May 18.10: Wilpon demonstrates patience.

After the season, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon said Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya would be held accountable, that the standards bar has been raised.

That’s still the case after his impromptu visit to Atlanta yesterday. “I’m not here to fire anybody,’’ Wilpon said, which doesn’t mean he won’t later.

How else can you interpret him saying, “I wouldn’t be here if I was happy,’’ other than putting them on notice?

Neither Manuel nor Minaya have had a great run since the end of last season. I didn’t like how he handled moving Jose Reyes to third, but he was seeking a solution and sometimes the things you try backfire.

As far as the front office goes, we all knew pitching was this team’s weakness and that there was little margin for error. There weren’t many great choices, but what are the options now with Oliver Perez exiled and Jon Niese injured? Say hello to journeyman R.A. Dickey.

The Mets are where they are despite poor starting pitching – save that 9-1 homestand – a creaky bullpen, a listless offense that has David Wright on pace for over 200 strikeouts and Jason Bay on track for only four homers, and, of course, not having Carlos Beltran.

Considering what has gone on, the Mets are fortunate to be one game below .500. Things can, and have, been a lot worse.

Wilpon said at the end of last season he would give Manuel and Minaya a chance to make things right and 40 games is too small of a window. Let’s see where they are at the All-Star break, and if they are within striking distance, let’s see who they bring in.

17 thoughts on “May 18.10: Wilpon demonstrates patience.

  1. everyone deserves a chance, agreed. so where was Willie Randolph’s? oh that’s right he doesn’t have the industrial knee pads and photo collection M&M seem to possess. 😉

  2. (1) What does that mean — the industrial knee pads? Can you elaborate on that?

    I think you almost have this story nailed, Delcos. Yeah, they knew there wasn’t a great margin of error for their starters; but what about their offense? Do you imagine Jeffie would be making this trip if Jason Bay had the seven or eight homers we’d expect by this time and Jose Reyes was acting like the old Jose and Carlos Beltran was healthy and hitting in the middle of the order? The story here isn’t about the starters starting to melt down — it’s about what looks to be an above-average offense that has been sputtering for 1/4 of a season.

  3. Tiffany (2): I mentioned the offense as being part of the problem. If the offense was clicking on high their record would be better and there would probably be no meeting.-JD

  4. Look for RA Dickey to start tomorrow with Jenrry Mejia optioned out to make room for him. They will stretch out Mejia for the next month or so, and hopefully he’ll start to develop secondary pitches, although it is unlikely he can totally refine them in a month. … Dickey then could take Mejia’s spot in the pen.-JD

  5. How to catch a knuckleball. wait for the ball to stop rolling… as Bob Uecker used to say.

  6. oh i didnt say anything negative, I was just quoting Bob Ueker on the art of how to catch it 😉
    Its a pitch with a lot of movement and frustrates the hitter,. its probably a good thing for this team.

  7. SteveC (8): Nothing negative perceived. I like the idea of having a different look out of the pen. And, I might add, an alternative from Nieve, who is having his pains with greater frequency.-JD

  8. 9. easily explained. Overuse. him and Pedro. They were given the monickers Nightly Nieve and Perpetual Pedro.


  9. Ha! Ha! Ha! Jeff Wilpon says Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel accountable, huh? Is Wilpon holding HIMSELF to the same standard? Is he also raising the bar for himself?

  10. John

    I like the pic.

    Reminds me of the Madoff ponzi scheme and taxpayer field.

    This is the foundation of the Mets.

  11. Steve/John

    How would a knuckleballer work out of the pen? I don’t know this DA guy, but the perception I have of knuckleballers is they are very unreliable. When can you bring him in? Long relief?

  12. works for me but then the starters are nothin but ling relief right now. they last 4-6 innings maybe.

  13. steve

    i agree.

    i have been saying that all season.

    our starters except maybe johan/pelf are just relievers.

  14. Very interesting lineup tonight with Carter/Wright/Davis/Barajas hitting 3-6.