May 22.10: Chat Room, Game #44 vs. Yankees: Pelfrey attempts to stop slide.

The beleaguered Mets – losers of eight of their last ten games – hope to get better tonight with Mike Pelfrey (5-1, 3.02) going against the Yankees.

Pelfrey is making his third start against the Yankees, against whom he is 1-1 with a 5.40 ERA in 10 innings. In his last start, Pelfrey gave up two runs over a season-high 7 2/3 innings Monday at Atlanta, which snapped a five-game losing streak.

With questions throughout their rotation, Pelfrey has been the Mets’ most dependable starter, and his 3-0 with a 2.61 ERA in five home starts. Pelfrey attributes much of his success for falling out of love with the sinker. He said he was becoming predictable with the sinker.

“I would almost say I’ve changed from being a sinkerball guy to a four-seam guy,’’ Pelfrey said. “There are times when I’ll only use the sinker when I get in trouble. I’ve changed.’’

What hasn’t changed is the Mets’ myriad of pitching questions, beginning with John Maine, who will be examined by doctors Monday for discomfort and fatigue in his shoulder.

Maine pitched to one batter Thursday night at Washington before being removed. Angry for being taken out, Maine has finally admitted to discomfort, but stubborn as he is, said he didn’t think it was necessary to go on the DL.

Raul Valdes replaced Maine and pitched five strong innings. He was so effective, that Jerry Manuel has tentatively penciled him in over knuckleballer R.A. Dickey to start Tuesday against Philadelphia.

The Mets’ offense, save a 10-run explosion Thursday night, has been listless for much of May. It has been a brutal month for David Wright, who was 0-for-4 with two strikeouts. Wright has struck out 23 times since May 8.

Here’s tonight’s line-up behind Pelfrey:

Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Jason Bay, LF
Ike Davis, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Angel Pagan, CF
Rod Barajas, C
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Mike Pelfrey, RP

64 thoughts on “May 22.10: Chat Room, Game #44 vs. Yankees: Pelfrey attempts to stop slide.

  1. Just a thought, but it is odd the Mets would honor their 2000 World Series team this weekend considering they that Series to the Yankees. Just odd timing.-JD

  2. FIRST INNING: I can’t remember the last time Reyes bunted for a hit to lead off a game. … He still has that big swing.-JD

  3. I remember last year and in spring training all the questions surrounding the Mets’ rotation. There were concerns about Pelfrey, Maine, Perez and the fifth starter, who turned out to be Niese. Of four question marks Pelfrey is the only one that’s been answered in the positive so far.-JD

  4. 11


    all couldnt pitch. pelfrey looks like he figured it out. maine looks like he is done and ollie is worse than he has ever been. i wonder if the contract got to ollie. big contract lots of expectations. pressure and he can relax for he and his family are set for life.

  5. was that a current picture of maine? he does not look happy.

    wow. he does not look happy. i dont blame him.

  6. i wish these guys would just shut up.

    they have no idea what they are talking about. it sounds like they have not talked to any of the principals involved nor have they followed the team. they are given a sheet of facts to comment on.

  7. dave (16): Joe Buck can be annoying. …. The bottom line to the Maine fiasco is Manuel and Warthen played it horribly. If Maine was that bad in his warm-ups he never should have started the game. …. Can you imagine the firestorm if Maine blew out is his shoulder and it came out they let him pitch after a bad warm-up? Inexcusable.-JD

  8. Ray (19): I’m thinking they will, but what if he’s done. Maybe the thyroid took more out of him than he, or the Mets, are willing to let on. Based on his numbers, they shouldn’t.-JD

  9. sherman has an article in the post today about reyes and wright and how they cant be counted on as cornerstones any more.

  10. I dont know how premature sherman is. this has been going on longer than that. wright ks again w risp. his rbis are of the kevin mcreynolds variety. never in a pressure situation. Reyes they have to make a decision in about 5 months.

  11. Ray (26): Neither have played to expectations. I’m not willing to give up on either, yet. … But, I will concede reasons to be concerned.-JD

  12. SIXTH INNING: Big moment in the game here for Pelfrey. This is where he needs to take his game to another level. He’s been better this year at cutting off an inning.-JD

  13. john(18)

    i agree.

    if they thought he had issues he should never have come out to pitch.

  14. Ray (33): It’s amazing how often that happens. Some of that has to fall on the hitters and some of that has to be HoJo.-JD

  15. a clutch hit by cora. mets up 4-1. great job by pelf. gotta go. lets go mets.

  16. why didnt either of the other two choke up to just hit it?

    does anyone choke up anymore or is it too girly to do so?

  17. dave (37): Hardly anybody chokes up, probably because the bats are so light. Bonds used to do it. It gives the hitter better bat control.-JD

  18. so you are saying because they changed the wood, choking up doesnt work anymore?

  19. speaking of luis.

    i heard a rumor the mets were shopping him.

    he is our most consistent hitter.

    not sure if it is a good idea with this team since no one can hit.

  20. dave (42): Not at all. Choking up does work. But the hitters believe because the bat is so light that they can whip it around faster. That doesn’t always translate into bat control.-JD

  21. dave (43): Supposedly they are talking to the Rockies. He has been consistent, but I’d still trade him to unload the salary. I don’t think Castillo would be the difference between winning and losing.-JD

  22. Huge, I mean HUGE moment for Mejia. It shows he has exceptional value as a reliever. Which only confuses things for the Mets’ mindset.-JD

  23. yeah

    it does. i still want him as a starter.

    are they saying they need to replace krod now?

  24. dave (51): I don’t think so. But, he’s an adventure most nights out there. They’ll let him walk when his contract is over. He won’t get a second big bucks deal.-JD

  25. that means they replace him after next year right?

    they still need pitching.

    how good will johan be in 2 years? will pelf continue to get better or will he get torched? will niese ever be good or not injured?

    who pitches 3-5 for us considering for the past few years we cannot get a decent pitcher?

    we dont have much in the minors. there are some guys in A ball. others in the higher leagues are mixed.

  26. dave (53): In two years you’ll see some decline in Santana. Oh, Mejia will be in the rotation in two years if not in the next two months. … In two years I can see Maine and Perez gone. Maybe sooner.-JD

  27. i can see maine/perez gone this year.

    in fact as of this moment they are not here.

  28. EIGHTH INNING: They are paying K-Rod all this money, he should be able to get a two-inning save. … Nieve doesn’t do it for me any more.-JD

  29. A QUICK WRAP/Game #44

    FINAL: Mets 5, Yankees 3.
    RECORD: 21-23.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: David Wright drove in two runs to back the strong pitching of Mike Pelfrey.
    ON THE MOUND: Pelfrey gave up a run on six hits in six innings. … Jenrry Mejia pitched out of big trouble in the seventh, getting Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez.
    AT THE PLATE: Wright had two hits and two RBI. … Jason Bay had four hits and scored three runs. … Angel Pagan had three hits.
    IN THE FIELD: Ike Davis made a back-handed, lunging snow cone catch of a soft liner by Derek Jeter. … Wright made a scintillating play on Rodriguez to end the seventh.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Johan Santana goes Sunday. -JD