Mets Chat Room: Frenchy and Takahashi are hot.

GAME #52 at Padres

After dropping two of three in Milwaukee, the Mets continue their unlikely road trip tonight in San Diego against the National League’s best team.

They’ll be doing it with a suddenly hot Jeff Francoeur and lefthander Hisanori Takahashi, who has gone from the bullpen to a mainstay in the rotation.

Francoeur has six hits in the last two games after manager Jerry Manuel gave him the advice of not listening to everybody else’s suggestions.

It got to the point where Francoeur was thinking about too many things – head, hands and feet placement – instead of just seeing the ball.

Too many chefs, it is true, spoils the soup.

“I’m going to confide in HoJo and Jerry,’’ Francoeur said. “And I’m going to listen to those two guys, and I know that’ll get me back on track.’’

Takahashi (4-1, 2.13), a 35-year-old rookie from Japan, has thrown 12 scoreless innings – against the Yankees and Phillies, no less – in two starts since cracking the rotation after Jon Niese was injured.

The numbers for Takahashi have been impressive with 44 strikeouts and 15 walks in 38 innings, with lefty hitters batting only .200 against him.

Oliver Perez spoke with reporters tonight and reiterated his intent to work things out on the major league level. He said he’s in a slump and needs to keep working.

Said Perez: “I know it’s hard being in the bullpen and coming to the games, so I have to get used to it. I know everything is going to get back…Like when you’re not hitting, that can come in one game. Everything can start doing well. … I’m around here and I know what I have to do to be better.”

Tonight’s lineup

Jose Reyes, SS
Alex Cora, 2B
Jason Bay, LF
Ike Davis, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Angel Pagan, CF
Rod Barajas, C
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Hisanori Takahashi, LP

34 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Frenchy and Takahashi are hot.

  1. FIRST INNING: By compensating for his left foot Luis Castillo is developing problems with his right foot. They could consider something I suggested a couple of weeks ago and that would be putting him on the DL. Just not smart.-JD

  2. I give up. What nonsense has Selig dreamed up with every team wearing these dopey white hats. No doubt some charity scam, with “a portion of the proceeds”. No one ever says what percentage the portion is.

  3. That one went about five miles. You can only avoid trouble for so long.

    I think there have been three straight generations of Hairstons to have played in the majors. Wonder how many families can say that? Definitely the Bells, starting with Gus who had the first Met hit.

  4. Amazing he didn’t slide into the plate. Milwaukee had a couple of guys who didn’t slide to attempt to break up double plays over the weekend. Just stupid baseball.-JD

  5. Barajas has got to be on the All-Star team if he keeps playing like that. He and Pagan have been the surprise players for the Mets.-JD

  6. The way this game is going, Heath Bell will have a chance to work out some of the hostility he still feels towards the Mets.

  7. Dan (31): The balls hit off him were hard. He said before the game he’s not going to the minors. He holds most of the cards right now.-JD

  8. So Coin Flip was our second best pitcher tonight…giving up only 2 runs in 2.2 innings. And if the Mets score 13 runs with two outs, he can win the game

  9. A QUICK WRAP/Game #52

    FINAL: Padres 18, Mets 6.
    RECORD: 26-26.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Hisanori Takahashi’s third start wasn’t a charm and the bullpen was worse.
    ON THE MOUND: Takahashi gave up six runs in four innings. …Raul Valdes faced five hitters and they all reached base. … Ryota Igarashi retired only one of seven hitters. … Oliver Perez got mop-up duty.
    AT THE PLATE: Rod Barajas hit a two-run homer. … Jeff Francoeur had another hit. … David Wright had two.
    IN THE FIELD: Angel Pagan throws a runner out at the plate to end the third. … Ike Davis had a throwing error.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana will pitch the final two games of the series.-JD