him limp while he breathes.

    does he gave a choice in this? this is not football

  7. dave (17): He has a choice. He could say he can’t go, but he’s not like that. Sometimes, the choice has to be made for him.-JD

  8. Ray (19): Manuel isn’t showing him any now. He’ll be limping like this until he breaks down. Why not DL him and give his heel a chance to improve?-JD

  9. JD, too bad you cant ask him that question anymore. When looie is gone maybe he will be appreciated.

  10. he has been playing hurt since he came here and he never complains. had some big hits this year, too.

  11. john/ray

    luis is not my favorite met. he has played fairly well tho for the past 2 years.

    i still dont think he has earned his contract. not his fault the gm likes to overpay on his players.

  12. john(29)


    dontrelle is not that player he was. when he got signed by detroit it was a ‘potential’ contract. he seems to have lost it. not sure what he would do here. a body is a body, but we have a few pitchers who may not be ready but i would rather they get time than he.

  13. john(33)
    i agree. he shows up every day and hits where he is told. he has no range, but i have not seen him make the stupid errors i have seen the last few years. of course i dont get to see many games so maybe i just dont see it.

  14. dave (35): I found that hard to believe. The Boston fans can be brutal. Philly fans might be the most demanding and short-fused of them all.-JD

  15. isnt he more a 2-3 million player today?

    i realize a few years ago owners were just stupid. but even then it was criticized for being rich and not just in years.

  16. how many did he hit last year?

    i hope he is just slumping. i am not happy with his hitting this year.

  17. dave (43): Wright hit 10 homers last year. What’s wrong with Wright this year are all the strikeouts, but his power numbers are in line.-JD

  18. SIXTH INNING: It has been a grinding inning for Pelfrey. The Padres have made him work and you had a feeling they would break through.-JD

  19. A QUICK WRAP/Game #53

    FINAL: Mets 4, Padres 2.
    RECORD: 27-26.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Mike Pelfrey was in complete control, and backed by homers from David Wright and Ike Davis he won his fourth straight start.
    ON THE MOUND: Pelfrey cruised for most of the game and kept his pitch count down. He gave up one run on four hits and two walks with season-high eight strikeouts in eight innings. … K-Rod earned his tenth save.
    AT THE PLATE: Wright had three hits, including a RBI single in the first and homer in the sixth. … Davis hit a two-run homer in the seventh.
    IN THE FIELD: Wright made a barehanded pick-up and throw to get a hitter in the sixth. … Luis Castillo limped out to second base. … Pelfrey picked off a runner and Rod Barajas threw out a potential base stealer.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Johan Santana starts tomorrow. -JD

  20. FYI –

    my heard skipped a beat when K-Rod got the ball and people were getting on base.