About Last Night — Santana’s effort wasted.

SANTANA: No run support

I won’t say the positive feelings about the Mets in the wake of the Philly series were dashed last night, but they were tempered.

Two things were especially apparent.

The first was their inability to hit in the clutch as they did against the Phillies. They didn’t have many, but they had enough where they could have won. When the bases are loaded with no outs, you should score at least one by accident.

The second was the use of the bullpen. At 105 pitches, Johan Santana was not done. He should have at least been given the first base runner. There is also the use of Ryota Igarashi at the expense of Pedro Feliciano in the ninth. Feliciano is your most reliable reliever and proven to be able to get out right handed hitters. As long as he was in there, he should have stayed.

As long as Jerry Manuel was hell bent on going with the percentages, why didn’t he look at Igarashi’s numbers since coming off the disabled list. In three appearances, including last night, he has given up five runs on five hits for a whopping 27.00 ERA.

He might be healthy, but he’s not sharp. The only thing sharp last night was Santana, and his performance was wasted by the offense and bullpen.

6 thoughts on “About Last Night — Santana’s effort wasted.

  1. JD, you are right. jerry continues to befuddle me with his bullpen decisions. from using dessens straight off the airplane last week to trusting igarashi with important situations without easing him back in. Also I am wondering why he didnt use perez at all in the philly series. He has always done well against them, and at the least he could have used him for garbage time in the 8-0 game. might have been a confidence booster.

  2. Ray (1): The Dessens decision was idiotic. And, you’re right, don’t they have to at least try to fix Perez? What better way than with a lead in a rout?-JD

  3. M&M have no faith in any of their players een after they earn it. I can see not trusting perez in light of his issues. But not trusting Santana?! I just dont get it..

  4. delcos, to make it worse, they had ollie warming in the pen in a 0-0 tie last night. jerry is a joke.

  5. i dont see how he takes out feliciano after one pitch.

    why is the bullpen fried? oh yeah. things like that.