May 15.10: Chat Room, Game #37 at Marlins: Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into Ollie

What to do with Oliver Perez? After Perez’s latest implosion last night in Florida, it has become even more apparent the Mets need to do something about their flammable left hander, who with each passsing start shows all that hard work this winter is going by the boards.

The first option is to leave him in the rotation for awhile, but Jerry Manuel made that decision last night in the hope Perez would respond to the warmer weather in Florida. But, Perez’s fastball is down by at least four mph., and it seems he can’t find homeplate with a GPS.

There was nothing last night to indicate any progress. Come to think about, four home runs is worse than seven walks.

The bullpen is a poor option because Perez won’t get enough real work to correct his mechanical and mental problems. Any game he enters would be akin to waiving a white flag.

And, you know the Mets aren’t going to eat the $20 million balance of his contract, so an outright release won’t happen either.

OK … to me the only real solution is to send him to the minor leagues to let him work out his problems, that is, if he can.

The Mets, sad to say, have been pushed into a corner where they are trying to salvage what’s left of Perez’s career.

5 thoughts on “May 15.10: Chat Room, Game #37 at Marlins: Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into Ollie

  1. The other option would be a trade, which would likely be of the garbage-in, garbage-out variety. And, most probably, the Mets would have to kick in money or take back a longer or more expensive contract in return. Off the top of my head, that could mean the likes of Derek Lowe, Scott Kazmir, Alfonso Soriano, Gil Meche and Carlos Zambrano, all of whom have contracts their teams would probably like to move.

  2. well, it looks like ollie will go to the pen after all. stupid move. he will be just wasting a roster spot there. Either they dont think he could handle the demotion or omar is still trying to save face. probably a little of both.

  3. in other news, reyes and pagan are getting switched in the order, which is what i suggested here recently. reyes says going back to leadoff is like going to see his family. pagan is not their best hitter but he has been the most consistent lately. they didnt really have a better option, imo. lets hope it works out.