May 17.10: Wilpon in town; tonight’s lineup.

Mets Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon is in Atlanta meeting with Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya. Wilpon told reporters nothing dramatic is imminent. But, one can assume the leash is getting shorter.

Among the topics on the table is what to do with the rotation, which is minus Oliver Perez and Jon Niese. Hisanori Takahashi is speculated to start Friday against the Yankees, but Perez’s spot Wednesday is open. Veteran knuckleballer RA Dickey has a locker ready for him in Atlanta reports SNY.

The Mets will DL Jon Niese to make room. Also, don’t think it is not possible the Mets could find something wrong with Perez and DL. Afterall, he’s lost up to five mph. off his fastball. Word now is trainer Ray Ramirez is in the meeting.

The wheels are spinning.

Perez has refused to go to the minor leagues which means a productive player will have to be optioned to make room for reliever Ryota Igarashi or another starter.

The Mets open a two-game series tonight with the following line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Jason Bay, LF
Chris Carter, RF
David Wright, 3B
Ike Davis, 1B
Rod Barajas, C
Gary Matthews, CF
Mike Pelfrey, RP

COMMENTS: After scoring eight runs yesterday, the line-up is essentially the same. Since Jason Bay is hitting the ball, although not for homers, he’ll stay in the third slot. … Gary Matthews, who came off the bench yesterday for a couple of hits, starts in center to give Angel Pagan a rest. … Jeff Francoeur sits again.

20 thoughts on “May 17.10: Wilpon in town; tonight’s lineup.

  1. Hey JD. you wiped out the conversation? mistake or coverup? the world wants to know!

  2. Steve C (1): Big mistake. In trying to insert the Wilpon photo I had to create another file. I thought the comments would go along with them. They did not. Sorry.-JD

  3. i had a feeling. i saw the hiccup about not finding the comments. 😉
    Its ok. I will do a steve c. thumbnail.

    well its bizarro world for the lineup.
    some say ollie may go.
    some say francoeur may go because of his elbow.

    Either way many say M&M needs to go!

    Now back to the regular posts..


  4. SteveC (5): Thanks …. I hadn’t thought about DL for Francoeur, but somebody will have to go to make room for Igarashi. The assumption is Niese for Dickey.-JD

  5. in all seriousness about the lineup. Not sure Carter earned the 4 spot.
    I rather see pagan in the outfield.
    because mathews is very sporadic, as i stated in an accidentally deleted post 😉
    his clutch numbers in my mind may be higher than his batting average, but he isnt a consistent hitter.

    we shall see what tonights game offers.
    maybe some of what M&M threw at the wall will stick.

  6. SteveC (7): Think Carter is there because they wanted a LH bat to break up Bay and Wright and didn’t want to put the pressure on Davis. … Matthews should get the start because he got a couple of hits yesterday and it would be good to keep him sharp. Pagan, however, is the better player.-JD

  7. I wish the guy wearing the #44 uniform in the picture would remember how to hit a home run or two soon.

  8. SteveC (12): I think they are trying to protect Davis. But, if they are afraid of hurting his psyche, then he’s not the player they envision. I’d put him fourth and let it ride for awhile.-JD

  9. The Mets just announced Hisanori Takahashi will start Friday for Jon Niese. They did not name Wednesday’s starter. There’s a locker ready for RA Dickey. Raul Valdes is also an option.-JD

  10. he’s going to call keith down from the booth and give him the job.

  11. i thought ollie is injured.

    doesnt his arm hurt? isnt that why he cant pitch?