May 25.10: Oswalt: Go for it.

The odds are long against pulling the trigger on this deal, but the Mets must seriously consider making a decisive and early run at Roy Oswalt to get an edge on the field before the trade deadline.

Make the run now as the price figures to spike in July.

And, the sooner the better, while the Mets are still considered a competitive team. How long that lasts is questionable with three-fifths of the rotation – suspect to begin with – out indefinitely.

How often will Omar Minaya get a second chance like this? After holding a pat hand during the winter, the Mets’ rotation is in shambles but now there’s the prospect of Oswalt, which would give them instant credibility as a contender. Minaya can redeem his winter with a simple phone call.

After playing a listless pat hand, he’s been now dealt a chance at an ace. Johan Santana, Oswalt and Mike Pelfrey would be as good as any trio in the league.

Oswalt is owed $31 million for this year and next with a $16 million club option for 2012. That’s a lot of money, but it is better well spent than Oliver Perez’s deal.

Oswalt also makes more sense than Cliff Lee in that his cost is definable, while Lee wants to test the market. Trading for Lee over Oswalt would be foolish, as it would be dealing for a hired gun.

For as bad as the Mets have played at times, they are still only five games behind the Phillies in the NL East. After winning two of three over the Yankees, there’s a sense of growing optimism. However, getting an Oswalt would legitimatize that optimism and spurn it to another level.

The odds might be gone, but go for it.

11 thoughts on “May 25.10: Oswalt: Go for it.

  1. I caught something yesterday on this and they had 3 points.

    1. Injury. Apparently he has a bad back. How bad is it? I gather it is chronic.

    2. Apparently he doesn’t like NY, wants to go to a contender and has a no trade.

    3. How much do we need to give up? Our system is finally at a point where it can add value to the team. How many pieces do we need to give up to get him?

    I agree. We could use rotation help. For me it is a question of cost. What is your feeling on Jenrry who undoubtedly is part of the package? Is he a bonafide star? If he does have the tools, and it appears he has the confidence. He can be a star on your team for 10 years.

    That is a long time to have him and Pelf as the anchor to your team.


  2. Of course to save the jobs of the current incompetent chickens we will empty the farm to get Oswalt.

    Undoubtedly with a new contract.

  3. Last night on the FAN. he was saying how we need the pitching and OSWALT/Lee will make our team far better. Then again wright and Reyes have to step up etc. All of which we have discussed already.

    But its very apparent to many analyst what our team needs. So why Can’t M&M see or get this to happen?

  4. dave (1): As far as Mejia is concerned, I believe his trade value has diminished in the bullpen. Teams that envision his as a starter don’t know what he’s capable of because he’s not in that role. …. The Mets can hardly sell him as a starter because if he’s so good starting then why isn’t he?-JD

  5. SteveC (3): For economic reasons, I’d target Oswalt first. …Reports are his back his fine. Of course, there would be a physical.-JD

  6. Yeah last night they said Lee’s price was way too high. there was another pitcher that was less but available. His name began with an M. it was late and I was half listening as I negotiated turns through bear mountain at 11pm.

  7. yeah that might be it. or midland or something. like i said. it was an interesting talk. but then the again i decided that watching the winding road was more important 😉

  8. I honestly don’t want Oswalt here this year unless we don’t have to give up much to get him. If the Astros move Oswalt in a “be good to one of your best players and salary moves”, then I could see picking up Oswalt as an “early FA move” for next year. However, if Oswalt commands what he SHOULD command in talent, I have no interest in bringing him in.

    I would much rather wait for a bonafide quality FA next year like Lee and some of the others that should be available.

    This team is not in a win now mode, this is a transitional year to me that is about finding out what pieces we keep and build around and what pieces need to be replaced for next year.

  9. (4) JD: What Mejia is doing now has no effect on his trade value. He’s a 20 year old kid with a great arm that is actually IN the majors now, and has shown some success. If anything, his trade value has been ENhanced. Young power arms ranked in the top two on your prospect list are surely going to be coveted by other teams. Mejia would be the first person the Astros would ask for. Probably along with Flores and Davis. The Mets can’t trade for Oswalt offering Daniel Murphy. LOL. Anyway, I wouldn’t trade Mejia regardless.