Mets: On the road again.

MANUEL: Needs to figure out road woes

After another successful homestand – and it doesn’t get much better than a shutout sweep of the Phillies – the Mets hit the road to Milwaukee and San Diego.

Bizarre scheduling, yes, but nonetheless another obstacle for the Mets and challenge for manager Jerry Manuel. The whispers have eased about his job, but if they continue to stumble away from Citi Field could easily resurface.

This trip is one letter away from a trap, in that the Mets must guard against the inevitable letdown after beating the Yankees and Phillies. Milwaukee has the worst home record, but hasn’t always been an easy place to play for the Mets and the Padres have a good team.

The Mets are bearing down on the Phillies for the NL East lead, but they are still only a few games over .500 and have shown little ability thus far at winning on the road.

A baseball season is long and arduous. It is about sustaining power and that’s something we haven’t yet seen this year.

9 thoughts on “Mets: On the road again.

  1. if the new pitchers can pitch, niese comes back in a week and castillo/pagan dont have brain farts we should be ok

    and sybill will be here at the end of the year.

  2. gotta give omar some credit here. he stayed away from the expensive mediocre pitchers on the free agency market this winter and found some useful pitchers on the junkpile. keep playing great at home and .500 on the road. thats the formula to make the playoffs.

  3. Ray (2): You are correct. The Japanese pitchers, the catchers, bringing up Ike Davis are all his decisions that have panned out. For all the criticism Minaya receives, he deserves those kudos.-JD

  4. i dont give him credit.

    it appears to me they did not get taki to start. niese was a question as he was coming off injury and guess what he is still coming off a reinjury of the tear.

    dicky was just minor league depth. i dont know what moves he made to improve the rotation. ike came up sooner than expected because murph and jacobs were supposed to be the guys.

    this is not planning. this is luck. omar did not expect ike to come up at the beginning of the year and act like he belongs. he did not expect dickey to come up in may and win 2 games in a week. he did not expect taki to come in and take over and pitch like he has in the pen and the rotation.

    he expected maine and ollie to win 15 games each. how has that worked out?

    please. do not give these jokers credit for that which they do not.

  5. if you want evidence for the above. point me to the press conference where omar or the shadow gm puts these guys up in front of the press and says these are our guys.

    they do that for major signings. not role players.

    dont get me wrong. i am glad the young guys are giving energy and production to the team. i am glad that taki is getting his chance rather than trotting out ollie and hoping he has a clue or maine and hoping that he is not injured.

    those were our middle rotation guys. 40% of the rotation is a joke. both most likely will not make a start for us this year again.

  6. Dave, sometimes its better to be lucky than good. He sure has had enough bad luck lately. In reality though, he did make some smart moves. Not giving into molina is looking pretty good right now. His catching combo is excellent, Bay is heating up after a slow start and after all, he did draft Ike. doesnt he get credit for that or was that luck too?

  7. ray

    yes he drafted ike. i like ike. my point above was he was not to come in at the beginning of the season and save us.

    he has also drafted a bunch of busts in the past few years. where are they? a string of high order relievers who cant pitch.

    i am also glad we did not give in to molina. in the offseason there were a bunch of catchers who from what i read were roughly on par with him. same avg, good defense, less pop.

    we got 2 of those guys and i am happy with them.

  8. Dave, I am not used to defending Omar, but I give credit where its due. Im not one keep hating on somebody for the sake of hating. Im not happy with many of his drafts either. some of that may be due to wilpon not wanting to pay over slot. He also drafted pelfry and thats looking pretty sweet right now.

  9. i dont hate omar.

    i think he has done a bad job. the minors have been a joke during his tenure. most of the players he drafted are useless. for two straight years the draft was about relievers. only one came up and was useful, that was bobby parnell. they misused him last year and where is he now?

    he had his friend be a destructive influence on the team until his stupidity forced a public relations nightmare and his firing. at the press conference the gm lashed out at a reporter for no reason.

    omar is suppose to be a scout, which means the draft should be good. i dont see it. what i see year after year is an attempt to hire any washed up player that if they happen to step in it will be productive for us. this has happened a few times, but i see no plan.

    i see no talent.

    i would prefer to fire the owner, but that cant happen. so the next step is to fire the incompetent gm.