Time to get rid of Perez.

PEREZ: Time to cut ties.

The fear is there, but is it any worse than the embarrassment?

The fear is the Mets will cut loose Oliver Perez and he’ll find out what ails him under another pitching coach – maybe worse, it might be somebody in the NL East or The Jacket.

But, is that any worse than the embarrassment of watching Perez make a mockery of the concept of teamwork and force the Mets to play with what is a 24-man roster because of his refusal to accept repeated requests to go to the minor leagues to attempt to iron out his problems?

I would love to see the Mets attempt to suspend Perez for his selfishness for his unwillingness to make himself better, and label it conduct detrimental to the team. If an athlete doesn’t condition himself, doesn’t work out, then the team has some recourse. How is this not the same? How is refusing to go where you’ll get work different?

Doesn’t the major league contract also stipulate a player must do everything possible to put himself in a position to perform?

Legally, I don’t know. I think it sounds good, but I really don’t know. I do know the MLBPA usually doesn’t lose these skirmishes. But, the willingness to challenge would be refreshing. And, perhaps Perez might get a clue.

If not, then that anonymous Met who said, “it is time to cut bait,’’ is right. It is time to get rid of Perez, cut loose the selfish lefthander and take the chance he signs with somebody else.

But, he’s failed with the Padres, with the Pirates and now the Mets. The odds are good that this is as good as it gets for the Mets.

Get rid of Perez. Get rid of him now.

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  1. “I would love to see the Mets suspend Perez for his selfishness for his unwillingness to make himself better, and label it conduct detrimental to the team. If an athlete doesn’t condition himself, doesn’t work out, then the team has some recourse. How is this not the same? How is refusing to go where you’ll get work different?”

    And if Gannett had asked you to sleep in your rental car during road trips, would you have readily accept it because it would “make you better”?

    I’m sorry, but membership has its privileges — and, in this case, Perez’ union membership (I’m guessing he’s paid more into that union than most voices around here will be earning any time soon) affords him luxuries that go beyond what we might deem reasonable. What’s more, there’s no indication that a.) he hasn’t been working and trying hard and b.) a trip to the minors would help him. It would certainly help his _team_, but not necessarily him.

    It’s fun to read these quotes from frustrated teammates, but I imagine all of them would make the same refusal Perez has done, if they were in similar boats. As such, their real bone to pick is with management — for not eating the contract — than with Perez, who is simply exercising rights he has worked for.

  2. Tiffany (2): I agree with you that the union would defeat the Mets on this one. Still, I’d like to see them force the issue somehow and without result then cutting him.-JD

  3. (2) Unfortunately for them, they already played the “phantom injury” stunt with Maine (unless, of course, you believe that “shoulder weakness” is a defined medical condition that can not only be diagnosed, but cured, as well).

    What’s really playing in the background here, though, is the ongoing pissing match between Jeffie and Boras. Since I don’t know whether a team can compete in the modern age without Boras clients on its roster, the Mets would do well to get Jeffie out of the GM-agent equation sooner than later.

    And, speaking of Maine, isn’t it clear that that whole shenanigan was about Jerry reclaiming a roster spot and, by extension, his team from Omar? To me, that was an orchestrated move to communicate messages to both Omar (“Give me a real pitching staff or I’ll find one on my own”) and the players (“I’m playing the guys who give us the best chance to win, regardless of contractual status”). If it was poorly handled, that’s likely a reflection of an internal struggle between Jerry and Omar.

  4. cut him now.

    since he cant improve and he wont go to AAA, cut him

    he will continue to earn his contract. if he gets better someplace else fine.

    he isnt getting better here.

    they shouldnt have resigned him 2 years ago for the money they did. but that is the gm’s choice – who shouldnt be here either.

  5. as for your proposition to have the team challenge the player. that is their choice of course.

    they wont win. ollie has reportedly tried to improve himeself. it is not like he sits and pouts and refuses to do anything.

    the fact that he has not improved under different coaches is irrelevant.

    i have heard recently that they signed him to the contract based on potential.

    a 10 year vet’s potential and $2.25 will get you on the 7 train.

  6. This is the problem with unions. You cant get rid of bad apples. Ollie clearly does not care about his team or winning. He already won when he got his deal. He is set for life and he can coast now. He is hurting his team by taking a much needed roster spot and is causing animosity with his teammates. The only solution is to cut him and eat the money. other teams do it. Dontrelle was just cut by the tigers. He wont come back with an 85mph fastball and a lackadaisical attitude. The next thing to do is boycott all Boras clients to send him a message.

  7. (6) The other option is to trade him, although you would likely be getting a similar, if not worse, contract in return. But if the Cubs were willing to take Perez in exchange for Zambrano and his mega-contract, I’d have to consider it.

    In regard to Ollie’s velocity, Chuck Tanner told me he was throwing around 87 when the Pirates gave up on him and shipped him to the Mets; ten minutes with Rick Peterson later, he was throwing 93 again. So, in that regard, it’s a possibility — based on past performance alone — that his issues are mechanical and repairable by another pitching coach. If that’s the case, the Mets would be paying him $20.2 million to pitch for another team.

    Finally, in regard to boycotting Boras clients, would that include a certain 6’7″ righthander currently situated at the front of the Mets rotation? I’m not certain when he’s available for free agency, but if the Mets don’t get Jeffie out of their GM-agent equation by then, he’s as good as gone.

  8. 7. IF Pelfry is a Boras client, he will play the field anyway. enjoy him while you can. Boras also tried to get an extension for Beltran knowing he needed knee surgery. He is scum and if enough mlb teams shunned him he would be quickly out of business. btw tiff, do you have the stats for Reyes since he was moved back to the leadoff spot?

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  10. 7. Wait a minute, did you say Chuck Tanner told you? Well, this is a very interesting turn. Would you care to elaborate?

  11. (10) Yes — Chuck Tanner opened his mouth and talked…and I listened. And then I opened my mouth and talked…and he listened.

  12. Hmm… I wonder how tanner knew so much about Ollie since the last time he managed the bucs was 1985 and the pirates gave up on him in 2006.

  13. for somebody who rubs elbows with scouts you dont seem to know much about baseball. You said Reyes wouldnt benefit from going back to leadoff. Wrong. You even dared to compare Ollie with Santana a few weeks ago. Very Wrong.

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  15. (14) I really feel underarmed for this ongoing circle jerk that makes up the Delcos blog. Suffice to say, you guys are really made for each other.