May 19.10: Chat Room, Game #41 at Nationals: Knuckleballer Dickey gets the ball.

Let the patchwork begin.

With Oliver Perez exiled to the bullpen, R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball is being brought up from Triple-A Buffalo to face the Washington Nationals.

Dickey has been Buffalo’s most effective starter and his date to pitch coincided with Perez’s so this should be seamless.

Dickey has major league experience, but it would be wrong to say he’s an accomplished major league pitcher. He was 1-1 with a 4.62 ERA in 35 games last year for Minnesota, all but one of them in relief. He is 0-1 with a 17.18 ERA in one start and one relief appearance against Washington.

The Mets have made no commitment to Dickey beyond today, but it is a safe assumption that a strong start should warrant the ball again.

99 thoughts on “May 19.10: Chat Room, Game #41 at Nationals: Knuckleballer Dickey gets the ball.

  1. Delcos, you sound like a mobster — “going to take care of some business.” I can hear the “woke up this morning” song playing in the background.

  2. wow he just strolled out nice and late. SNY commented on that.. the showman.

  3. 7. yes they do .. and you knwo what. i’ll take it. any win is a good win in my book!

  4. 123. nice. they were talking about him missing the ligament and how not only can he throw a ball he has a rubber arm.
    very interesting .. so doctors can be wrong or everyone is built differently. 😉

  5. Is Livan Hernandez the best Cuban player of the last quarter-century (we’ll leave Rafael Palmeiro and Jose Canseco out because they grew up in America)?

  6. 16. exactly.

    17. I hope this means he’s breaking out.

    so barrajas has a stomach virus huh. *ugh*

  7. 19. yeah how many rookies you know are thrown in cleanup surrounded by Vets.

    very telling huh,..

  8. tatis made a good play. chip hale asked dickey where he wanted everyone to play. so he told them..

  9. (23) But were they in the last 25 years? Unfortunately, I hate to remind us of this, 1985 was 25 years ago. So, that timeline eliminates Bert Campaneris and Jose Cardenal, whose hair was very underrated (Oscar Gamble got all the press, but Jose was nothing to sneeze at).

    Over the last 25, it’s got to be Livan and El Duque, although Kendry Morales and Yunel Escobar could end up giving them a run for their money in the future.

  10. reyes shooting for the stars. ronnie said. no power. line drives and ground balls is where he has to live.. I agree

  11. SteveC (28): At least he’s happier hitting leadoff. If you really look at it objectively, Reyes doesn’t do things a great does. He should walk more; he strikes out too much; and he hits the ball in the air more than he should. With his speed (when he’s healthy) he could hit .300 plus just on grounders and bunts.-JD

  12. 30. yep exactly. everyone has their place on the field.
    leadoff is key to a long career..

  13. FOURTH INNING: It would really have been fairy tale stuff for a no-no. …. The fourth is when Perez unravels. Let’s see how he gets out of this.-JD

  14. Three shutout innings and then the real R A Dickey emerges. Hold them to single digits in runs, RA!

  15. The way the inning started, to get out of it with only two runs was very important. … Watching him, even now, is less annoying than watching Perez.-JD

  16. pagan much better than mathews in center.
    i rather cora was playing 3rd not a huge fan of tatis.

  17. Annoying pitchers to watch: Coin Flip. Steve Traschel. Al Leiter in his “ball-strike”last years, Gene Walter (bundle of nerves). Butch Metzger

  18. i may not have loved Leiter but he was far better than Trashel. I just never thought Leiter was the wonderboy Bobby V. loved so much.

  19. SteveC (44): Pagan has really developed into a solid player. He’s getting better all the time. … The way things are, he’s been better than Francoeur.-JD

  20. 49. its all about Hustle. one of the reasons why i didnt like delgado no hustle. tatis same issue he has alittle more but i think cora has more. same with Pagan versus Mathews. it looked like Mathews was jogging around center field when he was out there..
    yes he had a few clutch hits i will give him that. i said it before his clutch numbers are higher than his average. 😉

    In the grand scheme of things how you seem some veterans ruined .. how does the manager not catch heat for that ..

  21. 51. his pitched 8 innings according to cohen. knucklers dont get tired he throws at least 120 pitches..

    halliday threw 130… maybe the pitch count is getting longer??? lets see i bet they will settle for 150 by 2011. and then you have a ball game again because with that you never know when they will take the pitcher out. because if he’;s good at 150 .. then why not 160.. :-)

  22. The triple play will bring him out for the sixth. Mets got lucky there because the umps’ indecision in making the call hung up the Nats runners.-JD

  23. Triple play now a double play! nice.
    Gary keeps talking about how dickey has thrown 121 pitch innings while in buffalo.
    hitn hint.. manuel leave him in..

