May 20.10: Chat Room, Game #42 at Nationals: Wright needs to get going.

The numbers currently for David Wright are so bad they are almost incomprehensible. Wright is back in the lineup tonight at Washington after being forced to sit out to clear his head.

“I’d rather play, but it’s (Jerry Manuel’s) decision,’’ said Wright, who his mired in a 3-for-25 slump over his last seven games. Dominating that stretch are 12 strikeouts.

Wright has struck out in each of his last 15 games, and has a major league high 55 this season.

The Mets need Wright to snap out of his funk quickly before they dig themselves too deep a hole they can’t escape. The Mets have lost seven of their last eight games and open up a six-game homestand with three games each with the Yankees and Phillies.

The hitting has been dreadful during that stretch, personified by Wright’s troubles.

“We need him back to where he can be,’’ Manuel said. “You’re talking about a guy that’s a .309 career hitter.’’

As bad as Wright has been, there are numbers that suggest a glimmer of hope, such as 28 walks, a .382 on-base percentage and a .504 slugging percentage with eight homers. Wright chooses to look at these numbers as a positive thought.

“All it takes is one swing or one at-bat where something clicks, you feel good, and hopefully you go on a hot streak,’’ Wright said.

Wright will bat fifth, behind rookie Ike Davis in the order.

“I think we’re going to try to leave Davis there for a while. I think he’s ready to handle that,’’ Manuel said of Davis, who in 28 game since his call-up is batting .272 with four homers and 11 RBI.

Here’s tonight’s lineup behind John Maine.

Jose Reyes, SS
Alex Cora, 2B
Jason Bay, LF
Ike Davis, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Angel Pagan, CF
Rod Barajas, C
Jeff Francoeur, RF
John Maine, RP

After a stretch of three strong starts in which he went 1-1 with a 2.50 ERA, Maine was hit hard by Florida Saturday, giving up six runs on seven hits in five innings.

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70 thoughts on “May 20.10: Chat Room, Game #42 at Nationals: Wright needs to get going.

  1. Maine is out of the game. apprently not feeling well. but him and Manuel are going at it!

  2. DP. ,, I think this is Maine’s swan song. But i still dont know why jerry took him out. looked like maine was just collecting himself.

  3. Well manuel showed he was not happy with maine. And maine looks bewildered why it all happened.
    He walked a batter rested on his knees and then everyone came out and said your done. oh well.

    So last night morgan held on to reyes like a little girl to keep him from catching the a ball that resulted in triple play.
    Valdez just hit a single. but nothing came of it.

  4. wright robbed of an out covering second base. Dunn gets away with a double.

  5. BTW – Wrights double earned him 3 RBIs.
    Ike davis just doubled in the 3rd and stranded.

  6. Frenchy and reyes stranded.
    According to Ronnie he heard that warthen had issues with mechanics of maine and feared there was a problem. he’s headed to the doctors .. I think this was BS. but who knows. SO instead of Ollie getting DLed expect Maine on the DL tomorrow to get the extra pitchers up…

  7. 5th inning – Bases loaded. Ike almost cost an out with bad base running. but makes it to 3rd base. Hale seen schooling davis to watch him and trust him. (thats what i read form it anyway)
    Gnats making a double switch.

  8. Hi folks …. just got back from class. Listened to big inning on the car radio. Thought I had the wrong station. Nice to hear Wright and Francoeur breaking out of it. -JD

  9. yeah but i dont know. I think this was the DL play. this may have been a script between warthen and manuel. but that’s my paranoia. even so . it worked out for us none the less.

  10. here we go. 10 – 1 .. bases loaded Gnats. gotta love it. Acosta pitching. he has to be tired.

  11. Acosta needs to get out of this quickly. Don’t want to waste Valdes’ effort by using up a lot of relievers the rest of the way.-JD

  12. SteveC (23): Have to figure if this is a DL thing, and no injury has been mentioned, this will get Perez back into the rotation. Maine’s delivery was not normal and his velocity was down.-JD

  13. When is Manuel going to realize the hitting machine Barajas belongs in the cleanup spot?

  14. 26. yep Ron and gary are aslo scratching their chins.

    well 10-3 base running error by pudge. 1 out. but Gnats made a dent. why relievers are burnt/

  15. I find it interesting acosta is blowing it. but hey all he gets is warthen to come out and talk to him…

    yes we are winning because they took maine out. But i do see inequality in how they are handling poor pitching.. oh maybe because they know they burnt the pen?

  16. 32. a pitch count at a steady 100 will do that ..
    with that number you will always use the pen.

  17. Basis loaded. I tell you what .. if they blow this game. manuel should be sanctioned.

  18. puhlease this is manuel. knee jerk reaction go to the pen. why valdes wasnt left in longer is beyond me.

  19. understatement of the year by gary Cohen. pedro provides a scare but gets the out.
    yeah ok.

  20. I go out to 7-11 to get ice cream and come back to find I almost should have gotten smelling salts? Both the Mets and Yanks are limping into the slump series.

  21. SteveC (49): Odd as this sounds, maybe it is for the good that Maine left the game after one hitter. Who knows what kind of damage the Nats might have done had he stayed in? Then again, the Mets might not have scored all those runs.-JD

  22. Don Stanhouse was known as “Full Pack” because when he was pitching, Earl Weaver would smoke 20 cigarettes to calm his nerves. This Mets team is more like a “carton”.

  23. Our Mets emerge triumphant and now trail the Gnats by only one game in their titanic struggle for fourth place. Just 20 hours
    until they put a load of hurting upon the fading Yankees as they play them before a Yankee filled crowd at $itiField. But the Manuel men will emerge triumphant…I hope.

  24. A QUICK WRAP/Game #42

    FINAL: Mets 10, Nationals 7.
    RECORD: 20-22.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Raul Valdes pitched five superb innings in relief of John Maine and David Wright snapped out of a slump with four RBI. However, the Mets being the Mets, they almost blew a nine-run lead.
    ON THE MOUND: Maine lasted one batter before he was pulled because of faulty mechanics and low velocity. Maine will see Mets doctors tomorrow. Valdes gave up three runs in five innings with six strikeouts.
    AT THE PLATE: Wright drove in four runs with a three-run double and sacrifice fly. … Jeff Francoeur drove in two runs as did Rod Barajas. … Jason Bay and Ike Davis each had three hits.
    IN THE FIELD: Alex Cora started over the gimpy Luis Castillo.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Hisanori Takahashi opens the series against the Yankees tomorrow night at Citi Field. Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana will also start over the weekend.-JD

  25. Not sure if I heard the news correctly this morning. Now they are saying tomorrow. I think they made a mistake. But dont be surprised if Maine is either DL-ed or DFA.