May 13.10: Phillies vs. Mets Spygate

What’s the first thing somebody usually does when caught doing something wrong? That’s right, he tries to shift the attention to somebody else.

That’s exactly what Phillies manager Charlie Manuel did after his team was caught stealing signs in Colorado when he said, “somebody maybe ought to check the Mets if they did that.’’

The Mets? You mean the same team that was pummeled twice in Philadelphia recently and lost seven of nine games there last season?

Yes, those Mets.

“Their [bleeping] home record is out of this world and they’re losing on the road,’’ Manuel said. “Sometimes that’s a good indicator of getting signs. … That kind of crosses my mind. I’m not accusing them, but you look at that. … We’re about the same home and road. I’m just saying their record is much better at home and they hit better.’’

What Manuel didn’t say, but you know he’s thinking, is the Mets are in his head. If Manuel weren’t concerned about the Mets he wouldn’t have said anything. He’s just trying to deflect attention from him and rattle a few cages at Citi Field.

Mets manager Jerry Manuel, who doesn’t seem to be rattled by anything, said: “Tell Charlie our bullpen is a little far and we have a few other things going on.’’

Yes, this will be a nice little race before it is over.

7 thoughts on “May 13.10: Phillies vs. Mets Spygate

  1. thats just hilarious. they get caught and now they shift blame. go figure.
    I said it before. all anyone has to do to steal signs is .. watch SNY then text the pitch.

  2. I doubt anything comes of this. btw did anybody see the story of a philly fan who intentionally barfed on a little girl sitting next to him a few weeks ago? all class those philly fans.

  3. on a different subject, i vote on the poll today for 3rd place hitter and was surprised to see my vote for pagan put him in a tie for first place. Its the easiest solution, just flip flop them. I was a backer of pagan during the winter and he keeps getting better. He makes contact and has extra base power.

  4. 3.) thats why i call them the philthies. The crap i have seen them do to little kids rooting for the opposite team would never occur at Shea/Citi.
    i would never go to a game in philly.

  5. Always fun to see 60 year men who walk around in their pajamas (baseball uniforms) making fools of themselves with childish accusations. Almost as hilarious as Tony Bernazard offering to fight someone.

    Bring on the Marlins and silence the dozens of fans they have in Joe Robbie Stadium!