May 21.10: Who goes first, Manuel or Maine?

Was one of the five pitches John Maine threw last night his final one with the Mets?

That’s what many are thinking, but if Jerry Manuel’s job security was secure, or at least stable, it might be enough for him to outlast Maine, but it is a house of cards.

Maine was the third Mets starter to go down during the team’s dreadful 2-6 road trip, but if the DL is in his immediate future then he’ll get another chance to save his career.

Manuel and pitching coach Dan Warthen think Maine is hiding an injury – the latter called the pitcher a “habitual liar’’ when it comes to discussing his health – and we should know after he sees a doctor today.

“I would like an explanation,’’ Maine said about his removal. “Me throwing 85 mph I don’t think is a good explanation to be taken out.’’

A weak warm-up session and Maine hunched over on the mound might have had something to do with it.

However, Maine partly answered his own question about why he wasn’t allowed to stay in the game.

“I’m in no position, I don’t have enough clout,’’ said Maine. “I don’t have enough star power to say anything. So what happens happens.’’

While Maine’s verbal explosion might doom him with some organizations, what might save him was how this was bungled by Manuel and Warthen.

“I just didn’t think John had enough to compete tonight,’’ Warthen said. “If he’s throwing that way, then there’s got to be something incorrect in that arm. … He wants to go out there and pitch. But we have to be smart enough to realize this guy isn’t right.’’

How come then, if his warm-ups were so bad, weren’t they smart enough to pull the plug before he took the mound?

Warthen told Manuel that Maine wasn’t throwing 80 mph in the bullpen. When Maine bounced a warm-up pitch, Manuel immediately got Raul Valdes up and throwing.

Manuel talked so much about wanting to protect Maine, but he let him start the game anyway? If one pitch could blow out his shoulder, then why take the chance?

Maine said he was never asked how he felt or that he was scheduled to see a doctor today. There’s a protocol in dealing with pitcher’s injuries and it wasn’t followed.

To be sure, Maine didn’t handle things properly, but neither did Manuel or Warthen, and the ice they are skating on is thinner than Maine’s.

8 thoughts on “May 21.10: Who goes first, Manuel or Maine?

  1. in all the years of baseball. I have not seen anything like this. I stand by my statement last night. This was a script or hidden agenda of manuel and warthen and Maine was the fall guy. They need to DL someone and I guess Ollie aint it.
    yes we won last night but in the end almost barely because of a burnt pen.
    Mnauel treats certain players differently, I dont think like it but thats his prerogative. M&M and warthen are not a good fit. they have caused disharmony in the team. But who knows what is really going on, yes we can arm chair all we like all we get to see is what is televised.
    Letting him take the mound and kicking him off was theatrics on manuel’s part at Maine’s expense. To me it looked like Maine was collecting himself by hunching over. sort of like.. dammit take a breath ok lets go. but before he could straighten up .. out came the medivac terrible just terrible.

  2. i wasnt listening to maine last night. but what i did hear did not seem like anything but someone frustrated and angry. i did not notice him lashing out at the mgr.

  3. If you watch the dugout scene. Maine was asking what and why etc. and Manuel was just not having any of it.
    I dont think maine deserved that.. him going out was Warthen’s call that anger should have been at Warthen.

  4. Manuel will go before maine. that is for sure. Maine was one of omars moves that had people calling him a genius a few years back. Maine will get every chance to get it together. Manuel being replaced by melvin abound already. Warthen knows hes gone and i guess he doesnt like maine so he took a parting shot.

  5. Ray (4): It sure looks that way. It was ugly last night watching and listening to the back biting. It is beyond me that if Maine’s warm-up was that bad they would risk sending him out there on two fronts: 1) losing the game, and 2) having Maine be injured. In a situation like this, where the manager has little cache, they’ll side with the player.-JD

  6. I have listened to the tape of Maine several times and you could tell he was angry and bitter, but I don’t think he took any shots at Manuel and Warthen. He criticized how he was handled, but acknowledged it was their call. He also didn’t take any personal shots at either. At least, nothing as blatant as Warthen calling Maine a “habitual liar.” That relationship is doomed, but losing Warthen isn’t that big a deal. He’s gone after this year regardless of what happens to Manuel.-JD

  7. I fell asleep it took too long for the interview to happen and i was beat.