May 24.10: Mejia to stay in pen.

Until they change their minds again, the Mets have made a decision – hopefully definitive for at least the remainder of the season – on Jenrry Mejia.

The prospect with the million-dollar arm will remain in the bullpen.

Manager Jerry Manuel confirmed last night what many surmised after Manny Acosta was optioned to Triple-A Buffalo instead of Mejia to make room for Ryota Igarashi’s return from the disabled list.

“You have a young man who has a tremendous arm, tremendous upside,’’ Manuel said. “If you take what he gives you in small bits, it’s very serviceable, even at the big league level.’’

Several things went into the decision, notably when Mejia started altering his delivery Thursday in Washington. Altered deliveries lead to arm problems and the Mets want to nip possibility early.

During the series with the Nationals, Manuel had suggested Mejia was likely to be the one to go to the minor leagues to make room for Igarashi.

Starting might still be in Mejia’s future, but not for now, and you would be correct if you thought this move had something to do with Manuel’s immediate job future.

“If we wanted to have him start, he could start in the winter somewhere,’’ Manuel said. “But here, if he’s serviceable and if he’s usable, then I’d like to have him. It’s probably selfish on my part, but that’s how I feel.’’

With Igarashi back, the plan is for him and Feliciano to work the eighth and Mejia to work the seventh. Watching Mejia blow away Mark Teixeira Saturday night convinced Manuel.

“Basically, that was the plan all along,’’ Manuel said. “We felt that Igarashi could handle the eighth, and we needed someone to handle the seventh. I wanted to see Mejia pitch in this environment and see how he responded to it, and he did real well.’’

I only hope the Mets stick with this decision and not waver. To bounce him from role to role at 20 could be harmful to his development.

9 thoughts on “May 24.10: Mejia to stay in pen.

  1. At this point, it makes sense to keep him where he is. Send him to winter ball to stretch out and work on off speed pitches. Oswalt is out there and Lee probaly will be soon. The mariners suck so theres no reason for them to keep him. btw he has an incredible k-bb ratio of 32-1!! the anti-ollie.

  2. I am sure between M&M and warthen , they will find a way to ruin him.
    I am fricken glad and loving that the players are finally breaking out.
    I just wish management would be honest just once.

  3. 2 points

    1. mejia is a better pitcher than acosta. its a no brainer who they sack

    2. if they send him to winter ball as they do with everyone, yes you get more time to work on things and have competition, but since with pitch counts everyone is oh so concerned about the health of these guys, why are you sending your best pitching prospect to blow out his arm.

    would you not rather let his body rest and recuperate for the following season?

    i dont get it. work them year round, but limit them to 50 pitches a game cause they cant take it.

    make up ur mind. either ride the horse until it dies or baby them and dont teach them how to pace themselves and become a starter.

  4. Ray (1): At this point, I would take Oswalt because you’ll have him for at least two more years. Lee would strictly be a rental. He won’t sign now, but will test the market. The Mets could get him then if they were inclined.-JD

  5. Steve C (2): I’m still waiting for Reyes to break out of it. Things would be a lot different if he were on base all the time. … Glad to see Bay snapping out of things.-JD

  6. dave (3): If they keep Mejia in the pen for now it would limit his innings. Then he could be monitored in winter ball. I don’t think that would blow out his arm.-JD

  7. Nats are rumored to be in the oswalt sweepstakes. oboy, this is a team to watchout for.

  8. John

    It is not just innings.

    As a reliever you can dial it up. A starter cannot go 7/8 innings throwing 95/96/97.

    A reliever can do that for an inning or less. I would think dialing it up like that would stress out the body. Kinda like doing a 100 yard sprint vs a 2 mile run at the same speed. I don’t know. I am not a pitcher.

    I am glad to see Jenrry throwing other pitches besides heat. At least he is learning something there.

  9. Personally, at this point I would like to see Jennry get about half a year of bullpen work and then get sent down mid-year to go as a starter in the minors. The advantage is that that will give him a nice ramp up of innings pitched and should give him time to be a full time starter next year without having that significant curve in his innings growth.

    I also think this will end up working as I dont expect the Mets to really be “in it” in August/September.