May 22.10: Don’t count on Mets getting Oswalt.

Just because Roy Oswalt wants out of Houston, don’t go thinking his next stop is Queens. Oswalt has $31 million remaining on this contract through 2011, plus an option, so he won’t come cheaply.

I know what you’re thinking, if they can give more money than that to Oliver Perez, why can’t they give it to a good pitcher such as Oswalt?

They could, but do you really see them spending that kind of money? I don’t, and I don’t see Oswalt waiving his no-trade clause to play for a team that’s in disarray.

Let’s face it, outside of a pitcher’s ball park, what do the Mets have to offer. A listless offense? Perhaps a managerial change? Perhaps a change in the front office? A shaky bullpen?

The Mets aren’t a very attractive proposition right now.

Even so, the Mets still have three holes to fill in their rotation.

After last night, Hisanori Takahashi will get another shot. So will R.A. Dickey. The next time John Maine’s spot in the rotation will come up will be a week from tomorrow. The best guess is it will be Pat Misch.

Bottom line, for immediate help, it will have to come from within.

3 thoughts on “May 22.10: Don’t count on Mets getting Oswalt.

  1. another problem is who do the mets have to trade? If mejia was in the minors and doing well he could be a start, but hes not and his stock is going down. fmart? fuggetaboutit. holt,havens and many others who were supposed to be high ceiling minor leaguers are on the DL.

  2. Ray (1): The pickings down on the farm aren’t healthy or productive right now and I’m afraid F-Mart’s value is on a downward spiral. The Astros, however, might be so willing to get rid of Oswalt’s contract that it might take less than imagined.-JD

  3. the pen is not bad.
    it is overuse that makes them bad.

    if they didnt have to play half a game every game, they would be pretty good.