May 14.10: Reyes moving back?

.Several days ago I suggested a revamping of the batting order, which included moving Jose Reyes back to the leadoff situation and David Wright second. The moves also included moving Ike Davis up to fifth.

After last night’s game Jerry Manuel suggested line-up changes were coming but would not elaborate. I am hoping he realizes his intentions, although well meaning, aren’t working.

The numbers say Reyes isn’t hitting whether it be first or third in the order, so why change?

Normally, I wouldn’t move a guy just because he’s unhappy, but Reyes is in a definite funk and the Mets need to get him better. They juggled things to get Jason Bay going; they need to do the same to get Reyes going again.

Reyes’ professional identity is as a leadoff hitter and that’s been stripped from him and you can tell in his body language and demeanor he’s frustrated. I recently told him, “you know, Babe Ruth hit third.”

He was not amused, although he has been swinging like the Bambino.

For years we’ve been told Reyes is the ignition to the Mets’ offense as the leadoff hitter, and it is time to move him back. Reyes, because of injuries last year and perhaps a damaged psyche this spring, hasn’t been Reyes since 2008. It’s time to get him back

7 thoughts on “May 14.10: Reyes moving back?

  1. agreed. leadoff means you get on base no matter what or you frustrate the crap out of the pitcher. there are no numbers that dictate how many pitches he makes a pitcher throw. but i am sure someone will find them 😉

    and also it is noted that after the first time through the batting order it really doesnt matter all that much who bats which position. But it sets the table.. and a nicely set table allows for a good meal.
    Lets go mets!

  2. “I recently told him, “you know, Babe Ruth hit third.”

    He was not amused, although he has been swinging like the Bambino.”

    Good one, JD.

    Jose wants to be a power guy, but he’s not a power guy. I think he’s always been a little jealous of Hanley Ramirez. The two of them — along with PHI’s Rollins — have always been compared. Jose just doesn’t have the kind of pop that Ramirez has.

  3. you gotta love JD. gets tongue and cheek with the players. keep him on his toes.

  4. Crazy thought: What if Reyes isn’t the speed player he used to be? What if Pagan actually represents more of a threat to leg out an infield hit, slice a triple into the gap or even steal a base?

    I know he’s been slumping, but Reyes looks _slow_, especially when running out grounders hit to infielders — plays that you anticipate either him beating out or being bang-bang just aren’t close this year.

    It’s not unheard of for speed guys to suddenly lose a step or two, with or without major leg injuries. (Once upon a time, gimpy Luis Castillo was the NL’s premier base stealer.)

  5. (5) maybe if u knew anything about it you could access a website and u could c how castillo’s numbers dropped suddenly around age 27. and u could also c that jose is 27.

    but i would much rather blame it on M&M.


  6. (5) and another thing, to you, the one who types such meaningful haiku:

    reyes hasn’t had an infield hit this year.

    that must be because a.) he’s hitting third and third-place hitters aren’t fast enough to get infield hits or b.) it’s M&M’s fault

    i guess everyone else understands this.