May 14.10: Chat Room, Game #36 at Florida: Perez and offense sputtering.

Two notes to pay attention to tonight: Will Oliver Perez find home plate and will the hitters finally wake up?

Perez is coming off another miserable start, walking a season-high seven and hitting a batter in 3 1/3 innings in a loss to San Francisco. He has walked 25 in 30 innings.

Perez is winless in his last seven starts but Jerry Manuel said he’ll stay in the rotation.

“I am disappointed in myself,’’ Perez said. “I’ve got to be better than that. I know what I have to do.’’

The Mets aren’t hitting at all, especially on the road where they are averaging less than four runs a game with a .208 average.

“We have to start swinging the bats,” Manuel said. “We have to take note these next couple of days where we are as an offensive club. And if we continue to see the same thing, then I’m going to have to make some adjustments to the lineup.’’

45 thoughts on “May 14.10: Chat Room, Game #36 at Florida: Perez and offense sputtering.

  1. Very interesting home/away splits for Ollie this year. Granted, much of it might be attributed to the cold weather in NY, but you have to wonder whether it’s getting in his head. Whitsonized, I think they call it.

  2. Oy, mama. Ollie at 48 pitches through 2 and 1/3rd innings. Does he make it through 4 tonight???

  3. So, Delcos, can I ask the question you’ve been seemingly ducking all day?

  4. tiffanys favorite pitcher getting lit up again. and its not even cold. btw heres an interesting stat, before todays game perez is averaging over 7 walks per nine innings. maybe thats why the cult wants him sent down. comparing him with santana based on one stat over a small amount of time shows a complete case of delusional thinking.

  5. (12) Nothing delusional about it, genius, not if you take into account how bad Santana has been.

    And, yeah, Oliver’s my favorite pitcher. That’s another thing to include in your cult initiation oath: If you don’t agree with us, we can make up shit about you. I guess that’s how it is when you get old and obsolete, eh?

  6. (11) So, Delcos, the question is something of a riddle: If Lawrence Taylor walks into a hotel room…

    Seriously, though, what you say you about Lebron?

  7. a sure indication an opponent is losing an argument is when they resort to name calling. say hello to buffalo, ollie.

  8. (15) You would know better than me, genius, since you’re the one who started the name-calling. But, since your arguments — with or without name-calling — are so typically weak, I just figured it was another initiation ritual with your cult. Tell me, do you type your posts with a finger in one ear?

  9. (20) I don’t know. His play last night could best be described as “indifferent.” I couldn’t tell if he was injured, mad at his coach, angry with teammates or owing money to Uncle Junior — but, in the biggest game of the year, he was passing the ball off to Mo Williams and then drifting away, off to invisibility. Totally out of character for him.

  10. Tiffany (23): He was that way. I have a friend who covers the Cavs and that’s what he told me. Maybe he was thinking more about the FA than he let on. …. All that I’ve read about him is that he’s loyal and I would think he’d be loyal to Cleveland. He has unfinished business there.-JD

  11. I don’t think it’s a matter of not caring or a lack of heart with Perez. He’s extremely sensitive. He worked hard in the offseason. This is bothering him big time.-JD

  12. (25) To me, he looked mentally disengaged — and even consciously so. What really bothered me was when he hit those two 3s in a row, bringing them within four: Right after that, he went back into that weird, indifferent shell. If I didn’t know any better (or, in this instance, less), I’d have thought he was working a point spread instead of playing to win.

    I don’t know if he’ll go back, though. Cav fans I’ve spoken with feel betrayed his effort. Like Van Gundy was saying, they should have been clearing out one side and letting Lebron go one-on-one; it would have been tolerable to lose with him scoring 40 points and giving it that old Akron-Massillon effort. But last night left such a bad taste.

    Also, from what I hear, the Cavs have been losing about $25 million per season with him.

  13. Tiffany (27): He’s 25. This is a different kind of pressure. Maybe he sensed them losing and what would be written and said about him. But, you’re right, he did seem mentally disengaged.-JD

  14. Stern said he prefers James stays in Cleveland. I wonder what kind of impact that would have. It’s a lot of pressure knowing you’re the franchise.-JD

  15. (26) Reminds me of a time Torre was questioned about one of his players who was struggling mightily, and Torre answered the reporter by referencing his own playing days, noting that, even though his average had dropped something like 75 points the year after he did .363, he still tried just as hard during that lesser season.

  16. (29) I think the elephant in the room is the impending lockout, scheduled for after the 2010-2011 season. The owners, particularly those in smaller markets like Cleveland, are counting on this lockout to reset the finances of the league and have made no secret about their intent. As such, you have to wonder whether Lebron is going to want some type of lockout-proof/grandfathered contract _now_, before the lockout. Certainly, the NBA promises to be a different place financially after next season.

    As for Stern, I have to think the NBA would be better off with a competitive team in New York than in Cleveland. Watching Lebron last night, I just kept having flashbacks to DeBusschere getting the Ewing lottery pick: There was something there that just felt contrived.

  17. (31) Who was the pitcher with ADD the Mets brought to Spring Training? I think he was from Australia, and there was some issue about him being able to bring medication with him into this country and, additionally, there was some type of stigma to using a drug which, conceivably, could be construed as a stimulant.

  18. Tiffany (32/33): I always thought the Ewing pick was fixed. You’re right about the lockout having a factor. I just haven’t followed it that closely to know what kind of impact it will have. James’ next contract will probably be backloaded so he doesn’t lose as much. … I don’t know the pitcher with ADD.-JD

  19. (36) There’s not much to work with here. Bay is hitting singles. Pagan shows flashes of last year, but has been largely inconsistent. Wright continues to try to muscle the ball. Reyes is hitting pop-ups. And Frenchy is performing — hold breath for this — pretty much the same way he did in Atlanta, when Bobby Cox tired of him. It’s a team-wide funk; it’s not like it’s one player in one slot not performing.

    Arguably, Barajas is playing over his head (I don’t expect him to hit 40 dingers this year) and the league hasn’t fully adjusted to Ike yet. But the rest?

  20. According to the ever-reliable Gary Cohen, Reyes hasn’t had an infield hit this year.

  21. A QUICK WRAP/Game #36

    FINAL: Marlins 7, Mets 2.
    RECORD: 18-18.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Oliver Perez was the Bad Ollie and the offense was nowhere to be found.
    ON THE MOUND: Perez gave up seven runs on nine hits, including four homers, in 3 1/3 innings. His spot in the rotation is in jeopardy.
    AT THE PLATE: Angel Pagan hit a two-run double.
    IN THE FIELD: Several good plays by David Wright.
    LOOKING AHEAD: John Maine against the Marlins tomorrow.-JD

  22. The snow drifts are melting in Buffalo which is where I hope Coin Flip makes his next start. I have had enough of his poor pitching. Take it from personal experience, Ollie, a Beef on Weck goes perfectly with Genny Cream.

    Bullpen shut down the Fish after Coin Flip let the horses out of the barn.