Mets Chat Room: Avoiding the sweep edition plus other questions.

GAME #51 at Brewers

Can you believe it?

After starting the week in scintillating fashion with a three-game shutout sweep of the Phillies, the Mets are in danger today of being swept by the Milwaukee Brewers.

Here’s something to mull over: The Brewers had won only six home games this season, and could have half that with a victory today.

It has been a disappointing first two games, with Jerry Manuel pulling Johan Santana after eight scoreless innings Friday and Fernando Nieve spitting the bit yesterday, turning his start into nothing more than a long relief appearance.

It was infuriating to learn Manuel didn’t consult Santana on how he was feeling before yanking him. What a disrespectful thing to do to the ace of your staff.

Manuel said he’d take the heat, as well he should. That was poor managing.

Nieve was a different story. He was bad from beginning to his short end.
It was a command issue for Nieve, which manifested itself in his inability to close out hitters and innings.

Will he get another start?

With John Maine on the disabled list and Oliver Perez hardly distinguishing himself, one would think there would be another opportunity for Nieve.

R.A. Dickey has pitched well in his two emergency starts and will be going today. Dickey is coming off a strong seven-strikeout performance against the Phillies Tuesday night.

While Manuel is hard to figure out in how he handles his pitching, here’s something else I don’t understand.

Ike Davis is out of the lineup today after hitting a three-run homer yesterday. It’s not like he needs the rest. Even so, it is the timing of the rest.

Davis had been struggling, but appeared to correct a mechanical flaw yesterday. The homer was a good sign, but to take him out after improving is another thing hard to comprehend. Let his stay on the roll.

Here’s today’s lineup:

Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Jason Bay, LF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Angel Pagan, CF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Henry Blanco, C
R.A. Dickey, RP

24 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Avoiding the sweep edition plus other questions.

  1. I can believe it. They are the Mets. Teasing us is the name of the game and like Charlie Brown, we never learn.

  2. FIFTH INNING: The Mets are playing with a 24-man roster because Perez won’t go to the minor leagues. It is his right, but it is being selfish. … That’s what Darling is talking about.-JD

  3. Mets must be near the top in grounding into double plays. Almost had another one there.

  4. I’m very off. Mets are tied for 12th in GIDP. Keep the cynicism for when it is deserved.

  5. Manuel said he was going to use Perez when the game is out of hand. That wasn’t the case yesterday. What Perez gave up was the difference in the game.-JD

  6. SIXTH INNING: Kind of surprised Manuel is letting Dickey bat, but glad. Stay out of the Mets’ bullpen for as long as he can.-JD

  7. Nice job by Castillo. He’s produced all season. He’s still a whipping boy for a lot of fans, but that’s not fair. How he’s playing last year and so far this year is why he got the contract he did.-JD

  8. SEVENTH INNING: My first thought in watching Angel Pagan’s homer was what will the Mets do when Carlos Beltran returns. Then, I realized that’s not going to happen for awhile.-JD

  9. (16) You’re taking pot shots at Peterson? Can you name five current pitching coaches who could hold his jock?

  10. Tiffany (17): Not taking a pot shot at The Jacket. It’s an indictment on how bad Suppan is. … I think The Jacket is very good, obviously much better than Dan Warthen.-JD

  11. EIGHTH INNING: Why not Mejia and his 95 mph. fastball after the knuckleballer? There has to be better options than Dessens.-JD

  12. NINTH INNING: Francoeur had been over analytical, saying he was listening to advice from too many people. That’s six hits in two games.-JD

  13. A QUICK WRAP/Game #51

    FINAL: Mets 10, Brewers 4.
    RECORD: 26-25.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: R.A. Dickey worked seven innings, singled in a run, and Angel Pagan, Luis Castillo and Jeff Francoeur drove in two runs apiece to help the Mets avoid being swept.
    ON THE MOUND: Dickey gave up four runs on nine hits in seven innings. … Elmer Dessens faced two batters and got three outs in the eighth.
    AT THE PLATE: Castillo drove in two runs with a bases-loaded single in the sixth. … Pagan hit a two-run homer. … Francoeur showed snap-out-of-it signs with four hits.
    IN THE FIELD: Henry Blanco got the start behind the plate.
    LOOKING AHEAD: The Mets head to San Diego. Hisanori Takahashi, Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana will start in the series.-JD