  24. 61. not from tatis. cora. yes.

    62. he’s a knuckler.. Perez is the coin flip. so far dickey has shown one thing Perez never shows. Cool in the face of adversity..

  25. so mathematical. yes cora moved blanco great job.. but dickey may have bunted the same. oh well.

  26. 67. i am not brimming with confidence now that the bullpen is up. again..

  27. yet another ptching change. way to go burning out nieve and felicano.
    every night the same 3 guys.

  28. How to build a run, Gnats-style. Let’s hope our Metsies were taking notes.

  29. hear the commentary. how many nights in a row you can pitch before it affects you.
    nuff said.

  30. Oliver Perez is loosening in the bullpen. Bringing him in would be the equivalent of hoisting a white flag.

  31. Got to give credit to Gnats runners Morgan and Guzman for running hard. A welcome sight after the antics of Ramirez in Florida and Ortiz’s jog/thrown out in da Bronx last night.

  32. here comes Dan’s coin flip ollie.
    ronnie said it again. if you continue pitching these guys at this pace their ability to keep runners from scoring will diminish.

  33. 79. pitch count of a 100. thats what did it. with the math there’s no way to play without using the bullpen every night. 150 to 200 would make all the difference in the world.

  34. thats was one long inning. funny when dickey pitched the innings went fast.
    even with the walked batters.. he held them for the most part!

  35. 85. these last 5 years or so has baffled me with how much the pen is used. I can only hope it changes back a little..

  36. You got what you could have reasonably expected from Dickey but the bullpen failed. Team also didn’t have a hit with RISP (although a SF) and while the Gnats stranded 14, they did go 2 for 8 with RISP and two SF’s. Mets wasted an inside the park HR and a triple play to stay in last place. The toll of overwork is affecting Fernando Nieve.

  37. 91. thats the issue with HRs. thats why I prefer small ball and a rally.
    oh well. have a great night everyone

  38. when is sybil going to be given the summer off?

    how many games did we win last year?

    what has he contributed this year?

    let us see. putting jose in a spot he doesnt want to be in. blowing out the pen by may.

    he hasnt thrown any players under the bus yet, so that is an improvement.

  39. A QUICK WRAP/Game #41

    FINAL: Nationals 5, Mets 3.
    RECORD: 19-22.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: R.A. Dickey gave the Mets six innings, more than they could have hoped. However, his performance was wasted by bullpen and listless offense.
    ON THE MOUND: Dickey gave up two runs on five hits and four walks. He pitched well enough to warrant another start. … Raul Valdes took the loss, but the real bullpen culprit in the overused Fernando Nieve gave up two runs on two hits in one-third inning.
    AT THE PLATE: Angel Pagan hit an inside-the-park homer. … Fernando Tatis also homered.
    IN THE FIELD: Pagan started a triple play with a shoestring catch in the fifth.
    LOOKING AHEAD: John Maine gets the start.-JD

  40. At 5-14 the Mets are the second worst road team in baseball (Orioles are 5-16). Frightening thought: could the Wilpon’s role model be Peter Angelos?

  41. There was a time when a manager wouldnt take a pitcher out that was holding the opposing team. Only if he was struggling, last night Dickey held his own well as did Pelf the other day. But in the era of the number 100 the bullpens will have their arms fall off because wow 40 pitches everyday isnt abuse, not like 200 every 6. :-\
    Just look at the Starters the minute they are taken out they watch their lead on the line or a No decision go to a team loss. I dont care how you spin this pitch count or managerial style IT DOESNT WORK.
    I heard the other day Halliday threw 130 pitches for complete game , even though he lost. It was his to lose! thats the way the game was always played. Not sure how many more games I can watch where at 100 there’s a new pitcher.

  42. SteveC

    Well as you say regardless of whether or not you like pitch counts the numbers do not work.

    100 pitches makes you at most a 6 inning pitcher. That means at least 1/3 of the game is handled by the pen. With each of these situational pitchers coming in and then going out, they are being damaged by over-use.

    The teams would have to double the pitchers on the staff to make the numbers work. So you have 8 position players and at best 17 pitchers. There are no days off for the position players and no in game injuries allowed.

    They can go to a 60 man roster like football, then we can have one pitcher an inning like little league. We can also swap out players if you are ahead for defensive purposes.

    In fact get rid of the rule where when you get taken out you cant go back in. Then we can be like football, basketball and hockey.