May 12.10: Chat Room, Game #34 vs. Nationals: Keeping the edge.

The delicate flip side to an emotional victory is the possibility of a let down. The Mets will attempt to guard against that this afternoon against the Washington Nationals at wet Citi Field after last night’s dramatic eighth-inning, six-run rally.

The Mets’ offense finally awoke and rallied from five runs down in their largest comeback of the season.

The Mets will go with Mike Pelfrey (4-1, 2.65), who gave up three runs in 7 1/3 innings in his last start, Friday against San Francisco. Pelfrey didn’t get a decision, but complained of tightness in his right shoulder for the second time in two starts.

With the weather wet and cool, it will be interesting to see how Pelfrey responds.

The Mets will sit second Luis Castillo, who has a bruised left foot.

Here’s today’s line-up for the 18-15 Mets behind Pelfrey:

Angel Pagan, CF
Alex Cora, 2B
Jose Reyes, SS
Jason Bay, LF
David Wright, 3B
Ike Davis, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Rod Barajas, C
Mike Pelfrey, RP

80 thoughts on “May 12.10: Chat Room, Game #34 vs. Nationals: Keeping the edge.

  1. Keith: “there goes another Met No Hitter”

    oh man can he rub it in.. gotta love him..

  2. 10. stealing signs 😉 according to the article Tiffany found. mets have complained to the league as well.

  3. If Pelfrey loses this game he’ll lament that at-bat by the pitcher. You have to put him away in that situation. Two outs and two strikes on the pitcher.-JD

  4. SECOND INNING: I read that article Tiffany linked to. They’ve been stealing signs forever. It is, however, taboo to use binoculars, etc.-JD

  5. yep agreed. but you would figure in this day and age. have someone watch the show and then text them in 😉

    oh well.. its up to the league to enforce.. if enough teams complain they will have to levy sanctions.

  6. how many Mets pitchers have Grand Slams? I remember Carlton Willey in 1963

  7. Strategy backfired …. all the runs driven in by the pitcher so far. … Look at Riggleman. You can see the steam coming out of his ears.-JD

  8. Validation by Kiner and Keith: we have no real Number 3 hitter. david is the closest.
    they all agree reyes isnt it.

  9. 29. JD: Pelf has come a long way. That psychologist really set him straight.

  10. FOURTH: This is a bad inning by Pelfrey. He’s let the pitcher beat him twice. The HR came after two outs, as did Stammen’s two-run single earlier. He has to do a better job of closing things out.-JD

  11. SNY has a poll on who should be the No. 3 hitter. I’ve had that poll up for a day or two now. Vote if you haven’t already.-JD

  12. get on base! jeez!

    interesting conversation by Kiner. on batting order. just as we have been discussing very heatedly 😉

  13. wow. did you hear that. Keith worked with Murphy on 1st base. wow. just wow.

  14. SteveC (38): Theoretically, every slot in the line-up is defined to some degree. Reyes is not a No. 3 hitter. He even has some flaws as a traditional leadoff hitter, but that’s his best spot.-JD

  15. FIFTH INNING: Another 100-pitch outing by a Mets’ pitcher in the fifth inning. This has to change. Pelfrey has the Mets in the game but he’s struggling now.-JD

  16. he got out of it! now the bats need to get him the win. since he will be taken out of the game most likely.

  17. Part of me wants to send him out for another inning, but another part realizes he’s complained about his shoulder the last two starts. I’d pull him., It’s cold and rainy. No sense pushing it.-JD

  18. Is this wise..leaving Pelfrey in after pitching so much, coming off a tight shoulder?

  19. you know i think pagan is really getting into being everyday. double trouble he has become :-)

  20. Why do outfielders continually throw home with no chance to get a runner, allowing the hitter to advance?

  21. Dan (52): There’s little attention paid to fundamentals these days. From a defensive standpoint, Dunn should’ve been there to cut the ball off.-JD

  22. I think it would be interesting to watch one game from a purely fundamental standpoint to see how they rate according to “the book.” I’d be willing to bet it’s less than 75 percent, if that high.-JD

  23. For example, running to third in that situation. Reyes just isn’t thinking out there at times. Bay would’ve beaten that out, too. Just stupid.-JD

  24. SIXTH INNING: Takahashi has been so good in his role the Mets might leave him there even if they need a starter for Perez.-JD

  25. SteveC (69): When all the pieces were here, Wright was best suited to hit No. 5 behind Beltran and Delgado. When Beltran comes back he’ll likely go back to that.-JD

  26. EIGHTH INNING: There were times last season when Pagan was an adventure, both on the field and in the bases. He’s so much improved.-JD

  27. You can’t be coming in from the pen and walking people. For the most part Nieve has been good, but there have been some runners on against him. He’s been relatively unharmed. It will eventually catch up to him.-JD

  28. Nieve got out of it, but he does pitch with some stress. So has Feliciano, lately. And, things are rarely bliss with K-Rod.-JD

  29. Thats all she wrote,. Chalk it up to great managing and poor player offense.
    once again our tired pen gets over used.

  30. A QUICK WRAP/Game #34

    FINAL: Nationals 6, Mets 4.
    RECORD: 18-16.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Roger Bernadina drove in three runs on two homers, including a two-run bomb in the ninth, and saved three runs with a scintillating diving catch of a Jeff Francoeur line drive.
    ON THE MOUND: Mike Pelfrey gave up four runs on seven hits and three walks in 5 2/3 innings. … Three of Pelfrey’s runs were driven in by Nationals pitcher Craig Stammen. … Francisco Rodriguez gave up the game-winning homer.
    AT THE PLATE: Pelfrey drove in a run with a single. … Angel Pagan, Alex Cora and Jose Reyes also drove in runs.
    IN THE FIELD: Bernadina saved three runs on a diving catch of Francoeur’s line drive in the fifth.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Johan Santana opens the Marlins’ series tomorrow at Florida.-JD

  31. wow did i just hear the post game highlights trash the managing of the team?!

    maybe if they say iit it must be true.. 😉